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BigQuery Python March 23, 2020

How to backup a BigQuery table (or dataset) to Google Cloud Storage and restore from it - Python scripts to backup data or restore from BigQuery table to Cloud Storage in AVRO format.

CI Cloud Build Kubernetes Python March 16, 2020

Parameterised Kubernetes deployments without Helm via GCP Cloud Build - Setting Cloud Build for Google Kubernetes Engine CI/CD.

AWS GCP Experience Google Cloud Dataproc NoSQL Python March 9, 2020

Cross-Cloud HBase/Phoenix Data Migration - Using Cloud Dataproc to run Spark job which migrates data from AWS to GCP.

Beginner Cloud Natural Language API Python March 9, 2020

Introduction to Natural Language Processing with the Google NLP API - Exploring Cloud Natural API

AI Platform Data Science Docker Machine Learning Python March 2, 2020

Serverless machine learning using Docker - Running containers in Google AI Platform.

DevOps Google Compute Engine Python Recommender Feb. 24, 2020

New ground — What about optimizing the size of machines? - Using Recommender API to get information about resizing Compute Engine instances.

BigQuery Python Feb. 17, 2020

Simplify BigQuery ETL jobs using SQLAlchemy - Using SQLAlchemy (Python's ORM library) for BigQuery.

BigQuery Python Feb. 17, 2020

Revisiting Google Search Console Data into Google BigQuery - Taking a fresh look at sending Google Search Console data into BigQuery, using Python, for free.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow TPU Feb. 10, 2020

Train Neural Networks Faster with Google’s TPU from your LapTop. - Tutorial on how to set up Cloud TPU and train ML models.

AI Platform Machine Learning Python Feb. 3, 2020

Pipelines for production ML systems - You’ll see how to train a model using open-source components, deploy a model for serving, and create a pipeline for this workflow.

Go Google Cloud Functions NodeJS Python Secret Manager Serverless Jan. 27, 2020

“Init” Cloud Functions - Code samples for initializing Cloud Functions with data from Secret Manager.

AI Platform Data Science Machine Learning Python Jan. 20, 2020

Using Scikit-learn on Google Cloud Platform - Training Scikit-learn models on GCP’s AI Platform.

BigQuery Google Cloud Storage Python Jan. 13, 2020

Building and using an inventory of your Google Cloud Storage objects in BigQuery - Uploading metadata about fIles from Cloud Storage files and analyzing them in BigQuery.

Cloud Run Google Cloud SQL IoT Python Jan. 13, 2020

IoT Tank Monitoring Solution Part 1 — Build a Rest API using Cloud Run and Django Rest Framework - End to end solution to track tank level using cloud computing without having to worry too much with managing infrastructure.

Google Cloud Functions Python Jan. 13, 2020

A Python Cloud Function to compose and send a PDF via e-mail - An example of using Cloud Functions to convert text to PDF and send an email.

Google Cloud Functions Python Serverless Jan. 13, 2020

Portable Cloud Functions with the Python Functions Framework - Functions Framework for Python allows running and deploying the same code in Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Knative and locally.

Cloud Scheduler Google Cloud Functions Python Jan. 6, 2020

Algorithmic Trading Automated in Python with Alpaca and Google Cloud - Example of using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions to automate stock trading.

Google App Engine Python Jan. 6, 2020

Step-up your Developer skills with App Engine Part I - Create a twitter sentiment analyzing bot. Use Cloud NLP to analyze sentiment and use a corn Job to automate crawling and showing data.

AI Platform Machine Learning Python Dec. 23, 2019

Deploy Keras model on GCP and making custom predictions via the AI Platform Training & Prediction API - This tutorial will show how to train a simple Keras model locally using Colab and then how to deploy this model to the AI Platform.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubeflow Machine Learning Python Dec. 23, 2019

E2E Kubeflow Pipeline for time-series forecast — Part 2 - Building end to end pipeline with Kubeflow on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow Dec. 16, 2019

Tales of a machine learning startup - How to build and deploy a diabetes diagnostic app from A to Z using Tensorflow, Google Cloud Platform, and Flask.

Google Cloud Functions Python Serverless Dec. 9, 2019

Using system packages and custom binaries in Google Cloud Functions. - Examples of using system packages and custom binaries in Google Cloud Functions.

Apache Beam Python Dec. 9, 2019

Advent of Code 2019 in Apache Beam - Solutions to the Advent of Code challenge in Python using Apache Beam.

Big Data Google Compute Engine Puppet Python Dec. 2, 2019

New ground — Automatic increase of Kafka LVM on GCP - Adding more storage to each node of Kafka cluster on Google Cloud.

Big Data BigQuery Python Nov. 25, 2019

Simplify BigQuery ETL jobs using SQLAlchemy - Extract and move data between BigQuery and relational databases using a plugin for SQLAlchemy.

Google Cloud Vision API IoT Machine Learning Python Nov. 25, 2019

Machine Learning from IoT Core with the Cloud Vision API - Analyzing images from Arduino with Cloud Vision API.

AI Platform Data Science Machine Learning Python Nov. 25, 2019

Predicting Taxi fares in NYC using Google Cloud AI Platform (Billion + rows) Part 3 - The objective of this series of articles is to create a Machine Learning model that is able to estimate taxi fares in NYC before the ride commences.

BigQuery Data Science Google App Engine Python Nov. 18, 2019

Python / Pandas & BigQuery in 7 minutes - Using BigQuery in Django app.

API Google Cloud Vision API Python Nov. 11, 2019

GCP Goodies Part 10— Measuring happiness with Google Cloud Vision API - An attempt to measure happiness in a fully-remote company using Google Cloud Platform and the Selenium Python script.

Apache Beam Data Analytics Google Cloud Dataflow Official Blog Python Nov. 11, 2019

Introducing Python 3, Python streaming support from Cloud Dataflow - Python 3, support for Python streaming is now available for data processing with Cloud Dataflow.

BigQuery Blockchain Python Nov. 4, 2019

Getting started with Bitcoin data on Kaggle with Python and BigQuery - Analyzing Blockchain data from BigQuery with Python.

Machine Learning Python Nov. 4, 2019

Developing on a Virtual Machine from your local IDE - A walkthrough to set up a live development environment that runs on a Virtual Machine from within your local IDE.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science Python Oct. 28, 2019

How to get into BigQuery analysis on Kaggle with Python? - Exploring ways to use BigQuery in Kaggle.

Google Cloud Functions Python Oct. 21, 2019

How to build an event driven application on Google Cloud using Cloud Functions - Examples of Cloud Functions applications.

BigQuery Docker Python Sept. 30, 2019

Migrating our ETL pipeline to Luigi on a Cloud - Running Luigi framework for scheduling ETL jobs.

Google Cloud Storage Python Sept. 30, 2019

Pagination, Batching & Restricting result data with Google Cloud Storage python client library - Few tips for using Pythons client library for Cloud Storage.

Cloud Firestore Google App Engine Python Sept. 30, 2019

How to use the Firestore Emulator with a Python 3 Flask app - Using Firestore emulator for App Engine local development.

Cloud Deployment Manager Kubernetes Python Sept. 23, 2019

GCP Goodies Part 1 — Google Deployment Manager Basics - When setting up cloud infrastructure consisting of more than a single server and a database the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions are very important. Here is a toolset from Google to help.

BigQuery Machine Learning Python TensorFlow Sept. 23, 2019

ML Design Pattern #1: Transform - Illustration of Transform design pattern using BigQuery ML & SQL.

Cloud Scheduler Google Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud Functions Python Sept. 9, 2019

Serverless architecture to deploy and run google dataflow pipelines - Using Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Functions to run Dataflow jobs.

BigQuery Data Science Python Sept. 2, 2019

Slow BigQuery results no more - How the use of BigQuery Storage API improves the speed of results retrieving from BigQuery.

Cloud Firestore Cloud Run Python Tutorial Sept. 2, 2019

Building a Flask CRUD API with Cloud Firestore and Deploying on Cloud Run. - Deploying CRUD web app on Cloud Run which is using Cloud Firestore as database.

Cloud Run Firebase Python Sept. 2, 2019

Hosting Flask servers on Firebase from scratch - Demonstration of Firebase Hosting with Cloud Run.

Cloud AutoML Python Aug. 12, 2019

Working with Google Cloud AutoML in Python - Process of extracting images from the video and using that to build machine learning model with AutoML.

AI Cloud Composer Machine Learning Python Aug. 5, 2019

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Pipeline using Google Cloud Composer - Example of setting a ML pipeline on GCP.

BigQuery Dataflow Google Cloud Functions Google Cloud Pub/Sub Python Aug. 5, 2019

Copy data from Pub/Sub to BigQuery - Inserting data from PubSub to BigQuery with Cloud Functions.

Cloud Scheduler Google Cloud Functions Official Blog Python July 29, 2019

GCP developer pro-tips: How to schedule a recurring Python script on GCP - Automating recurring Python scripts using Cloud Scheduler.

BigQuery Python July 22, 2019

How to load GeoJSON files into BigQuery GIS - An ETL pipeline for GeoJSON to BigQuery.

Apache Beam Google Cloud Dataflow Python July 22, 2019

Input source reading patterns in Google Cloud Dataflow - Most common input reading patterns for Dataflow jobs.

Cloud Build Google Cloud Functions Python July 15, 2019

A Journey Into Cloud Functions - Example of use for Cloud Functions.

Machine Learning Python July 15, 2019

Transferring data from Google Drive to Google Cloud Storage using Google Colab - Simple and fast transfer of data between Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage without the need to download or upload to your local computer

Google App Engine Python July 15, 2019

Building React and Django Web Application and Deploy It on Google Cloud - Example of deploying Django & React app to App Engine.

BigQuery Machine Learning Python July 8, 2019

How to do hyperparameter tuning of a BigQuery ML model - Bayesian Optimization using Cloud AI Platform.

BigQuery Data Science Python July 8, 2019

BigQuery and Public Datasets. Overview for Data Analysts - In this article we’ll briefly explore what is BigQuery and how a data analyst can access and use it through various interfaces with…

Machine Learning Python July 8, 2019

Colab synergy with MLflow: how to monitor progress and store models. - A guide on how to setup MLflow on Google Cloud.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow July 8, 2019

Codeless ML with TensorFlow - Building an end-to-end machine learning pipeline without writing any ML code.

Machine Learning Python July 8, 2019

Using Data from a Data Pipeline in BigQuery - An example of using BigQuery ML.

BigQuery Python June 24, 2019

Creating a Serverless Data Pipeline in GCP - Example of simple serverless data pipeline.

Python June 24, 2019

Manage Files in Google Cloud Storage With Python - Manage files in your Google Cloud Storage bucket using the google-cloud-storage Python library.

Google Cloud IoT IoT Python June 17, 2019

Connecting MicroPython devices to Google Cloud IoT Core - Tutorial on how to use your ESP32 device with Google IoT Core.

Knative Python June 17, 2019

Building serverless event driven apps with Knative and Python - Using Event component (serverless event driven architecture which runs your container when an event is fired) of Knative.

Machine Learning Python May 27, 2019

Hyperparameter Tuning On Google Cloud Platform With Scikit-Learn - Using Hyperparameter tuning feature on ML Engine.

Cloud Run Google Cloud SQL Google Cloud Storage Python May 27, 2019

Preparing your Django Application for Google Cloud Run - Deploying Django application on Cloud Run.

BigQuery Machine Learning Python May 27, 2019

New York Taxi data set analysis - Creating Machine Learning model based on BigQuery's New York Taxi drives dataset.

Apache Beam Data Science Google Cloud Dataflow Python May 13, 2019

Let’s Build a Streaming Data Pipeline - Creating Apache Beam / DataFlow pipeline to parse web server logs.

Python Stackdriver May 6, 2019

Python and Stackdriver Logging - Example of using synchronous / asynchronous Stackdriver logging in Python.

Go Google Cloud Functions NodeJS Official Blog Python Serverless May 6, 2019

Your favorite runtimes, now generally available on Cloud Functions - Python, Go and Node.js are now supported runtimes on Cloud Functions.

Cloud Scheduler Google Cloud Functions Python May 6, 2019

Moving your cron job to the cloud with Google Cloud Functions - Example of migrating cron job from server to Google Cloud.

Google Compute Engine Python April 29, 2019

Auto-scaling from zero machine on Google Compute Engine - Auto-Scaling Instance Groups on Compute Engine.

Apache Beam Firebase Google Cloud Dataflow Python April 29, 2019

Going further with Cloud Dataflow: conception of a real-time polls app — part 2 - Learn how to use Cloud Dataflow to aggregate unbounded data streams.

Google Cloud Datastore Python April 29, 2019

Entity Groups, Ancestors, and Indexes in Datastore - A Working Example - Example of designing database schema with entity groups for Cloud Datastore.

Cloud Run Machine Learning Python April 22, 2019

Deploy Machine Learning Model in Google Cloud using Cloud Run - Deploying PyTorch model in Cloud Run.

Python March 25, 2019

Your Superpower User Manual • Marc Cohen - Combining Google Cloud services (like Dataflow, BigQuery, and AutoML), along with modern Python tools to analyze and visualize some interesting and practical questions.

AI Google Compute Engine Machine Learning Official Blog Python March 25, 2019

NVIDIA’s RAPIDS joins our set of Deep Learning VM images for faster data science - RAPIDS, NVIDIA’s open source and Python-based GPU-accelerated data processing and machine learning libraries are available on Deep Learning VM images

BigQuery Python March 18, 2019

BigQuery API To Manage Tables + Cloud Functions = ❤️ - Using BigQuery API and Cloud Functions to delete temporary tables.

Big Data Python March 11, 2019

Enlightened DataLab Notebooks - Starting with Data Science on GCP.

Python March 11, 2019

GCP Podcast - #165 Python with Dustin Ingram

Google App Engine Python Feb. 4, 2019

11 Things To Understand Before Migrating Your Python 2 GAE App To Python 3 - Switching from the old GAE environment to the new one.

DevOps Official Blog Python Jan. 28, 2019

Otto Group CLASH: an open-source tool to run bash scripts directly on GCP - CLoud bASH, or CLASH, which takes a bash script as an input and simply runs it inside a cloud environment.

BigQuery Python Jan. 21, 2019

Managing BigQuery field descriptions — bq-utils 0.1.0 - A small Python library that helps you with copying and uploading your BigQuery field descriptions.

BigQuery Google Cloud Functions Python Dec. 31, 2018

Google Cloud Functions Python Overview and Data Processing Example - Event driven serverless functions-as-a-service.

Machine Learning Python Dec. 31, 2018

PyTorch on Google Cloud Platform - How to build a custom VM on GCP with specific PyTorch versions and CUDA support for Deep Learning.

Google App Engine Official Blog Python Dec. 24, 2018

Python 3.7 for App Engine is now generally available - Python 3.7 is now generally available on Google App Engine.

Dialogflow Google Cloud Functions Python Dec. 24, 2018

Hey Google! Talk to… - Create voice command for the Google Assistant with Python, Dialogflow and Google Cloud Functions.

Google Cloud Dataproc Java Python Dec. 17, 2018

Big Data Analytics with Java and Python, using Cloud Dataproc, Google’s Fully-Managed Spark and Hadoop Service - Exploring Cloud Dataproc’s ability to quickly and efficiently run Spark jobs written in Java and Python.

BigQuery Python Dec. 3, 2018

Loading JSON formatted strings into Google BigQuery (Python3) - Loading JSON into Google BigQuery using Python.

IAM Python Security Nov. 26, 2018

Using ImpersonatedCredentials for Google Cloud APIs - Article describe process of obtaining and using tokens for communication between services.

Google Cloud Platform Python Oct. 29, 2018

Deep Learning with Python and fast.ai, Part 0: Setup GPU Virtual Machine on Google Cloud - Setup a Google Cloud virtual machine for fast.ai 1.0.

Google Cloud Functions Python Oct. 22, 2018

Creating Google Cloud Functions Running Python - Comparison of Google Cloud Functions with AWS Lambda on Python example.

Cloud Firestore Google Cloud Functions Python Oct. 15, 2018

How I used Google Cloud Platform to start investing in stocks - Personal project which consists of fetching and processing data from stocks.

BigQuery Official Blog Python Sept. 24, 2018

Ibis and BigQuery: scalable analytics with the comfort of Python - How Ibis works with BigQuery to provide an elegant and flexible Python interface for composing SQL queries.

Firebase Google Compute Engine Python Sept. 3, 2018

Firebase: Using the Python Admin SDK on Google Cloud Functions - Deploy simple web service build using Python, Flask and Firebase Admin SDK with Google Compute Engine.

Docker Python Aug. 27, 2018

Running a python script using Docker, Pycharm & Google Cloud Platform - Setup local environment using Pycharm which integrates well with Docker.

Google Cloud Dataflow Python Aug. 20, 2018

Creating a Template for the Python Cloud Dataflow SDK - Creating a template for Google Cloud Dataflow, using python.

Google App Engine Official Blog Python Aug. 13, 2018

Introducing App Engine Second Generation runtimes and Python 3.7 - Python 3.7 is available today in beta on the App Engine standard environment.

BigQuery Google Cloud Dataflow Google Cloud Pub/Sub Python Aug. 13, 2018

Aggregated Audit Logging With Google Cloud and Python - Taking Apache2 server access logs from a web server, converting the log file line-by-line to JSON data, publishing that JSON data to a Google PubSub topic, transforming the data using Google DataFlow, and storing the resulting log file in Google BigQuery long-term storage.

BigQuery Google Cloud Platform Python Aug. 6, 2018

Aggregated Audit Logging with Google Cloud and Python - Aggregating all of logs into Google BigQuery Audit Logs.

Google App Engine Official Blog PHP Python July 30, 2018

Bringing the best of serverless to you - Support for new second-generation App Engine standard runtimes such as Python 3.7 and PHP 7.2 in addition to recent support for Node.js 8.

Google Cloud Speech API Python July 30, 2018

Create your own Voice based application using Python - Steps to create your own Voice based application using Python.

Google Cloud Functions Python July 30, 2018

Writing Google Cloud Functions with Python 3 - Writing Google Cloud Functions with Python 3.7.0 version.

Google Cloud Functions Python July 30, 2018

Getting Started with Python for Google Cloud Functions - Overview and Python tutorial with Google Cloud Functions.

Google Compute Engine Python July 23, 2018

Using gcloud and Python Client Library with Google Compute Engine - How to use gcloud and Python Client Library with Google Compute Engine.

Apache Beam Google Cloud Datastore Python July 23, 2018

Apache Beam Tricks: Querying Google Datastore with Python - Querying Google Datastore with Python.

Google App Engine Python July 23, 2018

How do you manage environments in Django on Google App Engine? - Managing environments in Django on Google App Engine.

DevOps Python July 23, 2018

Deploy a basic Python application using Jenkins X & Kubernetes - Creating Kubernetes cluster using Jenkins X and setting CI/CD.

Apache Beam Python July 2, 2018

Dataflow Stream Processing now supports Python - Release 2.5 of Apache Beam introduces beta support for streaming in Python.

BigQuery Python July 2, 2018

Google Search Console Data into Google BigQuery - Adapting an existing Python script to pull bulk data from Google Search Console into Google BigQuery.

Google Cloud Dataflow Python June 25, 2018

Python Development Environments for Apache Beam on Google Cloud Platform - How to set up a development environment for Python Dataflow jobs.

Big Data Cloud Datalab Google Cloud Dataflow Python Serverless June 18, 2018

Analyzing Reddit’s Top Posts & Images With Google Cloud (Part 1) - Analyzing everything from Reddit.

Apache Beam Google Cloud Dataflow Python TensorFlow June 18, 2018

Customer segmentation using DataFlow and TensorFlow - Using DataFlow and TensorFlow for retail Customer segmentation.

Google App Engine Python May 7, 2018

Code that debugs itself: Fixing a deadlock with a watchdog - Debug deadlock scenarios for Python web application running on Google App Engine.

NodeJS Python Stackdriver April 9, 2018

Stackdriver Custom Metrics in Python - Stackdriver Custom Metrics in Python with example of how to use it in Node.js.

BigQuery Python April 2, 2018

Getting Started with Google BigQuery in Python — Part 1: Setting Up the Dev Environment - Setting Up the Dev Environment for using BigQuery in Python

Beginner Google Cloud Speech API Python Tutorial March 12, 2018

Auto-Transcribe : Google Speech API Time Offsets in Python - Demonstration of Google Speech API with Python.

Google Compute Engine Python Tutorial March 5, 2018

An Ideal Data Science Environment on a Google Virtual Machine - Setting up data science computing environment (Python stack) on a Google Compute Engine virtual machine.

AWS Google Cloud Platform Python Feb. 26, 2018

Moving a Python app from AWS to GCP - Checklist to help migrate your Python app from AWS to GCP.

Google App Engine Python Feb. 26, 2018

Building a REST API on Google App Engine based on web scraping - Learn to build a REST API on Google App Engine based on web scraping.

Google App Engine Python Feb. 26, 2018

The Nitty-Gritty of OAuth 2.0 Flow - Take deep dive to understand the inner workings of handling the OAuth 2.0 flow using Google’s REST API.

Google App Engine Python Feb. 19, 2018

Using an in-memory hash vs. a MySQL table - Article explains resolved performance issues for message processing and MySQL server.

Firebase Google App Engine Python Feb. 5, 2018

An Authul Backend - Guide to add python app engine APIs to a Firebase front end app and utilize Firebase authentication.

Beginner Docker Python TensorFlow Tutorial Jan. 15, 2018

What’s After Setting up a GCP Computing Instance? Running a Custom Docker Container with Tensorflow - In this post, you will learn how to setup a custom docker image, create a container with the image and and get your python + Tensorflow scripts running in that.

Google Cloud IoT Python Jan. 8, 2018

Refreshing JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in Google Cloud IoT Core - This post explains refreshing JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in Google Cloud IoT Core.

BigQuery Python Jan. 8, 2018

pandas-gbq Version 0.3.0 - Quick note on pandas-gbq Version 0.3.0

Beginner Google App Engine Google Cloud Pub/Sub Python Tutorial Dec. 25, 2017

Decentralize your application with Google Cloud Platform - Example of creating web app using microservices.

Beginner Firebase Python Tutorial Dec. 25, 2017

Developing a Web Service with Admin SDK, Flask and Google Cloud - Example of accessing Firebase from a server-side Python app using Firebase Admin SDK.

Python TensorFlow Tutorial Nov. 27, 2017

From Solving Equations to Deep Learning: A TensorFlow Python Tutorial - Introduction to Tensorflow through examples.

Google App Engine Python Nov. 27, 2017

Running webapp2 outside of Google App Engine - Sample web application which demonstrates how to run webapp2 framework on Google Compute Engine.

Google Compute Engine Python Nov. 20, 2017

Intel Performance Libraries and Python Distribution enhance performance and scaling of Intel® Xeon® Scalable (‘Skylake’) processors on GCP - To use full potential of Skylake processors, you can use specific libraries.

Python Oct. 9, 2017

Load Testing with Locust (Part 2) - Deploying Locust (load testing framework) on Google Container Engine

Kubernetes Python Oct. 9, 2017

Moving our Django Monolith to Google Cloud

Google Compute Engine GPU Python Sept. 18, 2017

Jupyter+Keras+ Nvidia Docker with GPU on Google Cloud in an instant - Kit to create an environment with Jupyter notebook, Keras and Nvidia docker with GPU on google cloud

Python Sept. 4, 2017

Getting Started w/ Python on GCP

Python TensorFlow Aug. 7, 2017

TensorFlow Photo x-Ray Object Detection with App Engine - In this part of serial, description how to set up Tensorflow on Google App Engine Flexible is described.

Cloud Resource Manager IAM Python July 31, 2017

Importing GCP Projects into your Organization with Python - Importing Google Cloud Platform projects under Organization resource

Machine Learning Python July 24, 2017

How to run any ML package on GCP | The Models - Running Jupyter, Keras or PyTorch on Google Cloud Platform

Python July 24, 2017

Jupyter Notebook on GCP for Pythoners - Step by step tutorial about how to create Google Compute Engine VM and install and use Jupyter

Docker Kubernetes Python July 24, 2017

Deploy Python Application to Google Cloud with Docker and Kubernetes - Deploying Python Flask web app on Google Container Engine

Python June 4, 2017

Enhancing the Python experience on App Engine - Updating supported Python's versions both for Standard and Flexible GAE

Google App Engine Google Cloud Datastore Python March 27, 2017

Are you the Keymaster? - In depth article about Keys in Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud Dataflow Python March 27, 2017

Announcing general availability of Google Cloud Dataflow for Python

Python March 6, 2017

GCP Podcast #64 - This time Python with Jon Wayne Parrott

BigQuery Google Cloud Functions Python

Turning GA360 BigQuery exports into partitioned tables using Cloud Functions - Article describes how to create a cloud function that will copy a BigQuery GA360 data export to another BigQuery table.

Beginner Google App Engine Python Tutorial

Deploying a Django Application to Google App Engine - How to deploy a Django Application to Google App Engine.


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