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BigQuery dbt March 7, 2022

SQL + jinja is not enough — why we need DataFrames - Working with BigQuery as with a dataframe.

BigQuery dbt Dec. 27, 2021

How we build a Cloud Data lake using ELT instead of ETL - At Datamesh GmbH we build data products for our clients mainly on Germany. Our last client needed a data warehouse which integrate….

BigQuery CI dbt Docker Dec. 20, 2021

Setup a slim CI for dbt with BigQuery and Docker - A Slim CI is a lightweight version of a CI in which we only want to run and test what is relevant. Let’s see how to use one for dbt.

BigQuery dbt Dec. 13, 2021

Incremental models to track user activity with dbt - This post describes how to create a historical table and track user activity using incremental models and dbt in BigQuery.

dbt Machine Learning Vertex AI Nov. 29, 2021

Running dbt on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Pipelines - Merging dbt and Vertex AI to for efficient, cost-effective ML and AI workloads on Google Cloud.

CI Cloud Build dbt Nov. 29, 2021

Serverless dbt on Google Cloud Platform - A serverless solution to run dbt in a self-hosted setup.

BigQuery dbt Nov. 22, 2021

Building a Data Vault using dbtvault with Google BigQuery - This article is a step by step tutorial implementing dbtvault with Google BigQuery.

BigQuery dbt GCP Experience Looker Nov. 22, 2021

An introduction to Monzo’s data stack - An overview of the modern data stack at Monzo bulit with GCP products.

BigQuery dbt July 19, 2021

A macro-ful way to test incremental models and snapshots - Unit testing in DBT and BigQuery.

BigQuery dbt July 12, 2021

Data Status Time Machine on Persisted dbt Artifacts - Storying and analyzing dbt artifacts in BigQuery.

CI Data Analytics dbt July 12, 2021

Step-by-step guide to run dbt in production with Google Cloud Platform - A step-by-step guide to run dbt in production with GCP.


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