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Data Analytics Looker Official Blog Aug. 2, 2021

Building with Looker made easier with the Extension Framework - The Extension Framework is a fully hosted development platform that enables developers to build any data-powered application, workflow or tool right in Looker. By eliminating the need to spin up and host infrastructure, the Extension Framework lets developers focus on building great experiences for their users.

BigQuery Data Analytics Looker Official Blog Security July 26, 2021

Extending the power of Chronicle with BigQuery and Looker - Google Cloud security analytics platform, Chronicle, now integrated with BigQuery and Looker improving security operations.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog July 26, 2021

Reimagining the way we experience data with new Looker product features - Google Cloud introduces new features to Looker to help organizations deliver data-driven experiences at scale.

BigQuery Billing Looker Official Blog Visualization July 19, 2021

Optimizing your Google Cloud spend with BigQuery and Looker - Learn how you can export billing data into BigQuery and leverage pre-built dashboards, plus self-service data exploration environments to save costs.

BigQuery Data Analytics Firebase Looker Official Blog July 5, 2021

Creating a unified analytics platform for digital natives - Learn how to leverage Firebase, BigQuery and Looker to create a central platform for cross-functional analytics.

BigQuery Event Looker Official Blog May 3, 2021

Go from Database to Dashboard with BigQuery and Looker - Understand how to quickly go from database to dashboard with BigQuery and Looker at an upcoming webinar where you can see the entire process live.

BigQuery Looker Python April 25, 2021

Simple Period-to-Date Comparisons in BigQuery - Performing period-over-period analyses with SQL via Colab or Looker.

BigQuery Data Science Looker April 19, 2021

Data Patterns in a Multi-cloud Future - Different data patterns that you can adopt for your data science, data engineering, and BI tasks with data spread across multiple clouds.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog March 1, 2021

Accelerate data science workflows with Looker, plus free training to help get started - Learn how data analysts and scientists can use Looker to help with data governance, join our training to walk through working examples of how Looker can be leveraged to help automate and productionalize data science workflows.

Cloud Build Data Science Looker Machine Learning Oct. 5, 2020

Operationalizing BigQuery ML through Cloud Build and Looker - Implementing MLOps with BigQuery ML, Cloud Build and Looker.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog Aug. 10, 2020

Getting to know Looker: How LookML can simplify BI workflows - LookML from Looker, now part of Google Cloud, offers better business intelligence (BI) workflows for data analysts, modelers, engineers, CDOs, IT security, and more.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog July 20, 2020

Getting to know Looker – common use cases - Business intelligence (BI) tool Looker can help your cloud data work better for you with dashboards, visualizations, data modeling, and more.


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