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Cloud Functions GitHub Paywall Python July 15, 2024

Deploy Your Google Cloud Functions The Right Way (Step-by-Step Guide) - Covering GitHub versioning, CI/CD pipeline development and scheduling jobs within Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase GitHub July 8, 2024

Source in Github to Firebase: No secrets, no keys, no tricks - Do you manage your content in Github and host in Firebase?

DevOps GitHub Security Terraform July 8, 2024

Secure App Deployment with GitHub Actions, Terraform and OWASP ZAP - Deploy your app in a staging environment using GitHub Actions and Terraform, and secure it with an OWASP ZAP Scan.

GitHub July 1, 2024

Dashboard for Actions Runner Controller (ARC). Provision to Google Cloud Platform - The Dashboard for Actions Runner Controller (ARC) is essential for operating ARC stably. It provides various metrics such as the number of currently running Runners and any errors in Runner operation. This article explains how to build the ARC Dashboard based on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps GitHub June 10, 2024

Multiple Cloud Build Triggers in One Github Repo - This blog post outlines the usage of one repo for multiple Cloud Functions and creating a trigger for each one.

Generative AI GitHub Serverless April 29, 2024

Implement a GenAI Code Review Bot with Google Cloud Platform - By incorporating generative AI into DevOps for automated code reviews, we can accelerate software development and enhance quality.

Artifact Registry Docker GitHub April 8, 2024

Automating Docker Image Builds and Pushes to GCP Artifact Registry with GitHub Actions

CI Cloud Functions GitHub April 1, 2024

Deployment Pipeline — GitHub Actions Google Cloud Functions - Deploying Cloud Functions through GitHub Actions.

Artifact Registry DevOps GitHub Workload Identity Federation March 25, 2024

Push code with GitHub Actions to Google Cloud’s Artifact Registry - Push code from GitHub to Google Cloud Artifact Registry (without using service account keys) with Workload Identity Federation.

CI DevOps GitHub Terraform Feb. 19, 2024

Integrating GitHub Runner with Google Cloud Platform via Terraform - Configuring Terraform to create a WIF and grant permission for a Service Account that will be impersonated by GitHub Runner.

Cloud Spanner GitHub Official Blog Jan. 29, 2024

Spanner integration testing with the emulator - This post demonstrates how to set up integration testing for Spanner using GitHub Actions and the Spanner emulator.

DevOps GitHub Kubernetes Jan. 22, 2024

Automating CI/CD Workflows: Executing Kubernetes Commands on GCP from GitHub Actions - Optimizing DevOps Pipelines: Tips and Tricks for Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Build Docker GitHub Jan. 8, 2024

How to easily automate your web deployments: Cloud Run and Cloud Build - Deploying application to Cloud Run via Cloud Build.

CI GCP Experience GitHub Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Dec. 3, 2023

How Delivery Hero connected GitHub with Vertex AI to manage 20+ voucher fraud detection models - MLOps setup in Delivery Hero.

Cloud Run GitHub Dec. 3, 2023

How to launch an MLFlow server with Continuous Deployment on GCP in minutes - A step-by-step guide to deploying an MLFlow server using GitHub Actions and Cloud Run.

Cloud Data Fusion Data Analytics GitHub Official Blog Sept. 25, 2023

Use a GitHub repository to manage pipelines across Data Fusion instances/namespaces - Push deployed pipelines from namespace to repository, or pull and deploy pipelines from repository to namespace.

Artifact Registry DevOps GitHub Sept. 25, 2023

Building and Pushing to Artifact Registry with Github Actions - This article illustrates how to create a Github Actions workflow that builds a Docker image and pushes that image to Google Cloud Artifact Registry.

GitHub Workload Identity Sept. 4, 2023

Github OIDC Integration with GCP - Workload Identity Federation - Setting up Workload Identity Federation in Github.

DevOps GitHub Terraform July 24, 2023

GCP Workload Identity Federation for GitHub Actions: A Really Effortless Setup - This article describes how to set GCP Workload Identity Federation for GitHub Actions using Terraform.

CI Cloud Run DevOps GitHub June 26, 2023

How To Build a Simple CI/CD Pipeline using Docker, Github Actions, and Google Cloud Run - Learn how to build a simple CI/CD pipeline using Docker, GitHub Actions, and Google Cloud Run for seamless software delivery.

Cloud Run GitHub NoSQL Python June 19, 2023

Creating a Scalable Flask App with HarperDB and Deploying on Google Cloud: A Step-by-Step Guide - In this step-by-step guide, that goes through the process of creating a Flask app with HarperDB as the backend database and deploying it on the Cloud Run via CI/CDD pipeline with GitHub Actions.

Cloud Deploy GitHub Official Blog May 15, 2023

Connecting GitHub Actions and Google Cloud Deploy - Deploy containers to Google Cloud with GitHub Actions and Google Cloud Deploy targets - Kubernetes, Anthos, and Cloud Run.

DevOps GitHub Google Kubernetes Engine Workload Identity Federation May 8, 2023

Github Action CI/CD to deploy applications on GKE using Workload Identity Federation. - This blog demonstrates creating a Github Action CI/CD to push images to Google Container Registry and deploy applications in GKE using Workload identity federation.

GitHub Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes May 8, 2023

Configuring ArgoCD on GKE with Ingress and GitHub SSO - Configuring ArgoCD with Ingress (GKE) integrated with GitHub SSO to authenticate users.

Artifact Registry GitHub Jan. 23, 2023

Creating a Helm repository in two ways: using Google Cloud Artifact and Github Pages - In this article we will walk through the workflow of using Helm repo and two ways to set it up.

Cloud Build GitHub Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial Dec. 5, 2022

Cloud Build for CICD - In this tutorial you’ll walk through the steps needed to set up an end to end pipeline using GitHub and Cloud Build, deploying to GKE.

Anthos Config Connector GitHub Kubernetes Sept. 19, 2022

CI/GitOps with Helm, GitHub Actions, GitHub Container Registry and Config Sync - Since Anthos Config Management 1.13.0, Config Sync supports syncing Helm charts from private OCI registries. This article will demonstrate how you can package and push a Helm chart to GitHub Container Registry with GitHub actions (using PAT token), and then how you can deploy a Helm chart with Config Sync.

BigQuery dbt GitHub Aug. 29, 2022

Managing our data using BigQuery, dbt and Github Actions - Setting data warehouse on GCP with BigQuery and dbt and deploying via GitHub actions.

BigQuery dbt GitHub July 25, 2022

How to Set Up dbt, Google BigQuery, and Github(2022) - A step-by-step walkthrough to get you up and running.

DevOps Docker GitHub Infrastructure July 18, 2022

Shipping multi-platform Docker images for ARM on Google Cloud with GitHub Actions - Build multi-architecture Docker images using GitHub Actions to take advantage of the new ARM instance types announced by Google Cloud.

DevOps GitHub Terraform April 11, 2022

IaC with GitHub Actions for Google Cloud Platform - Automate resource provisioning in Google Cloud Platform by using Terraform and GitHub actions.

GitHub Terraform Workload Identity March 14, 2022

Workload Identity Federation — Authenticate GitHub actions to Google Cloud - Using Workload Identity to access GCP from GitHub actions.


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