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Machine Learning Official Blog TPU Dec. 6, 2021

Google showcases Cloud TPU v4 Pods for large model training - Google’s MLPerf v1.1 Training submission showcased two large (480B & 200B parameter) language models using publicly available Cloud TPU v4 Pod slices.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 26, 2021

Scaling deep learning workloads with PyTorch / XLA and Cloud TPU VM - This article addresses challenges associated with scaling deep learning workloads to distributed training jobs that use remote storage. We demonstrate how to stream training data from Cloud Storage to PyTorch / XLA models running on Cloud TPU Pods.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 5, 2021

Google demonstrates leading performance in latest MLPerf Benchmarks - TPU v4 Pods will soon be available on Google Cloud, providing the most powerful publicly available computing platform for machine learning training.

Docker Machine Learning TPU June 14, 2021

Accessing your TPUs in Docker Containers with TPU VM - Issues when connecting to TPU within Docker container.

AI HPC Machine Learning Official Blog TPU June 7, 2021

New Cloud TPU VMs make training your ML models on TPUs easier than ever - New Cloud TPU VMs let you run TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX workloads on TPU host machines, improving performance and usability, and reducing costs.

Machine Learning Official Blog TPU April 12, 2021

How to use PyTorch Lightning's built-in TPU support - How to start training ML models with Pytorch Lightning on TPUs.

AI Platform Machine Learning TPU Jan. 11, 2021

Running PyTorch with TPUs on GCP AI Platform Training - Using TPUs in PyTorch on AI Platform.

GCP Experience Official Blog TPU Dec. 15, 2020

Samsung Electronics supercharges Bixby with Cloud TPUs & TensorFlow - Samsung improves Bixby voice recognition model training speeds 18x with Cloud TPUs.

Machine Learning TPU Dec. 7, 2020

Training PyTorch on Cloud TPUs - This article attempts to summarize PyTorch/XLA constructs to help you update your model and training code to run with Cloud TPUs.

Data Science Machine Learning TPU Nov. 16, 2020

Running BERT on Google Cloud Platform With TPU - Use Google Cloud and TPU to Build a Deep Learning Environment.

Machine Learning TPU Tutorial Oct. 5, 2020

PyTorch / XLA is now Generally Available on Google Cloud TPUs - PyTorch / XLA, a package that lets PyTorch connect to Cloud TPUs and use TPU cores as devices, is now generally available.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU Oct. 5, 2020

PyTorch / XLA now generally available on Cloud TPUs - PyTorch is now GA on Google Cloud TPUs.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 6, 2020

Google breaks AI performance records in MLPerf with world's fastest training supercomputer - Google set performance records in six out of the eight MLPerf benchmarks at the latest MLPerf benchmark contest.

Machine Learning TPU Tutorial March 16, 2020

Get started with PyTorch, Cloud TPUs, and Colab - Running Machine Learning With PyTorch on TPUs in Colab.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU March 9, 2020

Better scalability with Cloud TPU pods and TensorFlow 2.1 - Cloud TPU Pods are now generally available, and include TensorFlow 2.1 support and other new features.

Machine Learning Python TensorFlow TPU Feb. 10, 2020

Train Neural Networks Faster with Google’s TPU from your LapTop. - Tutorial on how to set up Cloud TPU and train ML models.

AI Official Blog TPU Nov. 11, 2019

Cloud TPU breaks scalability records for AI Inference - Results from the MLPerf Inference benchmark demonstrate that Cloud TPU inference meets critical needs of ML customers: developer velocity, scalability, and elasticity.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU Sept. 16, 2019

Train ML models on large images and 3D volumes with spatial partitioning on Cloud TPUs - Spatial partitioning is new Cloud TPU feature that allows you to seamlessly scale image models up to larger sizes (in 2D and 3D) without changing your code. Here’s how to get started.

Official Blog TPU Aug. 26, 2019

BFloat16: The secret to high performance on Cloud TPUs - How the high performance of Google Cloud TPUs is driven by Brain Floating Point Format, or bfloat16

Official Blog TPU July 15, 2019

Cloud TPU Pods break AI training records - Google Cloud sets three new records in the industry-standard ML benchmark contest, MLPerf, with each of the winning runs using less than two minutes of compute time.

Machine Learning TensorFlow TPU June 10, 2019

Replicating GPT2–1.5B - Experience of using Cloud TPUs.

Official Blog TPU May 13, 2019

Google’s scalable supercomputers for machine learning, Cloud TPU Pods, are now publicly available in beta - Cloud TPU Pods are now available in beta, helping you train models, even very large ones, faster and at lower cost on Google Cloud.

AI Official Blog TPU April 29, 2019

Train and deploy state-of-the-art mobile image classification models via Cloud TPU - Learn how to train embedded Neural Architecture Search machine learning models on Cloud TPUs to output quantized TensorFlow Lite classifiers on embedded systems.

Official Blog TPU April 29, 2019

What’s in an image: fast, accurate image segmentation with Cloud TPUs - We’re making it easier for you to use Cloud TPUs for image segmentation by releasing high-performance, open source TPU-optimized implementations of two state-of-the-art segmentation models.

Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow TPU March 4, 2019

Train fast on TPU, serve flexibly on GPU: switch your ML infrastructure to suit your needs - In this post, we walk through training and serving an object detection model and demonstrate how TensorFlow’s comprehensive and flexible feature set can be used to perform each step, regardless of which hardware platform you choose.

Official Blog TPU Jan. 21, 2019

Getting started with Cloud TPUs: An overview of online resources - An overview of online resources about TPUs.

Official Blog TensorFlow TPU Dec. 17, 2018

Now you can train TensorFlow machine learning models faster and at lower cost on Cloud TPU Pods - Using Cloud TPU Pods to train TensorFlow machine learning models.

TPU Nov. 12, 2018

Cloud TPUs (TensorFlow @ O’Reilly AI Conference, San Francisco '18) - This talk takes you through a technical deep dive on Google's Cloud TPUs accelerators, as well as how to program them. It also covers the programming abstractions that allow you to run your models on CPUs, GPUs, and Cloud TPU, from single devices up to entire Cloud TPU pods.

Machine Learning TPU Nov. 5, 2018

Training Image & Text Classification Models Faster with TPUs on Cloud ML Engine

GPU Machine Learning TPU Oct. 15, 2018

Google Colab provides free access to GPUs and TPUs. - Using Develop deep learning applications on this free GPU/TPU.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog TPU Sept. 17, 2018

Cloud TPUs in Kubernetes Engine powering Minigo are now available in beta - Google-designed Cloud TPUs are publicly available in beta on Google Kubernetes Engine. GKE also supports Preemptible Cloud TPUs that are priced 70% lower than the standard price of Cloud TPUs.

Official Blog TPU Sept. 3, 2018

What makes TPUs fine-tuned for deep learning? - Cloud TPU provides the benefit of the TPU as a scalable and easy-to-use cloud computing resource to all developers and data scientists running cutting-edge ML models on Google Cloud.

Cloud ML Official Blog TPU Aug. 20, 2018

Hyperparameter tuning using TPUs in Cloud ML Engine - How to use hyperparameter tuning on TPUs on Cloud ML Engine.

TPU Aug. 13, 2018

HowTo Start Using TPUs From Google Colab in Few Simple Steps - Steps for Using TPUs From Google Colab.

TPU July 30, 2018

A tutorial on using Google Cloud TPUs - Guide on using Google Cloud TPUs.

Cloud ML Official Blog TPU July 16, 2018

How to train a ResNet image classifier from scratch on TPUs on Cloud ML Engine - How to train a state-of-the-art image classification model on your own data using Google’s Cloud TPUs.

Machine Learning TensorFlow TPU July 16, 2018

Training and serving a realtime mobile object detector in 30 minutes with Cloud TPUs - Example of training an object detection model on Cloud TPUs with Tensorflow.

Official Blog TPU June 25, 2018

Cloud TPU now offers preemptible pricing and global availability - Cloud TPUs are available in two new regions (in Europe and Asia), and also preemptible pricing for Cloud TPUs that is 70% lower than the normal price.

Cloud ML Official Blog TPU May 28, 2018

Cloud ML Engine adds Cloud TPU support for training - Cloud Machine Learning Engine (ML Engine) offers the option to accelerate training with Cloud TPUs as a beta feature.

Machine Learning TPU Feb. 19, 2018

Cloud TPU machine learning accelerators now available in beta - Cloud TPUs are available in beta on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help machine learning (ML) experts train and run their ML models more quickly.

Machine Learning TPU May 22, 2017

Build and train machine learning models on our new Google Cloud TPUs - Announced on Google IO 2017, Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) which is designed to be used for deep learning tasks, will be available as part of Google Cloud Platform

Kubernetes Official Blog TPU

Introducing AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines: Making AI simpler, faster, and more useful for businesses - Making AI more useful with Kubeflow Pipelines and API.


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