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GPU Official Blog PyTorch April 29, 2024

Announcing PyTorch/XLA 2.3: Distributed training, dev improvements, and GPUs

AI Compute Engine GPU Official Blog April 15, 2024

What’s new with Google Cloud’s AI Hypercomputer architecture

AI GPU Official Blog TPU April 15, 2024

Accelerate AI Inference with Google Cloud TPUs and GPUs

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog March 25, 2024

Automatic driver installation simplifies using NVIDIA GPUs in GKE - GKE can now automatically install NVIDIA GPU drivers, making it easier for customers to take advantage of GPUs.

AI Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog Partners March 25, 2024

Accelerate your generative AI journey with NVIDIA NeMo framework on GKE - This blog post shows how generative AI models can be adapted to your use cases by demonstrating how to train models on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using NVIDIA accelerated computing and NVIDIA NeMo framework.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Kubernetes Feb. 19, 2024

Looking for GPU Capacity? DWS got you covered ! - Using Dynamic Workload Scheduler on GKE to run ML jobs.

GPU Official Blog Feb. 19, 2024

Immersive Stream for XR: Performance and savings with NVIDIA L4 GPU and autoscaling - Improvements in both performance and cost savings to Immersive Stream for XR, Google Cloud’s solution for hosting, rendering, and streaming 3D and eXtended reality (XR) experiences.

Cloud Monitoring Compute Engine GPU Official Blog Sept. 25, 2023

Monitor your NVIDIA GPUs on Compute Engine with Ops Agent - Ops Agent now collects metrics from NVIDIA GPUs on Compute Engine VMs.

GPU Official Blog TPU Sept. 18, 2023

Helping you deliver high-performance, cost-efficient AI inference at scale with GPUs and TPUs - Based on the results of MLPerf™ v3.1 Inference Closed, Google Cloud GPU and TPU offerings deliver exceptional performance per dollar for AI inference.

GKE Autopilot GPU Official Blog TensorFlow July 31, 2023

TensorFlow on GKE Autopilot with GPU acceleration - Provision GPUs and execute AI workloads using GKE with automated creation and teardown.

AI Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Machine Learning Official Blog July 17, 2023

Improve training time of distributed machine learning with NCCL Fast Socket - NCCL Fast Socket uses a number of techniques to achieve better and more consistent NCCL performance.

GPU Official Blog May 15, 2023

Announcing A3 supercomputers with NVIDIA H100 GPUs, purpose-built for AI - The next-generation A3 GPU supercomputer powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs are purpose-built for training and inference of ML models.

AI GPU Official Blog April 3, 2023

Google Cloud and NVIDIA bring next-generation AI infrastructure and software for large scale models and generative AI applications to enterprises - NVIDIA and Google Cloud help companies accelerate generative AI and other modern AI workloads.

Compute Engine GPU Official Blog March 27, 2023

Introducing G2 VMs with NVIDIA L4 GPUs — a cloud-industry first - The G2 VM powered by the NVIDIA L4 GPU delivers technological advancements for AI workloads such as generative AI.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Machine Learning Official Blog March 27, 2023

Getting started with JAX multi-node applications with NVIDIA GPUs on Google Kubernetes Engine - You can attach multiple GPUs to GKE clusters to help with Python apps doing high performance computing and ML.

BigQuery GPU Machine Learning Vertex AI Jan. 23, 2023

Step-by-Step Guide to Accelerate ML Jobs with Rapids, Dask, Vertex and GPUs - An example of training 4 million of rows of data with the xgboost on Vertex AI.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow GPU Machine Learning TensorFlow Dec. 19, 2022

Simplifying and Accelerating Machine Learning Predictions in Apache Beam with NVIDIA TensorRT - A walk through the integration of NVIDIA TensorRT with Apache Beam SDK and showing how complex inference scenarios can be fully encapsulated within a data processing pipeline.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Monitoring Official Blog Dec. 5, 2022

Monitoring GPU workloads on GKE with NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) - How to setup NVIDIA DCGM in your GKE cluster and how to observe GPU utilization using Cloud Monitoring and Grafana.

GKE Autopilot GPU Official Blog Oct. 3, 2022

Introducing support for GPU workloads and even larger Pods in GKE Autopilot - GPU support launches on GKE Autopilot. Run workloads like AI/ML training and inference, and video transcoding on a fully managed Kubernetes platform.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog Sept. 19, 2022

How Let’s Enhance uses NVIDIA AI and GKE to power AI-based photo editing - Let’s Enhance uses AI to beautify images. GKE provides auto-provisioning, autoscaling and simplicity, while GPUs provide superior processing power.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog Aug. 8, 2022

Sharing is caring: How NVIDIA GPU sharing on GKE saves you money - GPU time-sharing and A100 Multi-Instance GPU partitioning enabled higher GPU utilization and saved cost.

BigQuery Data Analytics GPU Official Blog Python July 25, 2022

Scalable Python on BigQuery using Dask and NVIDIA GPUs - To accelerate data analytics and machine learning workflows, we introduce the Dask BigQuery connector to read data through BigQuery storage API and deploy at scale on NVIDIA GPUs using Dask and RAPIDS on Google Dataproc.

Event GPU HPC Machine Learning March 28, 2022

Join Google Cloud at NVIDIA GTC - Join Google Cloud at NVIDIA GTC to understand how Google Cloud and NVIDIA are able to help you conquer challenges.

GCP Experience GPU Machine Learning Official Blog Oct. 4, 2021

QuillBot cuts writing time for over 10 million users using Google Cloud - QuillBot gains scalability and cost savings for natural language processing platform with Google Cloud Compute Engine and NVIDIA GPUs.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics GPU HPC Official Blog Aug. 30, 2021

Single-cell genomic analysis accelerated by NVIDIA on Google Cloud - Learn about single-cell genomic analysis on Google Cloud using NVIDIA and Dataproc.

GPU Official Blog Aug. 16, 2021

Streaming VR and AR content from Google Cloud with NVIDIA CloudXR - How NVIDIA CloudXR in Google Cloud data centers enables high-fidelity VR and AR applications.

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics GPU Official Blog July 26, 2021

Give your data processing a boost with Dataflow GPU - With Dataflow GPU, customers can leverage the power of NVIDIA GPUs in their data pipelines.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog May 3, 2021

Turbocharge workloads with new multi-instance NVIDIA GPUs on GKE - You can now partition a single NVIDIA A100 GPU into up to seven instances and allocate each instance to a single Google Kubernetes Engine container.

GPU HPC Official Blog March 22, 2021

A2 VMs now GA—the largest GPU cloud instances with NVIDIA A100 GPUs - A2 VMs with NVIDIA A100 GPUs are now generally available for your most demanding workloads including machine learning and HPC.

AI Platform Data Analytics GPU Official Blog March 1, 2021

Scale model training in minutes with RAPIDS + Dask and NVIDIA GPUs on AI Platform - Scale model training from 10 GB to 640 GB in minutes with RAPIDS + Dask and NVIDIA GPUs on AI Platform.

AI Platform Notebooks Big Data Data Science GPU Jan. 18, 2021

An Accelerated Big Data Workflow for the Data Analyst - Explore and analyze 1B loan records with RAPIDS & Nvidia A100 GPUs on Cloud AI Platform.

AI Platform Notebooks Data Analytics GPU Jan. 18, 2021

Powerful yet familiar workflow for the Data Analyst - Accelerating data processing using GPUs.

AI Platform GPU TensorFlow Dec. 14, 2020

Getting Started with Distributed TensorFlow on GCP - In this tutorial-style article, you’ll get hands-on experience with GCP data science tools and train a TensorFlow model across multiple GPUs. You’ll also learn key terminology in the field of distributed training, such as data parallelism, synchronous training, and AllReduce.

AI AI Platform GPU Machine Learning Nov. 2, 2020

Serving Machine Learning models in Google Cloud - This multi-part blog discusses common options for high-performance ML model inference in Google Cloud, when to use which, and introduces the new member of the AI Platform family: Custom Container Prediction.

AI Platform AI Platform Prediction GPU HPC Sept. 28, 2020

How to create a numeric calculation web service that autoscales on GPUs - Numeric-calculations-as-a-service by leveraging ML Infrastructure.

Anthos GPU Official Blog Aug. 24, 2020

Deploy GPU workloads across all your clouds with Anthos and NVIDIA - You can now burst workloads running on NVIDIA GPUs from on-prem to the cloud using Anthos.

GPU HPC Official Blog May 18, 2020

Google Cloud and NVIDIA’s enhanced partnership accelerates computing workloads - We’re announcing our support for the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.

GPU May 18, 2020

GPU shortage in all regions - It seems like there's a mass shortage of all GPUs.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics GPU Official Blog April 13, 2020

Machine learning with XGBoost gets faster with Dataproc on GPUs - Machine learning workloads can move a lot faster when run on GPUs vs. CPUs. See how to do it with NVIDIA, XGBoost and Dataproc for ML model building.

AI Platform GPU Machine Learning TensorFlow Dec. 16, 2019

AI Platform Prediction with Accelerators - Using NVIDIA's GPUs to train ML models on AI Platform.

Compute Engine GPU Official Blog Dec. 2, 2019

Optimizing GPU performance - Improving the performance of GPUs on virtual machine (VM) instances that use Tesla® K80 GPUs.

AI GPU Machine Learning Official Blog Nov. 4, 2019

Reduce the costs of ML workflows with preemptible VMs and GPUs - If you have some flexibility in your timing and availability, preemptible VMs with GPUs can be a useful tactic for significantly lowering those costs.

Compute Engine GPU Monitoring Stackdriver Sept. 30, 2019

Enabling custom GPU metrics in StackDriver for Google Cloud Platform. - Setting Stackdriver monitoring of GPU unit.

Compute Engine GPU April 29, 2019

How to run AI2-THOR simulation fast with Google Cloud Platform - Using AI2-THOR (3D-Simulation tool) on Google Compute Engine.

Compute Engine GPU Tutorial April 1, 2019

GCP and Fast Ai v1: A full setup that’ll work - The article goes through steps of setting Compute Engine VM with GPU.

GPU April 1, 2019

GCP Podcast - #168 NVIDIA T4 with Ian Buck and Kari Briski

GPU Machine Learning Jan. 28, 2019

Getting started with GPU Computing for machine learning - Setting up GPU Computing for machine learning.

CI Compute Engine DevOps GPU Terraform Jan. 28, 2019

Seamlessly Integrated Deep Learning Environment with Terraform, Google cloud, Gitlab and Docker - Setting up a GCE Instance with GPUs in an automated way using Terraform and deploy code from Gitlab.

GPU Official Blog Jan. 21, 2019

NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs now available in beta - T4 GPU instances are now available publicly in beta in Brazil, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Tokyo, and the United States.

GPU Official Blog TensorFlow Tutorial Jan. 21, 2019

Running TensorFlow inference workloads at scale with TensorRT 5 and NVIDIA T4 GPUs - How to run deep learning inference on large-scale workloads with NVIDIA TensorRT 5 running on Compute Engine VMs configured with our Cloud Deep Learning VM image and NVIDIA T4 GPUs.

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog Jan. 14, 2019

Livin’ la vida local: Easier Kubernetes development from your laptop - Run GPU workloads on minikube.

Compute Engine GPU Dec. 17, 2018

Leveraging Google Compute Engine for Low-cost GPU Rendering (and Other Fun Exercises in Patience) - Low-cost GPU Rendering with Google Compute Engine.

Google Cloud Platform Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Kubernetes Dec. 17, 2018

Using Kubeflow for Financial Time Series: Part II — Leveraging GPUs on demand - Run a TF-job on a GPU to reduce training time.

GPU Official Blog Nov. 19, 2018

Google Cloud first to offer NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs - Alpha availability for the NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU which is optimized for machine learning (ML) inference, distributed training of models, and computer graphics.

GPU Oct. 29, 2018

Inference On GPUs At Scale With Nvidia TensorRT5 On Google Compute Engine - How to do an in inference at a big scale on GPUs with TensorRT5.

GPU Stackdriver Oct. 22, 2018

GPU Monitoring Agent For GCP StackDriver - Stack Driver Monitoring Agent that reports average GPU utilization and average memory GPU utilization.

GPU Machine Learning TPU Oct. 15, 2018

Google Colab provides free access to GPUs and TPUs. - Using Develop deep learning applications on this free GPU/TPU.

Compute Engine GPU Tutorial Sept. 17, 2018

Semi-Managed Jupyter Lab With Access To Google Cloud Resources - Setting Jupyter Lab on Google Compute Engine.

GPU Official Blog Sept. 3, 2018

Tesla V100 GPUs are now generally available - NVIDIA V100 graphics processing units (GPUs) with NVLink are general available.

Cloud ML GPU Aug. 27, 2018

Training Keras with GPUs & Serving Predictions with Cloud ML Engine

GPU Official Blog Aug. 13, 2018

Introducing NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs for accelerating virtual workstations and ML inference on Compute Engine - New addition to the GCP Platform with NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs for virtual workstations and ML inference on Compute Engine.

GPU Machine Learning Tutorial June 25, 2018

Complete Step by Step Guide of Keras Transfer Learning with GPU on Google Cloud Platform - Guide for Keras Transfer Learning with GPU on Google Cloud Platform.

GPU Official Blog June 18, 2018

Introducing improved pricing for Preemptible GPUs - Preemptible GPUs are generally available (with lower prices).

GPU TensorFlow June 18, 2018

Setting up Tensorflow and GPUs on Google Cloud Platform to run your neural network implementations - Step by step procedure on how to set up GPUs and Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform.

Compute Engine GPU TensorFlow June 4, 2018

Installing Tensorflow-GPU with NVIDIA CUDA on a Google Cloud Platform VM instance - Using Tensorflow-GPU and NVIDIA CUDA configured VM instance on Google Cloud Platform.

Compute Engine GPU TensorFlow June 4, 2018

Setting up a Google Cloud instance for Deep Learning - How to set-up a Google Cloud instance for Deep Learning.

GPU April 30, 2018

Setup Google Cloud Compute Instance with GPU - Setting up Google Compute Platform with a GPU.

GPU April 30, 2018

Quickly Install CUDA and cuDNN on Google Cloud Compute - Install NVIDIA CUDA and cuDNN onto a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance.

GPU TensorFlow Tutorial March 26, 2018

Automatic GPUs - Explore R / Python approach to getting up and running quickly on GCloud with GPUs in Tensorflow.

GPU March 26, 2018

GPC Podcast - #119 NVIDIA and Deep Learning Research with Bryan Catanzaro.

GPU Machine Learning Jan. 8, 2018

Introducing Preemptible GPUs: 50% Off - Beta release of Preemptible GPUs which are particularly good fit for large-scale machine learning and other computational batch workloads.

Beginner GPU Machine Learning Tutorial Jan. 8, 2018

Ultimate guide to setting up a Google Cloud machine for fast.ai version 2 - Guide to setting up a Google Cloud machine for fast.ai courses (Google Compute Engine with GPU).

Compute Engine GPU Nov. 27, 2017

New lower prices for GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs

Google Cloud Platform GPU Nov. 27, 2017

Introducing VRay GPU rendering and CaraVR support on Zync Render - In Zync Render platform now supports Vray GPU and Foundry’s VR toolset CaraVR.

Compute Engine GPU Sept. 25, 2017

Introducing faster GPUs for Google Compute Engine - New NVIDIA P100 GPUs are introduced as well as sustained discount for GPUs

Compute Engine GPU Python Sept. 18, 2017

Jupyter+Keras+ Nvidia Docker with GPU on Google Cloud in an instant - Kit to create an environment with Jupyter notebook, Keras and Nvidia docker with GPU on google cloud

GPU TensorFlow Aug. 20, 2017

Launch a GPU-backed Google Compute Engine instance and setup Tensorflow, Keras and Jupyter - Article goes through setting up GPUs on Compute Engine and use TensorFlow and Jupyter

Compute Engine GPU Aug. 7, 2017

Google Cloud Platform at SIGGRAPH 2017 - Related mostly to ZYNC Render Service

GPU TensorFlow July 24, 2017

Using a GPU & TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform - Tutorial about how to setup GPU instances and run on them Tensorflow models

Compute Engine GPU TensorFlow July 10, 2017

Jupyter + Tensorflow + Nvidia GPU + Docker + Google Compute Engine

Compute Engine Docker GPU TensorFlow June 12, 2017

Jupyter + Tensorflow + Nvidia GPU + Docker + Google Compute Engine - Running Jupiter notebooks with GPUs and Docker

GPU Machine Learning May 15, 2017

Announcing general availability of GPUs for Cloud Machine Learning Engine - For just 3 months GPUs are going from Beta to Generally Available

Compute Engine GPU May 8, 2017

GCP + GPUs + Kubernetes (and Tensorflow) - How to setup up Kubernetes GPU cluster with juju program on Google Cloud Platform

Business GPU May 8, 2017

Why cloud GPUs finally make sense - Shazam is company which creates application for music recognition and recently started using GPUs on Google Cloud Platform

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Official Blog

GPUs as a service with Kubernetes Engine are now generally available - General availability of GPUs in Google Kubernetes Engine.


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