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BigQuery IAM Recommender Security April 8, 2024

GCP Security — Finding Zero Trust Policy issues using IAM policy Recommander — Big Data Processing - Identifying security issues within GCP environment using Google Recommender and BigQuery.

Active Assist IAM Recommender Sept. 5, 2022

Personalized recommendations with customized recommender - Recommendations on Google Cloud are super useful and powerful, but sometimes to generic and not aligned with your use cases, up to now!

Billing Official Blog Recommender Security Aug. 9, 2021

Introducing Unattended Project Recommender: discover, reclaim, or deprecate abandoned projects under your organization - Save money and improve security by automating the discovery, management and reclamation of old projects with Unattended Project Recommender.

API Google Cloud Platform Python Recommender July 26, 2021

Retrieve recommendation details across all GCP Projects - Getting data from Recommender API.

Official Blog Recommender July 13, 2020

Introducing Active Assist: Reduce complexity, maximize your cloud ROI - Introducing Active Assist, a family of tools to help you easily optimize your Google Cloud environment.

Compute Engine DevOps Python Recommender Feb. 24, 2020

New ground — What about optimizing the size of machines? - Using Recommender API to get information about resizing Compute Engine instances.


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