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BigQuery Data Science Data Studio June 24, 2019

From College to the Pros with Google Cloud Platform (Part 1) - Getting together and analyzing NBA players stats.

BigQuery Data Studio May 20, 2019

Uber datasets in BigQuery: Driving times around SF (and your city too) - Using BigQuery GIS functions, partitioning, clustering, and BI Engine to create Interactive Data Studio dashboards to analyze Uber rides.

BigQuery Data Studio Google Cloud Dataflow Official Blog March 18, 2019

Let the queries begin: How we built our analytics pipeline for NCAA March Madness - Using GCP to create pipeline and do predictive analytics for NCAA games.

Data Studio Official Blog Feb. 4, 2019

Build a custom data viz with Data Studio community visualizations - The new Data Studio community visualizations feature, now in developer preview, allows you to design your own custom visualizations and components for Data Studio.

Data Studio Official Blog Jan. 28, 2019

Visualize 2030: meet the winners! - Winners for Visualize 2030, a data storytelling contest.

BigQuery Data Studio GCP Experience Dec. 17, 2018

Enabling data accessibility at 7-Eleven (with Data Studio and BigQuery) - Using BigQuery and Data Studio to visualize KPIs for retailer

BigQuery Data Studio Official Blog Dec. 17, 2018

Taking a practical approach to BigQuery cost monitoring - Data Studio dashboard which reports the daily BigQuery spending split by users at a particular organization.

Data Studio Dec. 10, 2018

Serverless Chrome automation with GCP - Using Puppeteer for Serverless Chrome automation to update charts in Data Studio.

Data Studio Dec. 10, 2018

Announcing Kaggle integration with Google Data Studio - Kaggle is officially integrated with Data Studio, so now it's possible to visualize Kaggle datasets in Data Studio

BigQuery Data Studio Dec. 10, 2018

Data Studio with BigQuery: 2018's best practices - Tips based on experience working with Data Studio and BigQuery

Data Studio Google Cloud Dataprep Official Blog Sept. 24, 2018

Unlock insights with ease: Data Studio and Cloud Dataprep are now generally available - General availability of both Google Data Studio, our free modern business intelligence product, and Cloud Dataprep, our fully-managed data preparation product.

Advanced BigQuery Data Studio Security Sept. 10, 2018

Share Data with Confidence: Cell-level Access Controls in BigQuery and Data Studio - Cell-level Access Controls in BigQuery and Data Studio.

Data Studio Sept. 10, 2018

Cloud OnAir: Connect and visualize all your data with Data Studio - How to connect and visualize data from any source in Data Studio by leveraging JavaScript.

BigQuery Data Studio Official Blog July 30, 2018

Bridging the gap between data and insights - Number of updates for BigQuery , Data Studio Explorer, Cloud Composer and Dataproc that will make data analytics easier.

BigQuery Data Studio July 2, 2018

The 2018 World Cup Visualized: All the Goals So Far - Visualization of goals from World Cup with BigQuery and Data Studio.

BigQuery Data Studio April 23, 2018

Harnessing the power of Phish.AI, PhishTank, Google Big Query and Google Data Studio to analyze Phishing Trends - Using Big Query and Google Data Studio to analyze Phishing Trends from PhishTank which is community website collecting phishing data.

BigQuery Data Studio April 16, 2018

BigQuery and Data Studio cost optimization - Cost optimization using Data Studio on BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio Jan. 29, 2018

The best code is no code! Using Google Cloud’s new automated services - Digesting and analyzing data from Internet Service Provider.

BigQuery Data Studio Tutorial Jan. 8, 2018

Analytics for RESTful interface - This article demonstrate an example project on how to track each request to our RESTful API, analyze and visualize the data in Googles DataStudio Reports.

Cloud Natural Language API Data Studio Tutorial Dec. 4, 2017

Analyzing text in a Google Sheet using Cloud Natural Language API and Apps Script - Article describes process of importing data into Google Sheets and using Apps Script and Cloud Natural API and visualize results in Data Studio.

BigQuery Data Studio Nov. 20, 2017

Monitor and manage your costs with Cloud Platform billing export to BigQuery - Article explains how to export billing data from Google Cloud Platform account to BigQuery and visualize in Data Studio

BigQuery Data Studio Google Cloud Storage Oct. 30, 2017

How I Created a Better Google Analytics in 3 Hours - Creating user website tracking analytics using Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Data Studio Firebase Google Cloud IoT IoT Oct. 23, 2017

Build a Weather Station using Google Cloud IoT Core and MongooseOS - Building end to end prototype of weather station using Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery Data Studio Aug. 7, 2017

The most famous reddit accounts (analyzed with BigQuery) - Analyzing Reddit content to get most influential Reddit users using BigQuery and displaying in Data Studio

BigQuery Data Studio June 4, 2017

Visualize GCP Billing using BigQuery and Data Studio - Creating detailed billing reports of Google Cloud Platform with Data Studio

BigQuery Data Studio May 29, 2017

Analyze your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bills w/Google BigQuery & Data Studio - Step by step tutorial about how to export billing data from AWS to GCP, load to BigQuery and display in Data Studio


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