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Cloud Functions PubSub May 10, 2021

Sending emails natively from Google Cloud Pub/Sub events - pubsub_sendmail is a Google Cloud Function that can be triggered by a Google Cloud Pub/Sub which then sends an email using Python smtplib to the desired recipient.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Functions PubSub Serverless Sept. 16, 2019

PubSub to BigTable — Piping your Data Stream in via GCP Cloud Functions - IoT pipeline using Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, and Bigtable.

AI Business Cloud Functions Cloud Natural Language API Data Loss Prevention API Dialogflow Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog PubSub Jan. 21, 2019

A simple blueprint for building AI-powered customer service on GCP - an overview of a simple solution blueprint that may inspire you to meet these objectives using GCP.

PubSub July 17, 2017

Switching from SQS to Google Pub/Sub - How to switch from AWS SQS to Pub/Sub

PubSub Stackdriver July 3, 2017

gSlack: Integrating Google Cloud Platform with Slack

Cloud Endpoints PubSub March 27, 2017

Securing Cloud PubSub Push with Cloud Endpoints - Example how to use Cloud Endpoints to verify API key from Pub/Sub (without writing code)

Big Data BigQuery PubSub March 6, 2017

Combining Thomson Reuters data with Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Pub/Sub API - Proof of concept to analyze data with BigQuery ingested from Reuters API


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