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AlloyDB Generative AI June 10, 2024

Building a Smart Retail Shopping Assistant PART 1 - A Deep Dive into Knowledge-Driven Conversational AI (Part 2 coming.

AlloyDB Machine Learning June 3, 2024

Hugging face and Open AI Models in AlloyDB Omni - In this post, I'll show you how to register AI models hosted by third-party providers, such as OpenAI and Hugging Face, in AlloyDB Omni. We'll cover the process of enabling the Secret Manager API, generating API keys, creating secrets in Google Secret Manager, and registering models using the google_ml extension. Examples of registering the OpenAI gpt-4o model and the Hugging Face Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.3 model are provided, along with sample queries to test the models.

AlloyDB Cloud SQL Private Service Connect May 20, 2024

Connect to Non-PSC AlloyDB or Non-PSC Cloud SQL from a different VPC - This blog dives into the world of private connectivity for AlloyDB, focusing on the benefits of Private Service Connect.

AlloyDB Gemini May 20, 2024

Gemma and Gemini-Pro AI Models in AlloyDB Omni - This blog post explains how to integrate AlloyDB Omni with Vertex AI and make predictions using Google Gemini.

AlloyDB Cloud SQL Databases Official Blog May 13, 2024

AlloyDB vs. self-managed PostgreSQL: a price-performance comparison

AlloyDB Generative AI Official Blog April 15, 2024

Natural language support in AlloyDB for building gen AI apps with real-time data

AlloyDB Official Blog April 15, 2024

Introducing ScaNN vector indexing in AlloyDB, bringing 12 years of Google research to speed up vector search

AlloyDB Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog April 15, 2024

What's new and what's next for Google Cloud databases

AlloyDB Go April 8, 2024

Using AlloyDB Go connector for automatic IAM authentication (service account) - This blog post walks you through the process of configuring your application and AlloyDB Instance to use AlloyDB Go connector so that your application can use a service account to connect to AlloyDB database.

AlloyDB Generative AI Machine Learning April 8, 2024

Making sense of Vector Search and Embeddings across GCP products - An overview of vector search and embedding through the GCP products.

AlloyDB Cloud Spanner Official Blog March 25, 2024

Choosing a suitable database for your startup: An overview of AlloyDB and Spanner

AlloyDB GCP Experience Official Blog March 18, 2024

AlloyDB fuels 50% faster margin calculations for Apex FinTech - Apex FinTech Solutions Inc. ("Apex") enables modern investing and wealth management tools through an ecosystem of frictionless platforms. To transform this traditionally on-premises process, the company migrated to AlloyDB for PostgreSQL to enable real-time decision-making and risk management for clients and investors.

AlloyDB Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Generative AI Official Blog March 11, 2024

Build supercharged gen AI applications with LangChain and Google Cloud databases

AlloyDB March 4, 2024

Connect AlloyDB to Oracle using Oracle FDW - Using Oracle FDW to query AlloyDB.

AlloyDB BigQuery Official Blog March 4, 2024

BigQuery and AlloyDB hit major milestone with AI-enabled updates - New AI-enabled product innovations for both BigQuery and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

AI AlloyDB Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog March 4, 2024

Google Cloud databases stand ready to power your gen AI apps with new capabilities - Recent AI improvements for GCP databases.

AlloyDB Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Official Blog Feb. 19, 2024

Scaling Character.AI: How AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and Spanner met their growing needs - Character.AI relies on Google Cloud's portfolio of managed databases, including AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and Spanner, as a solid foundation for its platform, providing reliability, scalability, and price performance for its workloads, from engagement and operations to AI and analytics.

AlloyDB Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore Cloud Memorystore Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Database Migration Service Official Blog Feb. 5, 2024

Google Cloud databases round-up: January 2024 - The latest feature releases and innovations within GCP database offerings.

AlloyDB Official Blog Vertex AI Jan. 22, 2024

AlloyDB AI powers gen AI applications with seamless Vertex AI integration - You can enable AlloyDB access to Vertex AI with AlloyDB AI using the google_ml_integration extension, which allows you to run predictions with your data in AlloyDB using custom models in Vertex AI or models from Model Garden.

AlloyDB LLM Official Blog Translation API Jan. 22, 2024

How to create a multilingual chatbot that queries AlloyDB with Langchain, Streamlit, LLMs, and Google Translate

AlloyDB Cloud SQL Jan. 8, 2024

Replication of Data from Oracle database to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL or AlloyDB - Replicating data from Oracle to Cloud SQL or AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Nov. 13, 2023

Core RAG Architecture with AlloyDB AI - Retrieval Augmented Generation Architecture and Implementation Example.

AlloyDB Official Blog Oct. 30, 2023

Understanding Alloy DB connectors - AlloyDB connectors provide an automated mTLS connection with Cloud IAM integration for your application and they are available in library and binary form.

AlloyDB Billing Official Blog Oct. 30, 2023

Save up to 52 percent on your database compute costs with AlloyDB committed use discounts - By committing to a consistent amount of compute usage for a one- or three-year period, you can get deep discounts: a 25% discount for a one-year commitment and a 52% discount for a three-year commitment.

AlloyDB Official Blog Oct. 16, 2023

The power of AlloyDB AI in AlloyDB Omni - GenAI capabilities help you expand descriptions, generate code, answer questions or summarize text, inside of your database.

AlloyDB Official Blog Oct. 16, 2023

AlloyDB Omni, the downloadable edition of AlloyDB, is now generally available - AlloyDB Omni, the Downloadable Edition of AlloyDB, is now generally available and includes AlloyDB AI, new pricing, and the Kubernetes operator.

AlloyDB BigQuery Oct. 2, 2023

Compare Analytical Queries Performance of AlloyDB with BigQuery - This experiment focuses on an analytical query performance comparison between AlloyDB and BigQuery.

AlloyDB GCP Experience Official Blog Oct. 2, 2023

FLUIDEFI nets 3X gains in processing speed with AlloyDB to address DeFi industry challenges

AlloyDB Official Blog Sept. 25, 2023

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL under the hood: adaptive autovacuum - Adaptive autovacuum feature that is available with AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Generative AI Sept. 4, 2023

Powering Q&A Chatbots with AlloyDB and GenAI Models - This blog post shows how to use AlloyDB’s pgvector extension to store vector embeddings of a PDF file into AlloyDB for PostgreSQL and also will create a small Q&A chatbot on top of it.

AlloyDB Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Duet AI Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

What’s new and what’s next with Google Cloud databases - Announcing a series of new features and capabilities to help organizations innovate faster with Google Cloud databases.

AlloyDB Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

Announcing AlloyDB AI for building generative AI applications with PostgreSQL - Announcing a series of new features and capabilities to help developers build enterprise generative AI apps with Google Cloud PostgreSQL databases.

AlloyDB Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

Build new gen AI capabilities with AlloyDB Omni, now in preview - The public preview of AlloyDB Omni includes AlloyDB AI, adds compatibility with PostgreSQL 15, and several management enhancements.

AlloyDB July 24, 2023

Verify Columnar Engine Usage with AlloyDB Operational Views - A closer look at Views associated with Columnar Engine.

AlloyDB Database Migration Service Official Blog July 3, 2023

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL with Database Migration Service is now Generally Available - The Database Migration Service for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is now GA, and makes it easy to move from on- prem, self-managed and cloud databases.

AlloyDB Migration June 19, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing with AlloyDB Omni - Step by step tutorial to migrate from Postgres to AlloyDB Omni, an HTAP database.

AlloyDB Official Blog June 19, 2023

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL under the hood: Business continuity - Built on Google Cloud's highly available and reliable infrastructure, AlloyDB makes it easy to recover from database disruptions and outages.

AlloyDB BigQuery Cloud SQL June 12, 2023

Enable Federated Access to AlloyDB Columnar from BigQuery. - This blog post explains how to enable querying columnar store data on AlloyDB from BigQuery.

AlloyDB June 12, 2023

Essential SQL for exploring AlloyDB Columnar Engine. - Sharing the SQL script frequently used in work with AlloyDB, specifically leveraging its Columnar engine.

AlloyDB Official Blog May 29, 2023

Benchmarking for AlloyDB and how to do it - Potential approaches for benchmarking AlloyDB deployments and factors to consider.

AlloyDB Official Blog April 17, 2023

Overview of the AlloyDB Index Advisor feature and how to use it - AlloyDB has built-in, managed database features that recommends Indexes to improve database query performance.

AlloyDB Cloud Functions April 10, 2023

Connect to AlloyDB for PostgreSQL using Cloud Functions - This blog post explains how to connect to AlloyDB using Cloud Functions.

AlloyDB Official Blog April 3, 2023

Accelerate database modernization with Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB validated partners - Google Cloud announces the public launch of Google Cloud Ready - AlloyDB, to help customers discover trusted partner products that work well with AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Official Blog April 3, 2023

How do I start using AlloyDB Omni? - How and why should you care about our new run-anywhere product, AlloyDB Omni and how it’s different from Cloud AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Official Blog April 3, 2023

Run AlloyDB anywhere - in your data center, your laptop, or in any cloud - Today, we’re excited to announce the technology preview of AlloyDB Omni, a downloadable edition of AlloyDB designed to run on premises, at the edge, across clouds, or even on developer laptops.

AlloyDB Cloud SQL Official Blog April 3, 2023

Process to drop partitions concurrently within PostgreSQL (Cloud SQL or AlloyDB) - Automating partition management and maintenance, for efficient data management within PostgreSQL in Cloud SQL and AlloyDB.

AlloyDB March 20, 2023

AlloyDB’s Columnar Store : How to Preserve it During Failovers and Restarts. - Adopting Columnar Store involves identifying columns to be added, refreshing them and preserving them during restarts, failover or promote.

AlloyDB Official Blog March 6, 2023

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL goes global with sixteen new regions - AlloyDB for PostgreSQL is now available in 16 new regions across the globe, bringing the total to 22.

AlloyDB Dec. 19, 2022

Migration from Oracle to AlloyDB made easy - This article explains the process, challenges, and benefits of migrating an Oracle database to AlloyDB with minimal to near-zero downtime.

AlloyDB Data Analytics Infrastructure Official Blog Dec. 19, 2022

Announcing the General Availability of AlloyDB for PostgreSQL - Migrate and modernize legacy databases with AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, a PostgreSQL-compatible database for demanding enterprise database workloads.

AlloyDB Nov. 7, 2022

Index Recommender Extension on AlloyDB for PostgreSQL - Using google_db_advisor extension in AlloyDB to get recommendation on creating indexes.

AlloyDB Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog Oct. 17, 2022

What's new in Google Cloud databases: More unified. More open. More intelligent. - Google Cloud databases deliver an integrated experience, support legacy migrations, leverage AI and ML and provide developers world class tools.

AlloyDB Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Sept. 19, 2022

PostgreSQL on Google Cloud — AlloyDB, Cloud SQL, or Cloud Spanner - AlloyDB, Cloud SQL, or Cloud Spanner — what would meet your needs?

AlloyDB Official Blog Sept. 19, 2022

Latest database innovations for transforming the customer experience - Google Cloud adds Spanner free trial instances and fine-grained access control, Datastream for BigQuery and PostgreSQL, database migrations to AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Database Migration Service Official Blog Sept. 19, 2022

Migrate your most demanding enterprise PostgreSQL databases to AlloyDB for PostgreSQL with Database Migration Service - Database migration service now supports easy-to-use, secure, and serverless migration to AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

AlloyDB July 25, 2022

Access Google’s AlloyDB with pgAmdin, psql, and pgbench from a private IP - A walk through the steps to set up an AlloyDB cluster and access the Postgres database from a GCE instance with a private IP.

AlloyDB June 6, 2022

Connecting to AlloyDB from your Local - Using alloydb-auth-proxy to connect from the local computer to AlloyDB.

AlloyDB Official Blog May 30, 2022

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL under the hood: Columnar engine - In this technical deep dive, we take a look at the columnar engine that delivers industry leading query performance for AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

AlloyDB Official Blog May 16, 2022

Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL: Free yourself from expensive, legacy databases - AlloyDB for PostgreSQL combines the best of Google with full PostgreSQL compatibility to achieve superior performance, availability, and scale.

AlloyDB Official Blog May 16, 2022

AlloyDB for PostgreSQL under the hood: Intelligent, database-aware storage - In this technical deep dive, we take a look at the intelligent, scalable storage system that powers AlloyDB for PostgreSQL.

AlloyDB May 16, 2022

First Look at AlloyDB for PostgresSQL - An overview of the most important things regarding AlloyDB.


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