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Billing March 16, 2020

Managing Billing Permissions in Google Cloud - The article goes through basic steps to set up a billing account, permissions, etc.

Billing Cloud Resource Manager IAM March 9, 2020

Google Cloud Tips and Tricks: Understanding the Resource Hierarchy - Overview of Resources Hierarchy with tips and tricks to use more efficiently.

Billing Google Cloud Platform March 2, 2020

4 Ways to Get Google Cloud Credits - Learn how to get started on Google’s Cloud Platform for free.

Billing Networking Official Blog Dec. 9, 2019

Networking cost optimization best practices: an overview - An overview of how to manage Google Cloud networking costs.

Billing Google Compute Engine Dec. 9, 2019

GCP announces - No more free external IPs. Estimate your future costs. - A script to calculate the total price for external IPv4 addresses based on pricing from January 1st, 2020.

Billing Nov. 25, 2019

Inside your cloud bill: where is the money going? - Getting billing info for GCP project.

AWS Billing Oct. 14, 2019

AWS vs Google Cloud Pricing — A Comprehensive Look - Comparison of AWS and GCP pricing.

BigQuery Billing Sept. 30, 2019

Snitching on expensive Google BigQuery queries - A simple tool that checks and alerts if some BigQuery query passes a certain threshold in terms of cost.

Billing Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Sept. 16, 2019

Mistake that cost thousands (Kubernetes, GKE) - How used instance type in Google Kubernetes Engine cluster affects billing.

Billing Google App Engine Sept. 16, 2019

Optimizing your App Engine instances for maximum throughput - How some tweaks helped to cut down over 40% of App Engine costs.

Billing Official Blog Aug. 19, 2019

Shining a light on your costs: New billing features from Google Cloud - Cloud cost management gets easier with new billing features from Google Cloud, including improved visibility, flexibility, and data export.

Billing Aug. 19, 2019

How to become a Cloud cost-control guru on GCP - Cloud computing costs are difficult to grasp. Most of us have just given up on trying to understand clearly where all the cost figures on…

Billing Google Compute Engine Official Blog June 10, 2019

More choice, less complexity: New Compute Engine pricing options on tap - Compute Engine committed use discounts now apply to many more resources, and you can make capacity reservations in anticipation of spikes in demand.

Billing March 25, 2019

Setting Budget and Alerts for your Google Cloud project - The article explains budget alerts and how to set them.

BigQuery Billing March 18, 2019

Reconcile Your Monthly GCP Invoice with BigQuery Billing Export - Getting correct billing information from billing exports to BigQuery.

Billing Google Compute Engine Feb. 18, 2019

How to Analyze Google Cloud Committed Use Discounts - Google Cloud Committed Use discount program for customers that are willing to “commit” to a certain level of usage of the GCP Compute Engine.

Billing Kubernetes Feb. 4, 2019

Better Cost Control in Kubernetes - Optimisation of deployments, and reviewing costs to ensure that we have well optimised usage of resources in Kubernetes.

Billing Google Kubernetes Engine Jan. 7, 2019

Cutting costs on Kubernetes Cluster (GKE)— Concepts Applied - Using Preemtible VMs on GKE to reduce costs.

Billing Dec. 17, 2018

Cost Management - Collection of tools for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your costs.

Billing Google Cloud Functions Dec. 3, 2018

Capping costs on GCP for many projects with a budget for many months - Tracking billing info for project.

Billing Oct. 29, 2018

Getting Started on GCP: Billing Accounts - Understand Billing Accounts on Google Cloud Platform.

Billing Official Blog Oct. 8, 2018

Whitepaper: The guide to financial governance in the cloud - Importance of financial governance controls and the role these controls play in increasing the predictability of cloud costs.

Billing July 16, 2018

Predict your future costs with Google Cloud Billing cost forecast - Availability of a new cost forecast feature for Google Cloud Billing to know costs trends and how much you are projected to spend.

Billing July 16, 2018

Breaking down Google Cloud costs by location (or anything else!) - Article explains tools to use to label GCP resources so their use can be collected and visualised.

Billing July 2, 2018

Google Cloud Platform Cross Org Billing - How to use same billing account across multiple organizations.


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