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BigQuery Visualization March 29, 2021

Dekart - open-source data visualization and analytical tool - Dekart is an open-source analytical tool for large scale geo-spatial data. Dekart is based on Kepler.gl visualization and supports BigQuery as a data source.

Apache Beam Cloud Bigtable Monitoring Visualization May 11, 2020

Using Bigtable’s monitoring tools, meant for a petabyte-scale database, to… make art - Loading in 10TB and performing millions of queries to generate futuristic interpretations of classic masterpieces.

Data Studio Public Datasets Visualization May 11, 2020

Displaying BigQuery results on Google Maps using Data Studio - Using a Google Maps support in Data Studio to visualize COVID 19 mobility.

BigQuery Data Analytics Data Studio Firebase Visualization May 11, 2020

How to make fast and convenient visualization in Data Studio based on BigQuery - Visualizing data in BigQuery from a Firebase app in Data Studio.

Cloud Dataproc Visualization May 4, 2020

Connecting your Visualization Software to Hadoop on Google Cloud - The article explains how to set up architecture for visualization with Hadoop ecosystem on GCP.

Cloud Dataproc Visualization May 4, 2020

Connecting your Visualization Software to Hadoop on Google Cloud - In part 2, steps to set up an environment that will hold data for visualization are explained.

BigQuery Data Science Data Studio Visualization April 27, 2020

Empowering Apple Mobility Trends Reports with BigQuery and Data Studio - Analyzing Apple's mobility data using BigQuery and Data Studio.

BigQuery Data Studio Visualization April 6, 2020

3 Ways to add Annotations to Data Studio time series chart - Learn to add annotations by using either a calculated field, or a CSV, or reusing a Google Sheet for annotating across multiple reports.

BigQuery Data Analytics Visualization April 6, 2020

Building a Custom Jira Reporting Solution with BigQuery, Stitch & Tableau - Using BigQuery as a data lake for Jira data and a source for visualization.

BigQuery Data Studio GIS Machine Learning Public Datasets Visualization April 6, 2020

Analyzing COVID-19 with BigQuery - Exploring, visualizing and predicting COVID-19 data using BigQuery.


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