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Compute Engine NoSQL April 1, 2024

New Google Cloud Z3 Instances: Early Performance Benchmarks on ScyllaDB Show up to 24% Better Throughput - ScyllaDB had the privilege of testing Google Cloud’s brand new Z3 GCE instances in an early preview. It was observed a 23% increase in write throughput, 24% for mixed workloads, and 14% for reads per vCPU — all at a lower cost compared to N2.

Application Integration NoSQL Official Blog Partners March 25, 2024

Leveraging Couchbase connector and Application Integration in the Google ecosystem - Application Integration now supports Couchbase connector, to empower users to efficiently manage Couchbase NoSQL databases within their integration flows.

Cloud Firestore NoSQL Feb. 19, 2024

Firestore: From Zero To Interview Hero - An overview of Cloud Firestore.

Cloud Dataflow NoSQL Official Blog Partners Jan. 15, 2024

How the new Google Cloud to Neo4j Dataflow template streamlines data movement - In this blog post, we discuss how the Google Cloud to Neo4j template can help data engineers and data scientists who need to streamline the movement of data from Google Cloud to Neo4j database, to enable enhanced data exploration and analysis with the Neo4j database.

Cloud Bigtable GCP Experience NoSQL Official Blog Dec. 25, 2023

Migrating from Cassandra to Bigtable at Latin America’s largest streaming service - Today we hear from Grupo Globo, the largest media group in Latin America, which operates the Globoplay streaming service. This post outlines their migration from Apache Cassandra to Bigtable and learnings along the way.

Compute Engine NoSQL Dec. 3, 2023

Saving costs while improving KPIs with AMD EPYC - Improving Redis cluster performance and cost savings.

BigQuery Looker NoSQL Oct. 30, 2023

iGEM, GCP, and Neo4j: Where Synthetic Biology Meets Artificial Intelligence - Reorganize the iGEM Parts Registry for synthetic biologists.

Application Integration NoSQL Official Blog Partners Oct. 16, 2023

How to use the MongoDB connector with Application Integration - Using MongoDB Atlas as your core operational database with Application Integration can help your organization automate business processes.

AI NoSQL Official Blog July 31, 2023

Build intelligent applications with Neo4j Knowledge Graphs and Google Cloud generative AI - Augment generative AI with Knowledge Graphs for more precise generation of content and recommendations.

BigQuery NoSQL Official Blog July 3, 2023

Introducing the Hive-BigQuery open-source Connector - With the open-source Hive-BigQuery Connector, you now can let Apache Hive workloads read and write to BigQuery and BigLake tables.

Cloud Run GitHub NoSQL Python June 19, 2023

Creating a Scalable Flask App with HarperDB and Deploying on Google Cloud: A Step-by-Step Guide - In this step-by-step guide, that goes through the process of creating a Flask app with HarperDB as the backend database and deploying it on the Cloud Run via CI/CDD pipeline with GitHub Actions.

Data Analytics NoSQL Official Blog May 29, 2023

Streaming graph data with Confluent Cloud and Neo4j on Google Cloud - Enrich your graph data on Google Cloud and keep it up to date in real time using Confluent Cloud and Neo4j.

NoSQL Official Blog May 15, 2023

Choosing the right MongoDB type on Google Cloud - Learn how to choose between MongoDB Atlas or MongoDB Community Edition on Google Cloud to ensure you get the right database for your needs.

Cloud Functions NoSQL Official Blog April 17, 2023

Best practices and a tutorial for using Google Cloud Functions with MongoDB Atlas

NoSQL April 3, 2023

Firestore: A Powerful NoSQL Database for Your App - Mastering Firestore: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices.

Business NoSQL Official Blog March 13, 2023

Google Cloud and MongoDB expand partnership to support startups - Google Cloud and MongoDB have expanded their partnership to support high-potential startups through their startup programs.

Data Analytics NoSQL Official Blog March 13, 2023

Enriching Knowledge Graphs in Neo4j with Google Enterprise Knowledge Graph - Neo4j delivers a graph data platform. Google Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a knowledge store. Learn how they differ from and complement one another.

Business NoSQL Official Blog March 13, 2023

Accelerating the MongoDB-Google Cloud partnership to make data more open and transformative - Google Cloud and MongoDB are accelerating their partnership to support increased adoption of MongoDB Atlas.

Infrastructure NoSQL Official Blog Feb. 6, 2023

Scaling Microservices Applications: From Open Source to Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud - Scale your microservices application from open source to Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud to achieve scalability and high availability.

NoSQL Official Blog Serverless Jan. 9, 2023

Redis Enterprise & Google Cloud maximize omnichannel conversion rates

Cloud Firestore NoSQL Dec. 19, 2022

The quest to tame Firestore - Should you choose Firestore as your NoSQL Database?

NoSQL Official Blog Dec. 19, 2022

Power Matchmaking with Redis Enterprise via Google Cloud Marketplace - This blog post shows the benefits of using Redis Enterprise to back the data layer of Open Match.

BigQuery Machine Learning NoSQL Official Blog Vertex AI Dec. 5, 2022

Movie Score Prediction with BigQuery, Vertex AI and MongoDB Atlas - We're using BigQuery, Vertex AI, and MongoDB Atlas to predict a categorical variable using a Supervised Machine Learning Model created with AutoML.

Apigee NoSQL Official Blog Nov. 14, 2022

Announcing MongoDB connector for Apigee Integration - Easily connect your data and applications using the MongoDB Connector for Apigee Integration.

NoSQL Official Blog Prometheus Nov. 7, 2022

Databases on Google Cloud Part 7: Managed Service for Prometheus, Serverless MongoDB Atlas and the Finale - In this blog, you will read about an assortment of some of my favorite Google Cloud Database, Storage features and other related services.

Cloud Run NoSQL Official Blog Serverless Terraform Oct. 17, 2022

Save time deploying web applications using MongoDB and Cloud Run - Using Google-provided Terraform scripts, automatically deploy a preconfigured Cloud Run container and managed MongoDB Atlas database instance.

Cloud Run NoSQL Official Blog Terraform Oct. 17, 2022

Easy Deployment of MEAN stack w/ MongoDB Atlas, Cloud Run, and HashiCorp Terraform - See how Google Cloud and MongoDB are making it easier to deploy MEAN stack applications in a fully serverless way.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics NoSQL Official Blog Oct. 3, 2022

A data pipeline for MongoDB Atlas and BigQuery using Dataflow - Optimize moving and transforming data between MongoDB Atlas and BigQuery using Dataflow templates.

Apigee NoSQL Official Blog April 25, 2022

Extend your data to new uses with MongoDB and Apigee - MongoDB and Apigee together accelerate your transformation journey, get more value out of enterprise data, and unlock innovative use cases.

NoSQL Official Blog April 25, 2022

Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas expand their partnership - New integrations with Google Cloud will simplify discoverability, subscription, onboarding, and management of MongoDB Atlas when running on Google Cloud.

NoSQL April 18, 2022

MongoDB Announces a Pay-As-You-Go Offering on Google Cloud - With this new pay-as-you-go MongoDB Atlas offering, customers only pay for the resources they use and can scale based on their needs, with no up-front commitments while using their Google accounts.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL Official Blog April 11, 2022

How to migrate from Apache HBase to Cloud Bigtable with Live Migrations - Making it easier to migrate from HBase to Bigtable—a fully managed service that is compatible with the open source HBase API.

Cloud DNS Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes NoSQL April 4, 2022

Set up Multi-Datacenter Cassandra Clusters in GKE with K8ssandra and Cloud DNS - Step by step setup of a multi-data center Cassandra cluster working on Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions using GKE and Cloud DNS instead of hardcoded IPs for higher scalability and ease-of-use.

NoSQL Official Blog Feb. 21, 2022

Data modernization with Google Cloud and MongoDB Atlas - Why MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud can be considered a modern database, it also provides common use cases and reference architectures for different scenarios.

Firebase NoSQL Nov. 29, 2021

Export CSV from Firebase Firestore without Code - Using Firefoo, a Firebase GUI to export Firestore collections.

DevOps NoSQL Official Blog SRE Nov. 29, 2021

Empowering DevOps to foster customer loyalty in modern retail with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud - MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud can enhance DevOps performance in today’s retail market.

NoSQL Official Blog Nov. 22, 2021

Resolving 3 financial services challenges with Neo4j Aura on Google Cloud - Google Cloud and Neo4j explore how to solve top financial services challenges with graph data in the cloud.

Anthos NoSQL Official Blog Oct. 11, 2021

Apache Cassandra on Anthos: Scaling applications for a global market - With Apache Cassandra on Anthos, users can experience higher efficiency and better quality in their cloud native hybrid applications.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL Official Blog Oct. 4, 2021

Migrating table schemas from Apache HBase to Cloud Bigtable - Cloud Bigtable Schema Translation Tool: A new tool to seamlessly create new tables in Cloud Bigtable from an existing Apache HBase table’s schema.

Cloud Bigtable GCP Experience NoSQL Sept. 27, 2021

Zero Downtime Migration from HBase to Bigtable - Box's experience of migrating 200 billion keys / 80TB data from HBase to Bigtable.

NoSQL Aug. 16, 2021

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Scylla Cloud - Step-by-step into what it takes to get your Scylla Cloud cluster up and running quickly.

NoSQL Aug. 9, 2021

ScyllaDB Brings Scylla Cloud to Google Cloud - General availability of Scylla Cloud on Google Cloud.

Datastream NoSQL Official Blog June 28, 2021

Streamline your real-time data pipeline with Datastream and MongoDB - Continually stream data from legacy relational data stores into MongoDB Atlas with Google Cloud Datastream.

Cloud Functions Javascript NoSQL Serverless June 22, 2021

Serverless Redis on Google Cloud Functions - This tutorial shows how to build a Serverless API with Redis on Google Cloud Functions.

GCP Experience Kubernetes NoSQL Storage May 24, 2021

Organizing the migration of a hundred databases to the cloud - A story of a migration process of various on-premise databases to the Google Cloud.

Cloud Firestore Cloud SQL NoSQL April 25, 2021

To normalize or to denormalize, that is the question - Discussion on when to use data denormalization in Firestore (NoSQL) and when not.

Anthos NoSQL Official Blog April 25, 2021

New Redis Enterprise for Anthos and GKE - Redis Enterprise is now available for GKE and Anthos from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL March 29, 2021

Cloud Bigtable: What Is It And Why Might We Need It One Day? - Cloud Bigtable overview.

Business NoSQL Official Blog March 1, 2021

MongoDB and Google Extend Partnership To Drive Enterprise Cloud Modernization - MongoDB and Google Partner To Drive Enterprise Cloud Modernization.

Cloud Firestore Firebase NoSQL Feb. 22, 2021

How to count documents in Firestore - A list, categorization, and evaluation of the multiple ways to count documents in the NoSQL Firestore database.

NoSQL Dec. 7, 2020

How to run InfluxDB on Google Cloud - Intro for InfluxDB on GCP.

Cloud Functions Javascript Networking NoSQL VPC Nov. 9, 2020

Connecting Google Cloud Functions With MongoDB Atlas - Connect your serverless architecture on GCP using Cloud Functions to your MongoDB Atlas database using network peering and private clouds.

Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub NoSQL Nov. 2, 2020

Neo4j Aura & PubSub on Google Cloud: Image Annotation - Neo4j Aura + Google Cloud integration example that does automatic image annotation to graphs.

Ansible NoSQL Terraform Tutorial Sept. 28, 2020

Create a MongoDB cluster in 2 command lines (with GCP + Terraform + Ansible) - This is a tutorial to create a MongoDB cluster on GCP using Terraform and Ansible in 2 command lines.

NoSQL Terraform July 27, 2020

Automate Elasticsearch deployment in GCP with Terraform - Setting up your Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash (ELK) environment in one command.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL July 13, 2020

Getting Started with Bigtable on GCP - An overview of Bigtable.

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL July 6, 2020

BigTable — Almost All You Need to Know - An overview of Cloud Bigtable. covering internal design, performance, tips for schema design etc.

NoSQL Terraform July 3, 2020

How to Deploy MongoDB Atlas on GCP using Terraform - Deploying MongoDB Atlas with Terraform on Google Cloud.

Cloud Datastore Cloud Firestore Go NoSQL June 1, 2020

Firestore/Datastore: unlocked the query filter capabilities in Go - Go library for enhancing Firestore and Datastore query capabilities.

Cloud Memorystore NoSQL Official Blog June 1, 2020

Performance tuning best practices for Memorystore for Redis - Benchmark the performance of Memorystore for Redis to optimize those workloads running on Google Cloud.

NoSQL Official Blog May 18, 2020

DataStax brings Apache Cassandra as a service to Google Cloud - Open source database Apache Cassandra is now available as a service on Google Cloud for massive scalability.

BigQuery NoSQL April 13, 2020

Migrating Hive ACID tables to BigQuery - This blog post explores the impact the Hive transactional tables have on the migration process to BigQuery and identifies the steps to take to avoid them.

IoT NoSQL April 6, 2020

GridDB Achieves 5 Million Writes Per Second & 60 Million Reads Per Second with only 20 Nodes on Google Cloud - In the article is described setup with which it was able to achieve 5 million writes per second & 60 million reads per second with only 20 GridDB nodes on Google Cloud. GridDB is a Open Source Time Series Database for IoT.

AWS Cloud Dataproc GCP Experience NoSQL Python March 9, 2020

Cross-Cloud HBase/Phoenix Data Migration - Using Cloud Dataproc to run Spark job which migrates data from AWS to GCP.

Java NoSQL Aug. 26, 2019

How to deploy Cassandra and connect on Google Cloud Platform with a few clicks - Learn how to set up a Cassandra cluster, SSH into it, and then connect using the Datastax Java client driver of your choice.

NoSQL Official Blog July 22, 2019

Keep calm and query on: Running your databases in GCP - Recent solution papers regarding running databases on GCP.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL July 1, 2019

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 1) - The article goes through the process of migrating from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL July 1, 2019

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 2) - Second article related to migration from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner

Cloud Run NoSQL Tutorial June 10, 2019

Secure GraphQL APIs in minutes with Google Cloud Run and GRAND Stack - Tutorial on the usage of Cloud Run to host Apollo/GraphQL back-ends running on top of Neo4j.

NoSQL May 6, 2019

GCP Podcast - #175 MongoDB with Andrew Davidson

Cloud Bigtable NoSQL May 6, 2019

One (new) thing you need to know about Google Cloud Bigtable - Comparison and benchmarking of ScyllaDB and Cloud Bigtable

NoSQL Official Blog April 22, 2019

Deploy and run the Couchbase database on Kubernetes through the GCP Marketplace - It's possible now to deploy Couchbase on GKE quickly through the GCP Marketplace for Kubernetes.

Compute Engine NoSQL April 15, 2019

Measuring vertical scalability for time series databases in Google Cloud - Testing vertical scalability for 3 time series databases on Google Compute Engine,

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore NoSQL Official Blog March 18, 2019

Google Cloud named a leader in the Forrester Wave: Big Data NoSQL - Forrester has named Google Cloud as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019.

NoSQL Stackdriver March 18, 2019

Configuring Stackdriver Logging for Neo4j VMs on GCP - Article describes how to send logs from Neo4j to Strandriver.

NoSQL Official Blog March 4, 2019

Running Redis on GCP: four deployment scenarios - Article describes major deployment scenarios of Redis on GCP.

NoSQL Feb. 25, 2019

How to Automate Neo4j Deploys on Google Cloud Platform - Different was to deploy Neo4j on GCP.

BigQuery NoSQL Jan. 14, 2019

Using MongoDB Change Streams to replicate data into BigQuery - Learnings and challenges faced while building a MongoDD to BigQuery data pipeline.

Compute Engine NoSQL Nov. 19, 2018

Auto-healing MongoDB replication with Terraform - How to provision MongoDB replica set on GCP compute engine using Terraform that will be capable of self-healing in case of node failure.

NodeJS NoSQL Official Blog Oct. 8, 2018

Build it like you MEAN it with MongoDB Atlas on GCP - Developing apps in MEAN stack and deploying to GCP.

Cloud SQL NoSQL Sept. 24, 2018

How to migrate PostgreSQL databases to Google Cloud SQL? - Migration guide for PostgreSQL databases to Google Cloud SQL.

Kubernetes NoSQL Aug. 20, 2018

Scaling MongoDB on Kubernetes - Running and scaling a MongoDB cluster on Kubernetes.

Kubernetes NoSQL Aug. 6, 2018

Launching Neo4j on Google’s Kubernetes Marketplace - Running Cypher in Neo4j inside of a Kubernetes cluster.

NoSQL July 2, 2018

Announcing MongoDB Atlas free tier on GCP - MongoDB Atlas free tier allows developers a no-cost sandbox environment for MongoDB Atlas on GCP.

Google Kubernetes Engine NoSQL May 21, 2018

Tutorial: Running Infinispan Cluster in Kubernetes - Running Infinispan Cluster in Kubernetes. Infinispan is a distributed in-memory key/value data store.

BigQuery NoSQL Official Blog Stackdriver May 14, 2018

Transform publicly available BigQuery data and Stackdriver logs into graph databases with Neo4j - GCP announced availability of Neo4j Enterprise VM solution and Test Drive on Google Cloud. Launcher.

NoSQL May 7, 2018

All You Need to Know About MongoDB on Google Cloud - MongoDB deployment on Google Cloud.

Kubernetes NoSQL April 9, 2018

Modern Distributed Application Deployment with Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas - MongoDB Atlas and Kubernetes can be leveraged together to simplify the process of deploying and managing applications and their underlying dependencies.

Cloud Marketplace NoSQL March 26, 2018

Expanding MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP - Google and MongoDB have expanded the availability of MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Platform, making it available across most GCP regions as well as on Cloud Launcher.

Cloud Functions NoSQL Feb. 12, 2018

Capturing and Integrating Service Data with Google Cloud Functions and Neo4j - Utilize webhooks provided by services to Capture and Integrate with Google Cloud Functions and Neo4j

Google Kubernetes Engine NoSQL Tutorial Feb. 5, 2018

Running Neo4j with Hosted Kubernetes in Google Cloud - Guide to utilize hosted Kubernetes engine to set up a kubernetes cluster and run Neo4j on it.

NoSQL Jan. 15, 2018

New to MongoDB Atlas: Availability across all Google Cloud Platform regions - Launch of MongoDB Atlas (cluod-hosted MongoDB service) across all Google Cloud Platform regions.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes NoSQL Tutorial Jan. 8, 2018

Sharded Mongodb in Kubernetes StatefulSets on GKE - This blog post demonstrates the setup of Sharded MongoDB Cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Kubernetes NoSQL Jan. 8, 2018

MGOB — A MongoDB backup agent for Kubernetes - This post explains features and use of MGOB (open source MongoDB backup automation tool) on Google Kubernetes Engine

Firebase NoSQL Oct. 9, 2017

Introducing Cloud Firestore: Our New Document Database for Apps - What you get when you mix Cloud Datastore and Realtime Firebase? Cloud Firebase!!!

NoSQL July 31, 2017

How Seenit uses Google Cloud Platform and Couchbase to power our video collaboration platform - Seenit, video colaboration tool is using Couchbase on Google Cloud Platform to store data for Full Text Search and Machine Learning

Kubernetes NoSQL

How to Restore Neo4j Backups on Kubernetes and GKE - Article describes how to Backup Neo4j Running in Kubernetes.


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