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BigQuery Data Science Machine Learning Public Datasets July 13, 2020

Stack Overflow in 2023: Predicting with ARIMA and BigQuery - Predicting the top Stack Overflow tags with ARIMA model in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio Public Datasets Tutorial July 13, 2020

Creating a Covid-19 Dashboard with Google Open Dataset, BigQuery and DataStudio - A tutorial on how to create a dashboard in Data Studio for COVID-19 stats based on BigQuery public datasets.

Knative Public Datasets June 22, 2020

Daily COVID-19 cases notification Pipeline with Knative Eventing, BigQuery, Matplotlib and SendGrid - Pipeline for generating daily Covid-19 charts and sending email using Knative.

BigQuery GIS Public Datasets June 22, 2020

Creating an Enhanced NYT COVID-19 Data Set - Adding Demographic, Electoral, and Mobility Information in BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Science Public Datasets June 15, 2020

Intro to BigQuery and its Free Data Sets - A quick introduction on how to access and query Google’s BigQuery using their free public datasets.

Data Studio Public Datasets Visualization May 11, 2020

Displaying BigQuery results on Google Maps using Data Studio - Using a Google Maps support in Data Studio to visualize COVID 19 mobility.

Beginner BigQuery Public Datasets May 4, 2020

Google Analytics in BigQuery 1: Getting Started - Intro to Google Analytics analysis using BigQuery and BigQuery public dataset.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog Public Datasets April 6, 2020

COVID-19 public dataset program: Making data freely accessible for better public outcomes - Explore valuable data related to COVID-19 with free public datasets, available in Google Cloud’s BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Studio GIS Machine Learning Public Datasets Visualization April 6, 2020

Analyzing COVID-19 with BigQuery - Exploring, visualizing and predicting COVID-19 data using BigQuery.

BigQuery Public Datasets April 6, 2020

Google Cloud Launches freely accessible COVID-19 Public Datasets program - An overview of COVID-19 BigQuery Public datasets.

BigQuery Public Datasets March 28, 2020

BigQuery Public Datasets: NYTimes COVID-19 dataset for USA

BigQuery Public Datasets March 28, 2020

BigQuery Public Datasets: JHU Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases

Big Data BigQuery Public Datasets March 16, 2020

Processing 10TB of Wikipedia Page Views - Part 1 - Processing and uploading Wikipedia page views into BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Science Public Datasets March 16, 2020

Data analysis with SQL and BigQuery on New york city bikes data. - Starting with New York biking open data analysis.


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