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GCP Experience Gemini Official Blog Partners May 20, 2024

How Mantle uses Gemini to simplify equity management

Gemini Official Blog Vertex AI May 20, 2024

Vertex AI at I/O: Bringing new Gemini and Gemma models to Google Cloud customers - Vertex AI updates from Google I/O ‘24.

BigQuery Gemini Official Blog May 20, 2024

Creating marketing campaigns using BigQuery and Gemini models - In this blog, we will go through the various steps of how data and marketing teams can harness the power of multimodal large language models (LLMs) in BigQuery to create and launch more effective and intelligent marketing campaigns.

AlloyDB Gemini May 20, 2024

Gemma and Gemini-Pro AI Models in AlloyDB Omni - This blog post explains how to integrate AlloyDB Omni with Vertex AI and make predictions using Google Gemini.

Gemini May 13, 2024

A tour of Gemini 1.5 Pro samples - Samples in various programming languages that are utilizing Gemini 1.5 Pro.

BigQuery Gemini May 6, 2024

Unlocking the Power of Gemini in BigQuery - A Guide for SQL Code AI Assistance.

BigQuery Gemini LLM Official Blog May 6, 2024

Simplifying data modeling and schema generation in BigQuery using multi-modal LLMs - Now you can pass multi-modal input to Gemini to create data models for your data warehouse.

AI Gemini Official Blog Workflows May 6, 2024

Long document summarization with Workflows and Gemini models - This blog post illustrates how Workflows can perform long-document summarization.

BigQuery Data Science Gemini Generative AI May 6, 2024

When to use Gemini or purpose-built AI models in BigQuery - This post provides some high-level guidance to consider when determining whether Gemini foundation models or purpose-built AI models are a better fit for your workload’s requirements.

Gemini Generative AI Monitoring April 29, 2024

Using Gemini to help write Synthetic Monitoring tests in Google Cloud - This article describes how to use Synthetic Monitoring with Google Cloud Console and Cloud Run and use Generative AI to write the test code for Synthetic Monitoring.

Gemini Generative AI LLM April 29, 2024

Gemini has entered the chat: building an LLM-powered Discord bot - Take your first steps into the world of Generative AI by building a Discord bot that uses Gemini to talk with other users.

BigQuery Gemini Generative AI April 22, 2024

Master Data Management Simplified: Match & Merge with Generative AI! - Accelerating tedious Master Data Management processes with Generative AI, Embeddings, and Vector Search.

AI BigQuery Gemini April 22, 2024

Generate Data Insights in No Time using AI - Build an AI app using Langchain to Analyze Data for your company.

BigQuery Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

How Gemini in BigQuery accelerates data and analytics workflows with AI

BigQuery Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

Analyze images and videos in BigQuery using Gemini 1.0 Pro Vision

API Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

Using Gemini Code Assist to build APIs, integrations, and automation flows

Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

Gemini in Databases — supercharge database development and management

Database Migration Service Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

Accelerating database modernization with Gemini in Database Migration Service

Gemini Looker Official Blog April 15, 2024

Introducing Gemini in Looker to bring intelligent AI-powered BI to everyone

Gemini Official Blog April 15, 2024

Powering Google Cloud with Gemini

Gemini Generative AI Official Blog Vertex AI April 15, 2024

Google Cloud announces updates to Gemini, Imagen, Gemma and MLOps on Vertex AI

BigQuery Gemini Machine Learning April 8, 2024

How to Augment Text Data with Gemini through BigQuery DataFrames - Data augmentation is a technique used in machine learning to increase the size of a dataset by creating new data out of existing data.

Gemini Generative AI Java April 8, 2024

Deterministic Generative AI with Gemini Function Calling in Java - Gemini's Function Calling blends the flexibility of generative AI with the precision of traditional programming. This allows for controlled and predictable outputs, as demonstrated in the Java Cloud Function that standardizes addresses using Gemini and an external API.

Dialogflow Gemini Generative AI Machine Learning April 8, 2024

Create multimodal conversational experiences with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX and Gemini Vision - Boosting your digital assistant by analyzing images with Gemini Vision.

AI Gemini LLM Python April 1, 2024

Crafting Bespoke Output Formats with Gemini API - Propose a method using question phrasing and API calls to craft a bespoke output, enabling seamless integration with user applications.

BigQuery Gemini Official Blog Vertex AI March 18, 2024

Dive deeper into Gemini with BigQuery and Vertex AI - In this blog we will dive deeper into some of the recent innovations for Vertex AI and BigQuery and show you how to use Gemini 1.0 Pro in BigQuery.

Dialogflow Gemini Google Kubernetes Engine March 11, 2024

Deploying a Gemini Chatbot with Memory on a GKE Backend and Dialogflow

Gemini Vertex AI March 4, 2024

Vertex AI Gemini generateContent (non-streaming) API - Using generateContent Vertex AI REST API (non-streaming) to generate content.

Duet AI Gemini March 4, 2024

Using Duet AI to generate a Starter App from an OpenAPI Specification - Using Duet AI for Developers to generate an OpenAPI Specification and then use that to generate a starter application.

AI Gemini Machine Learning Feb. 26, 2024

Leveraging Gemini for PII Detection in BigQuery: An Experiment - Step-by-step sample code on an experiment using Google Gemini Pro 1.0.

Gemini Go Machine Learning Jan. 29, 2024

Pixel guessing : using Gemini Pro Vision with Go - Let’s have fun with the vision powers of AI!

BigQuery Gemini Machine Learning Jan. 22, 2024

Analyzing images with Gemini Pro Vision and BigQuery - Learn how to access the Gemini models from BigQuery to analyze your big data, including images.

Gemini Generative AI Machine Learning Vertex AI Jan. 15, 2024

Gemini, the stylist… - A personalized haircut recommendation Application.

Gemini Generative AI Workspace Jan. 15, 2024

Empowering Your Organisation with AI: Integrating Gemini Pro and PaLM2 into Google Sheets - A Comprehensive Guide to Using Gemini Pro and PaLM2 in Google Sheet on thousands of cells.

Gemini Generative AI Machine Learning VS Code Dec. 25, 2023

Getting Started with Gemini AI API via Google Cloud Code Application Templates - Testing Gemini API via an Application Template in VS Code.

Gemini Java Vertex AI Dec. 25, 2023

Gemini Function Calling - A promising feature of the Gemini large language model released recently by Google DeepMind, is the support for function calls. It’s a way to supplement the model, by letting it know external functions or APIs can be called.

Gemini Official Blog Dec. 18, 2023

Bringing Gemini to organizations everywhere - Today, we are introducing a number of important new capabilities across our AI stack in support of Gemini, our most capable and general model yet.


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