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Cloud Spanner Official Blog April 12, 2021

Introducing request priorities for Cloud Spanner APIs - Today we’re happy to announce that you can now specify request priorities for some Cloud Spanner APIs. By assigning a HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW priority to a specific request, you can now convey the relative importance of workloads, to better align resource usage with performance objectives.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog April 5, 2021

Demystifying Cloud Spanner multi-region configurations - Cloud Spanner is a strongly consistent, highly scalable, relational database. It powers billion-user products every month. In order to provide high availability and geographic locality, Cloud Spanner creates multiple copies (aka replicas) of your data and then stores these replicas across different geographical locations. This blog post discusses what this entails.

AWS Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner GCP Experience April 5, 2021

CloudCover | How to successfully migrate data from DynamoDB to Spanner and Bigtable - Migrating data streaming from AWS to GCP.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog March 22, 2021

Cloud Spanner launches point-in-time-recovery capability - Check out Cloud Spanner’s new point-in-time recovery (PITR) capability, offering continuous data protection when you configure the database version retention period.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog March 15, 2021

Exploring Cloud Spanner data in DBeaver - We're announcing native support for Cloud Spanner in DBeaver 21.0, a popular open source graphical database development tool that lets you browse and edit databases, create and execute SQL scripts, export data, transaction management and ER diagrams.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Python Feb. 22, 2021

Introducing Django ORM support for Cloud Spanner - Today we're happy to announce beta support for Google Cloud Spanner in the Django ORM. The django-google-spanner package is a third-party database backend for Cloud Spanner, powered by the Cloud Spanner Python client library.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Feb. 15, 2021

Managing schema changes on Cloud Spanner using Liquibase - You can now use Liquibase’s open-source database devops library to manage and automate schema changes in Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Feb. 15, 2021

Improved troubleshooting with Cloud Spanner introspection capabilities - Cloud-native database Spanner has new introspection capabilities to monitor database performance and optimize application efficiency.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow Cloud Spanner Feb. 1, 2021

Data operation with Cloud Spanner using Mercari Dataflow Template - Mercari Dataflow Template is an OSS tool for easy data processing using GCP’s distributed data processing service, Cloud Dataflow. In this article are examples of moving data between BigQuery and Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Jan. 25, 2021

Lock Statistics: Diagnose performance issues in Cloud Spanner - Latency spike caused by lock conflict.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Jan. 18, 2021

Lock Statistics: Diagnose performance issues in Cloud Spanner - This post introduces a newly released introspection tool: Lock statistic, and guides our readers through a simple example of using it to diagnose transaction performance issues caused by lock conflict.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Jan. 11, 2021

Behind the scenes of Cloud Spanner’s ExecuteQuery request - What happens when an application executes a query against Cloud Spanner? This post is going to shed some light on the magic that happens behind the scenes. How does Spanner take an arbitrary SQL statement, locate the data, and return the response in milliseconds? We will take some of the concepts described in SIGMOD’17 paper and explain, step by step, how the execution occurs.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Jan. 11, 2021

The Magic Of Distributed Joins in Cloud Spanner - How do you join two tables when both of them are divided into multiple splits managed by multiple different machines? In this blog entry, we'll describe distributed joins using the Distributed Cross Apply (DCA) operator.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Dec. 28, 2020

You asked, we listened—more productivity features to close out Spanner’s year - From the official Google Cloud blog: see how cloud database Spanner helps developer productivity with new check constraints, generated columns, and NUMERIC data type.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Dec. 21, 2020

Automatically right-size Spanner instances with the new Autoscaler - New Autoscaler lets you scale Spanner instances up and down easily to optimize costs and usage based on utilization.

Cloud Spanner Dec. 7, 2020

Implementing Multi-Tenancy in Cloud Spanner - This article describes different architecture approaches to implement multi-tenancy with Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Java Nov. 22, 2020

Testing a Spring Boot application with the Google Cloud Spanner Emulator - Using Cloud Spanner emulator with Spring Boot Java application.

Cloud Spanner Java Nov. 22, 2020

Working with Cloud Spanner and Java - Building and application using Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Nov. 9, 2020

Google Cloud Spanner — Critical Concepts - This article details some of the concepts worth understanding when working with Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Nov. 9, 2020

Google Cloud Spanner Nodes - An in-depth explanation of Cloud Spanner Nodes.

Cloud Spanner Oct. 19, 2020

Scaling Cloud Spanner Instances - Best practices for scaling up and down Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Sept. 14, 2020

Analyze running queries in Cloud Spanner to help diagnose performance issues - This article discusses how the Oldest Active Queries complements other introspection tools of Spanner and helps users troubleshoot system performance issues while they are ongoing.

Cloud Spanner Aug. 24, 2020

Randomized Testing of Cloud Spanner - How randomized testing is used to keep high quality for Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Aug. 24, 2020

3 reasons to consider Cloud Spanner for your next project - Learn about the cloud database Spanner, which brings massive scale and strong consistency to your applications. Here’s why to consider all-purpose Spanner.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner Official Blog Aug. 24, 2020

The world’s unpredictable, your databases shouldn’t add to it - Check out what’s new in databases and data management at Google Cloud, including news on Spanner local emulator and Bigtable managed backups.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Aug. 10, 2020

New multi-region configurations for Spanner in Asia and Europe - New Cloud Spanner database multi-regions in Asia and Europe bring 5 9s of availability to users for scalability and high availability.

Cloud Spanner July 20, 2020

Cloud Spanner: Read Statistics - Spanner read statistics is a new feature that lets you run SQL queries to retrieve read statistics for your database during one-, 10-, and 60-minute intervals. These read statistics allow you to see the most common and most resource-consuming reads executed on your database.

Cloud Spanner July 20, 2020

Zero downtime database migration and replication to and from Cloud Spanner - Cloud Spanner migration overview.

Cloud Spanner July 6, 2020

Spanner’s SQL Story - A description of evolution of SQL support for Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner June 29, 2020

DML and Mutations - a tale of two data altering techniques in Cloud Spanner - In the article are described two APIs in Cloud Spanner that you can use to modify data: Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Mutations.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog June 29, 2020

Increase visibility into Cloud Spanner performance with transaction stats - Cloud Spanner now offers transaction statistics, so you can run SQL queries to retrieve these stats for your database over several time periods.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Cloud Spanner June 1, 2020

Create Cloud Spanner Scheduled Backups - This tutorial shows how to use the Scheduled Backups tool to configure Cloud Scheduler for creating Cloud Spanner backups on a regular basis.

Advanced Cloud Spanner May 25, 2020

How Does Spanner Avoid Single Point of Failures in Writes? - Explanation of how Cloud Spanner provides both high availability and high consistency in writes.

Cloud Spanner May 18, 2020

Launch checklist for Cloud Spanner - This launch checklist provides a list of considerations that need to be made prior to launching a production application on Cloud Spanner. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but serves to highlight areas that can have a large impact on production performance.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog April 27, 2020

Back up on demand, emulate and develop with ease — new Spanner features - Cloud database service Spanner adds backup-restore feature plus new developer features, like local emulator, query optimizer versioning, and more.

Cloud Spanner Go April 20, 2020

Google Cloud Spanner driver for Go - Google Cloud Spanner driver for database/sql.

Cloud Spanner Google Kubernetes Engine April 20, 2020

Spanning the Globe without Google Spanner - The article explains how to set up YugabyteDB (a database inspired by Spanner) on GKE cluster.

Cloud Spanner April 13, 2020

Cloud Spanner Emulator - A local, in-memory, high-fidelity emulator of the Cloud Spanner service.

Cloud Spanner March 23, 2020

spannerz, a tool for Cloud Spanner - spannerz adds an HTTP handler to your binary to report query plans from Google Cloud Spanner clients. You can use spannerz as a standalone binary too.

Cloud Spanner Feb. 10, 2020

Internals of Google Cloud Spanner - Overview of Google Cloud Spanner internals and how the Cloud Spanner works with regional and multi-regional settings.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Serverless Nov. 11, 2019

Opening the door to more dev tools for Cloud Spanner - Learn how to integrate a graphical database development tool with cloud databases like Cloud Spanner with the JDBC driver.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Sept. 30, 2019

Cloud Spanner amps up SLA, adds CSV support, and sharpens monitoring details - Google’s Cloud Spanner database expands its availability SLA to all instances, and adds CSV support, more detailed monitoring data, and more features.

Cloud Spanner Data Analytics Aug. 19, 2019

How to connect Tableau to Google Cloud Spanner - The article describes how to connect Tableau with Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Official Blog July 15, 2019

Blockchain.com, scaling and saving with Cloud Spanner - Cryptocurrency company Blockchain uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to scale its products and serve millions of users securely.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL July 1, 2019

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 1) - The article goes through the process of migrating from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner.

AWS Cloud Spanner NoSQL July 1, 2019

Database Migration : Migrating from DynamoDB to Google Cloud Spanner (Part 2) - Second article related to migration from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner Official Blog June 3, 2019

Build your own event-sourced system using Cloud Spanner - Using event-sourced systems can help solve complex application development problems. Here’s how to deploy one using Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Feb. 25, 2019

Impossible read and write isolation phenomena with Cloud Spanner - How the 6 transaction isolation phenomenon aren’t allowed in Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner PHP Feb. 25, 2019

Colopl open sourced a Cloud Spanner driver for Laravel framework - Open source PHP driver for Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner Jan. 28, 2019

Spanning The Database World With Google - Interview with Andrew Fikes (Google) about Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Jan. 14, 2019

Rethinking commercial software delivery with Cloud Spanner and serverless - Serverless computing and globally distributed databases like Spanner can drive down operational costs and enable niche vendors to enter the market.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog Dec. 24, 2018

Cloud Spanner adds enhanced query introspection, new regions, and new multi-region configurations - Few enhancements for Cloud Spanner like Query introspection, New multi-region configurations and new regions.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Official Blog Nov. 5, 2018

How Streak built a graph database on Cloud Spanner to wrangle billions of emails - Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool built directly into Gmail. Learn how Streak built a graph database on Cloud Spanner to wrangle billions of emails.

Cloud Spanner Nov. 5, 2018

Cloud Spanner Connector for Apache Spark - Cloud Spanner Connector for Apache Spark is a library to support Apache Spark to access Cloud Spanner as an external data source or sink.

Cloud Spanner Oct. 22, 2018

spanner-cli, the Cloud Spanner command line interface - Interactive command line tool for controlling Spanner databases.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner Oct. 15, 2018

Develop and deploy apps more easily with Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable updates - The general availability of two important new features for two of GCP's cloud-native database offerings: Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable.

Cloud Spanner Sept. 3, 2018

Search on Google Cloud Platform — Spanner - Implement Search on Google Cloud Platform using Spanner.

BigQuery Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog July 30, 2018

On GCP, your database your way - New database features to get the most out of your databases for your business.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog July 23, 2018

Cloud Spanner adds import/export functionality to ease data movement - You can now import and export data easily in the Cloud Spanner Console.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog June 11, 2018

What DBAs need to know about Cloud Spanner, part 1: Keys and indexes - Key differences that DBAs need to know when moving from traditional RDBMS to Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog May 21, 2018

Sharding of timestamp-ordered data in Cloud Spanner - How to efficiently insert and retrieve records in Cloud Spanner with timestamp ordering.

Cloud Spanner April 30, 2018

Cloud Spanner — Maximizing data load throughput - Strategies for maximizing write throughput to Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner April 30, 2018

Cloud OnAir: Cloud Spanner: How It Works - How Cloud Spanner operates and how it guarantees external consistency on reads and writes.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL April 30, 2018

Accelerating innovation for cloud-native managed databases - Cloud database improvements for Cloud Spanner, Bigtable, Redis and PostgreSQL.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog April 2, 2018

How we used Cloud Spanner to build our email personalization system—from “Soup” to nuts - Tokyo-based Recruit Technologies Co., Ltd., migrated their email marketing platform to Cloud Spanner. This article explores the key aspects of migration and takeaways.

BigQuery Cloud Spanner Dataflow Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog April 2, 2018

Architecting live NCAA predictions: from archives to insights - Article explores architecting NCAA real-time predictions, achieved through a few months of data ingestion, ETL, analysis, and modeling.

Cloud Spanner April 2, 2018

Cloud Spanner — Choosing the right primary keys - This article covers how to choose the right primary keys to enable scalable data writes in Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner GCP Experience March 26, 2018

The new Dragon Ball game is powered by Google’s cloud

Beginner Cloud Spanner Tutorial March 12, 2018

First Steps with Google Cloud Spanner - Learn basics of Google Cloud Spanner.

Cloud Spanner March 5, 2018

Announcing Google Cloud Spanner as a Vault storage backend - Cloud Spanner can be used now as a storage backend for HashiCorp Vault.

Business Cloud Spanner GCP Experience Feb. 26, 2018

Making the jump to Google Cloud Spanner - Transition from Oracle to Google Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner Cloud Storage Official Blog Feb. 26, 2018

How Google Cloud Storage offers strongly consistent object listing thanks to Spanner - Secret behind the strong list consistency offered by Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Spanner Jan. 29, 2018

Practical Tradeoffs in Google Cloud Spanner, Azure Cosmos DB and YugaByte DB - Deep dive on practical tradeoffs of modern cloud-native databases such as Google Cloud Spanner, Azure Cosmos DB and YugaByte DB

Cloud Spanner Jan. 15, 2018

Why you should pick strong consistency, whenever possible - This article explains features of Cloud Spanner like unique combination of external, strong consistency, relational semantics, high availability and horizontal scaling.

Cloud Spanner Nov. 20, 2017

With Multi-Region support in Cloud Spanner, have your cake and eat it too - Spanner Multi Regional option is now Generally Available. Strong global consistency across continents is possible.

Cloud Spanner Nov. 20, 2017

The Architext Show Podcast - Google's Deepti Srivastava on multi-region Spanner and case for cloud databases

Cloud Spanner Oct. 30, 2017

Google Cloud Spanner: Going global with relational database - GDG DevFest Ukraine 2017

Cloud Spanner Oct. 2, 2017

How we built a brand new bank on GCP and Cloud Spanner: Shine - Description of creating bank in cloud.

Business Cloud Spanner Sept. 11, 2017

Google Cloud Spanner: The next big transformation in financial services? - Why Google Cloud Spanner could be suitable cloud database for financial institutions.

Cloud Spanner July 24, 2017

How to get started with Cloud Spanner in 5 minutes - How to create Google Cloud Spanner instance in few lines of shell

Cloud Spanner July 10, 2017

Google's Cloud Spanner: how does it stack up?

Cloud Spanner June 26, 2017

Cloud database technology can no longer be ignored in financial services - Article about how Google Cloud Platform offers products and services which can be used by financial institutions

Cloud Spanner June 26, 2017

Build an Application at Google Scale with Spanner, Cloud Foundry, and Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Spanner June 4, 2017

From NoSQL to new SQL: How Spanner became a global, mission-critical database - Story of how Spanner was developed

Cloud Spanner May 22, 2017

Cloud Spanner is now production-ready; let the migrations begin!

Cloud Spanner May 22, 2017

Cloud Spanner 101: Google's Mission-Critical Relational Database

Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Spanner May 8, 2017

Google Cloud Natural Language API launches new features and Cloud Spanner graduating to GA - Cloud Natural Language API now supports 9 languages

Cloud Spanner April 10, 2017

Spanner vs. Calvin: distributed consistency at scale - Design comparison for Spaner and Calving - geographically replicated, ACID, transactional database systems

Cloud Spanner April 3, 2017

Basic Cloud Spanner Setup for a Java App Engine Project

Cloud Spanner March 13, 2017

Google Cloud Spanner: our first impressions - Guys from company OpenCredo share their insights regarding Spanner

Cloud Spanner Feb. 27, 2017

Google Cloud Spanner Preview

Cloud Spanner Feb. 27, 2017

GCP podcast #62 - Cloud Spanner with Deepti Srivastava


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