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AI LLM Official Blog May 20, 2024

To tune or not to tune? A guide to leveraging your data with LLMs

LLM Official Blog Translation API May 13, 2024

LLMs, AI Studio, higher quality, oh my! Our latest Translation AI advancements - Announcing new generative model for Google Cloud’s Translation API.

BigQuery Gemini LLM Official Blog May 6, 2024

Simplifying data modeling and schema generation in BigQuery using multi-modal LLMs - Now you can pass multi-modal input to Gemini to create data models for your data warehouse.

AI LLM April 29, 2024

LLm infini-attention with linear complexity - Introducing Google’s Infini-attention to increase LLM attention windows and reduce quadratic complexity.

Cloud Spanner Generative AI LLM April 29, 2024

LLM in your favorite Transactional Database: Spanner - Build a Patent Search App with Spanner, Vector Search & Gemini 1.0 Pro!

Gemini Generative AI LLM April 29, 2024

Gemini has entered the chat: building an LLM-powered Discord bot - Take your first steps into the world of Generative AI by building a Discord bot that uses Gemini to talk with other users.

LLM Official Blog Vertex AI April 22, 2024

Meta Llama 3 Available Today on Google Cloud Vertex AI - Meta Llama 3 model is available on Vertex AI Model Garden.

BigQuery LLM Official Blog April 22, 2024

Introducing LLM fine-tuning and evaluation in BigQuery - Supervised fine-tuning via BigQuery uses a dataset which has examples of input text (the prompt) and the expected ideal output text (the label), and fine-tunes the model to mimic the behavior or task implied from these examples.

AI Google Kubernetes Engine LLM April 22, 2024

GKE Orchestration : Deploy your Gemma LLM - Deploying Gemma - lightweight open model on GKE.

Generative AI LLM April 8, 2024

Shh, It’s Free: But Let’s Not Tell Google! Exploring Gemini’s Multimodal Capabilities on Vertex AI - Consider this your backdoor pass into a free club, where the only membership requirement is your curiosity.

AI Gemini LLM Python April 1, 2024

Crafting Bespoke Output Formats with Gemini API - Propose a method using question phrasing and API calls to craft a bespoke output, enabling seamless integration with user applications.

Generative AI LLM Machine Learning April 1, 2024

Demystifying Generative AI for Enterprise Developers - Guide to kickstart your Enterprise GenAI journey.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes LLM April 1, 2024

GKE + Gemma + Ollama: The Power Trio for Flexible LLM Deployment - Deploying Gemma on GKE.

BigQuery Generative AI LLM March 25, 2024

In-Place LLM Insights: BigQuery & Gemini for Structured & Unstructured Data Analytics - Introduction.

BigQuery LLM March 11, 2024

Apply GenAI on Dataset in Data Mesh with HandOns experiment (GCP BigQuery) - Apply GenAI on Dataset in Data Mesh with HandOns experiment (GCP BigQuery).

Cloud Memorystore LLM Official Blog March 11, 2024

Memorystore for Redis vector search and LangChain integrations for gen AI - An example of how to combine Memorystore for Redis with LangChain to create a chatbot that answers questions about movies.

AI LLM Official Blog March 11, 2024

Domain-specific AI apps: A three-step design pattern for specializing LLMs - This article embarks on a journey through the key advantages of domain-specific LLMs.

LLM Machine Learning Vertex AI Feb. 26, 2024

Making AI more Open and Accessible to Cloud Developers with Gemma on Vertex AI - Gemma is a family of open, lightweight, and easy-to-use models developed by Google Deepmind.

LLM Python Feb. 26, 2024

Using and Finetuning Google’s State-of-the-Art Open Source Model Gemma-2B - This article describes how to use and fine-tune Gemma model.

Google Kubernetes Engine Infrastructure Kubernetes LLM Feb. 19, 2024

Serving Open Source LLMs on GKE using vLLM framework - This post shows how to serve Open source LLM models(Mistrial 7B, Llama2 etc) on Nvidia GPUs(L4, Tesla-T4, for example) running on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

AI LLM Machine Learning Official Blog Feb. 19, 2024

Your RAGs powered by Google Search technology, part 2 - A deeper look at the critical technologies that are essential for building a successful RAG system to help ground large language models (LLM) when building applications.

LLM Official Blog Feb. 19, 2024

Your RAGs powered by Google Search technology, part 1 - Exploring the key features that power Google-quality retrieval in LLM and RAG-based applications.

AI Data Science LLM Machine Learning Feb. 19, 2024

BigQuery Data Analyses With Gemini LLM - The Gemini-Pro LLM model is now available in BigQuery ML. Here’s how to use it.

Cloud Dataflow LLM Official Blog Feb. 11, 2024

Leveraging streaming analytics for actionable insights with gen AI and Dataflow - In this blog post, we showcase how to get real-time LLM insights in an easy and scalable way using Dataflow.

Cloud Workstations Generative AI LLM Official Blog Feb. 11, 2024

No GPU? No problem. localllm lets you develop gen AI apps on local CPUs - In this post, we introduce you to a novel solution that allows developers to harness the power of LLMs locally on CPU and memory, right within Cloud Workstations, Google Cloud’s fully managed development environment.

Generative AI LLM Official Blog Feb. 5, 2024

Build enterprise gen AI apps with Google Cloud databases - An overview of databases on GCP that can be used to store and query vector embeddings.

AlloyDB LLM Official Blog Translation API Jan. 22, 2024

How to create a multilingual chatbot that queries AlloyDB with Langchain, Streamlit, LLMs, and Google Translate

AI BigQuery LLM Machine Learning Official Blog Jan. 22, 2024

Integrating BigQuery data into your LangChain application - See how to integrate your BigQuery data into LLM solutions.

LLM Vertex AI Jan. 15, 2024

Large Language Models(LLMs) in Google Cloud with VertexAI - From concept to code: Everything you need to know to start building an application with GenAI’s LLMs.

LLM Vertex AI Dec. 18, 2023

Fine Tuning of LLM’S in GCP Vertex AI - This article delves into fine-tuning of LLM’S why it is required, how to fine-tune it, and the results that can be achieved through fine-tuning.

Generative AI LLM Machine Learning Python Dec. 18, 2023

Google Imagen (through GCP Vertex AI Studio) as fashion design assistant - In this article, we will explore how generative AI can assist fashion designers in generating new ideas and designs using Google’s suite of generative models for text and image generation.

BigQuery LLM Dec. 18, 2023

BigQuery Meets LLM: Unlocking New Frontiers in AI-Driven Data Analytics - Unlocking a level of understanding that was previously unimaginable.

API Colab LLM Dec. 11, 2023

Fine-tune and deploy an LLM on Google Colab Notebook with QLoRA and VertexAI - An example of fine-tuning and deploying MistralAI 7B model using QLoRA on your data and VertexAI endpoint, in Google Colab Notebook .

Generative AI LLM Official Blog Dec. 3, 2023

Introducing sample GenAI Databases Retrieval App – augment your LLMs with Google Cloud databases

LLM Machine Learning Vertex AI Nov. 27, 2023

Vertex AI Model Garden - Vertex AI Model Garden is a collection of pre-built foundation models, task-specific models, and Google ML APIs.

LLM Official Blog Vertex AI Oct. 30, 2023

Serving open-source large language models efficiently on Vertex AI Model Garden - An updated LLM-efficient serving solution that improves serving throughput in Vertex AI.


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