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Cloud Speech API Python March 29, 2021

Using Google’s Speech-to-Text API with Python - This post provides steps and python syntax for utilizing the Google Cloud Platform speech transcription service.

Cloud Functions Cloud Speech API Machine Learning Python Sept. 21, 2020

Analyze Your Call Recordings With Google AI - An example of how Cloud Speech can be used to transcribe call center phone calls.

Cloud Speech API Python April 13, 2020

Converting Audio Recorded Speech to Text using Google’s Speech-to-Text API, Drive, Cloud Storage, and Colaboratory - Code samples in Python to do Speech to Text conversion.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog March 9, 2020

Enhanced models and features now available in new languages on Speech-to-Text - Enhanced models and features now available in new languages on Google Cloud Speech-to-Text

Cloud Speech API NodeJS Dec. 2, 2019

Handling specific errors in Google Speech to Text for videos streams - The article provides ways on how to handle some of the errors which can occur when extracting text from video stream.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog Sept. 2, 2019

Using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text to transcribe your Twilio calls in real-time - It’s now easier than ever to integrate live call data with Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text using Twilio’s Media Streams.

Cloud Speech API Dialogflow Official Blog July 29, 2019

Improving speech recognition for contact centers - Today’s updates to the technologies that underpin our Contact Center AI solution improve speech recognition accuracy to better support customers and the agents that help them.

Beginner Cloud Speech API March 4, 2019

How to use Google Speech to Text API to transcribe long audio files? - Overview of Cloud Speech API, with code samples to transcribe long audio files.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog Jan. 21, 2019

Building Google's Game of the Year with Cloud Text-to-Speech and App Engine - Google's Game of the Year with Cloud Text-to-Speech, WaveNet and SSML.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog Sept. 3, 2018

Announcing updates to Cloud Speech-to-Text and the general availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech - General availability of Cloud Text-to-Speech and it also offers now multilingual access to DeepMind WaveNet voices and speaker optimization.

Cloud Speech API Python July 30, 2018

Create your own Voice based application using Python - Steps to create your own Voice based application using Python.

Cloud Speech API Official Blog June 25, 2018

ML Explorer: talking and listening with Google Cloud using Cloud Speech and Text-to-Speech - New features of the Cloud Speech and Cloud Text-to-Speech APIs in this ML Explorer post.

Cloud Speech API April 16, 2018

Toward better phone call and video transcription with new Cloud Speech-to-Text - Cloud Speech-to-Text (formerly known as Cloud Speech API) introduces new features like new models for video and phone call transcription, automatic punctuation.

Cloud Speech API April 16, 2018

It’s Show Time: AWS Polly Vs Google Cloud Text-To-Speech - Google Cloud Text-to-Speech compared with AWS Polly and basic implementation in PHP.

Beginner Cloud Speech API Python Tutorial March 12, 2018

Auto-Transcribe : Google Speech API Time Offsets in Python - Demonstration of Google Speech API with Python.

Cloud Speech API Javascript Jan. 29, 2018

Convert speech from an audio file to text using Google Speech API - Tutorial on converting speech from an audio file to text using Google Speech API

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Speech API Oct. 2, 2017

Making audio searchable with Cloud Speech - Tutorial about how to extract audio from video and then text and it's time stamps which can be used for moving through video.

Cloud Speech API Aug. 20, 2017

Cloud Speech API improves longform audio recognition and adds 30 new language variants - Exciting improvements for Cloud Speech API like transcribing up to 3 hours of single audio file, time stamps for each word

Cloud Speech API July 17, 2017

Speech to text transcription in 40 lines of Bash - Recording audio on computer and transcript into text with good old Bash

Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Speech API TensorFlow June 19, 2017

Build your own machine-learning-powered robot arm using TensorFlow and Google Cloud - Description of a robot arm that listens for a voice request with your preferred flavor of candy, selects and picks up a piece of candy with that particular flavor from a table, and serves it to you via Google Cloud products and services

Cloud Speech API May 29, 2017

Twilio adds Google’s speech recognition to its voice platform

Cloud Speech API April 24, 2017

Cloud Speech API is now generally available - Google Cloud Speech API converts audio to text for over 80 languages. Now generally available

Cloud Speech API Official Blog

Making AI-powered speech more accessible—now with more options, lower prices, and new languages and voices - Cloud Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech products are getting more accessible to companies around the world, with more features, more voices, more languages, and at lower prices.


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