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AI Event Machine Learning Official Blog May 16, 2022

Sharpen your machine learning skills at Google Cloud Applied ML Summit - Improve your machine learning skills and learn from leading experts at Google Cloud Applied ML Summit, coming June 9, 2022.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog March 7, 2022

Event Monitoring with explanations on the Google Cloud - New production ML solution to monitor events in IT and industrial operations and explain their symptoms; such as IT infra, IoT, Clouds, applications.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog PyTorch Feb. 28, 2022

PyTorch on Google Cloud: Blog series recap - This blog post has a list of all the posts published as part of PyTorch on Google Cloud blog series.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Feb. 7, 2022

Looking to build a recommendation system on Google Cloud? Leverage the following guidelines to identify the right solution for you (Part I) - The goal of this first post in the blog series is to introduce the different paths to recommendation systems on GCP and establish better criteria for when to use which solution.

AI BigQuery Machine Learning Official Blog Jan. 24, 2022

BigQuery Explainable AI now in GA to help you interpret your machine learning models - BigQuery Explainable AI allows you to interpret your ML models.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 27, 2021

Google Cloud’s top AI blog posts from 2021 - Google Cloud’s top artificial intelligence and machine learning posts from 2021.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 20, 2021

Find anything blazingly fast with Google's vector search technology - How do YouTube, Google Search, and Google Play instantly find what you want in the vast sea of web content? Try the demo and find out. Hint: it’s vector search.

AI GCP Certification Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 13, 2021

AI for all humans: A course to delight and inspire! - Making Friends with Machine Learning is a Google course specially created to inspire beginners and amuse experts. Today, it is available to everyone!

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Dec. 6, 2021

Vertex AI NAS: higher accuracy and lower latency for complex ML models - How Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search (NAS) accelerates time-to-value for sophisticated ML workloads.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog Dec. 6, 2021

Learn how Notified accelerated discovery and classification of journalists at scale with Google Cloud AI - Learn how Notified accelerated adoption of AI at scale to extract journalist insights using Google Cloud Natural Language AI.

AI Dialogflow Nov. 29, 2021

Using Dialogflow CX composite entities to work around system entities limitations - Dialogflow CX provides many system entities to extract common types from end-user expressions. This post describes how system entities can be combined into custom composite entities to overcome limitations for some languages.

AI Official Blog Nov. 22, 2021

Sowing the seeds of ethical AI: 4 tasks to stay on track - Business leaders are eager to reap the benefits of AI, but pausing to ensure your AI models are delivering fair results will ensure long term success.

AI Official Blog Oct. 25, 2021

ICYMI - Top AI Announcements and Sessions from Google Cloud Next ‘21 - Making AI more accessible, more focused on business outcomes, and fast-tracking the time-to-value for customers.

AI Event Machine Learning Oct. 25, 2021

ML Summit 21 - Virtual Machine Learning Summit on October 27, 2021 - latest Google Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies with specific emphasis on ML Fairness.

AI Document AI Official Blog Oct. 18, 2021

Google Cloud expands CCAI and DocAI solutions to accelerate time to value - Google Cloud deepens customer understanding with Contact Center AI Insights and transforms contract management with Contract DocAI.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog Oct. 4, 2021

People and planet AI: How to build a Time Series Model to classify fishing activities in the sea - In this episode of People & Planet AI, we share how to build a time series classification app that includes latitude and longitudinal fishing data, in order to enable fair and sustainable use of our oceans.

AI Machine Learning Monitoring Official Blog Vertex AI Oct. 4, 2021

Monitoring feature attributions: How Google saved one of the largest ML services in trouble - Feature Attributions and Explainable AI can be sometimes a critical factor of MLOps. Learn how Google saved one of its largest ML services in trouble with the methodology.

AI Official Blog PyTorch Vertex AI Sept. 20, 2021

PyTorch on Google Cloud: How to deploy PyTorch models on Vertex AI - In this blog post, we show how you can deploy PyTorch models on Google Cloud Vertex AI with the Vertex Prediction service to serve predictions from the trained model artifacts.

AI GCP Experience Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 20, 2021

Chefkoch whips up handwritten recipes in the cloud with text detector - Chefkoch uses Google Cloud ‘s ML capabilities to parse and digitize handwritten recipes.

AI Machine Learning Vertex AI Sept. 13, 2021

7 tips for trouble-free ML model training - This post covers seven common causes of ML model training failures, along with time-saving tips on how to avoid them and how to fix them.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Aug. 23, 2021

Build a reinforcement learning recommendation application using Vertex AI - In this article, we’ll demonstrate an RL-based movie recommender system, including a MLOps pipeline, built with Vertex AI and TF-Agents.

AI Official Blog Aug. 23, 2021

Scalable tech support via AI-augmented chat - As Googlers transitioned to working from home during the pandemic, more and more turned to chat-based support to help them fix technical problems. Google's IT support team looked at many options to help meet the increased demand for tech support quickly and efficiently.

AI Official Blog Aug. 23, 2021

New study available: Modernize with AIOps to maximize your impact - In this commissioned study, Forrester Consulting explores how organizations are using AI Ops in their cloud environments.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Aug. 16, 2021

Fuel your custom models with Vertex AI - Learn how to use Vertex AI - Google Cloud's newly announced managed ML platform - to build end-to-end ML workflows. You'll learn how to go from raw data to deployed model, and will leave this workshop ready to develop and productionize your own ML projects with Vertex AI.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Aug. 16, 2021

Let’s get it started! Triggering ML pipeline runs - Learn two approaches to automate your Vertex Pipeline runs using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI Aug. 9, 2021

Distributed training and Hyperparameter tuning with TensorFlow on Vertex AI - Learn how to configure and launch a distributed hyperparameter tuning job with Vertex Training using bayesian optimization.

AI Official Blog Python Aug. 9, 2021

Image search with natural language queries - This post shows how to build an image search utility using natural language queries. Our aim is to use different GCP services to demonstrate this.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 26, 2021

Scaling deep learning workloads with PyTorch / XLA and Cloud TPU VM - This article addresses challenges associated with scaling deep learning workloads to distributed training jobs that use remote storage. We demonstrate how to stream training data from Cloud Storage to PyTorch / XLA models running on Cloud TPU Pods.

AI BigQuery Machine Learning July 12, 2021

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection using BigQuery ML - Three unsupervised Machine learning models provided by BigQuery ML to predict anomalies in both time series and non-time series data.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog July 5, 2021

Choosing the right machine learning approach for your application - Choosing the right machine learning model for your application.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 5, 2021

Google demonstrates leading performance in latest MLPerf Benchmarks - TPU v4 Pods will soon be available on Google Cloud, providing the most powerful publicly available computing platform for machine learning training.

AI BigQuery Cloud AutoML June 14, 2021

Testing the different AutoML options in GCP - Experience in using different AutoML alternatives that GCP offers.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog June 14, 2021

Why you need to explain machine learning models - Why explainable AI (XAI) is essential to widespread AI adoption, common XAI methods, and how Google Cloud can help.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI June 7, 2021

5 ways Vertex Vizier hyperparameter tuning improves ML models - Get a quick tutorial on how Vertex Vizier hyperparameter tuning can improve the quality of your ML models.

AI HPC Machine Learning Official Blog TPU June 7, 2021

New Cloud TPU VMs make training your ML models on TPUs easier than ever - New Cloud TPU VMs let you run TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX workloads on TPU host machines, improving performance and usability, and reducing costs.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog May 31, 2021

Cloud AI in the developer community - Cloud AI has been empowering not only enterprises, but also developer communities. See demos, tutorials and videos created by Google Developers Experts (GDEs) for learning Cloud AI.

AI Machine Learning Vertex AI May 24, 2021

Why Google just released Vertex AI and what it means for you - Google announced the release of Vertex AI at Google I/O and it’s a big one! Read why ML6’s machine learning engineers are so excited.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Vertex AI May 24, 2021

Google Cloud unveils Vertex AI, one platform, every ML tool you need - Google Cloud launches Vertex AI, a managed platform for experimentation, versioning and deploying ML models into production.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog May 3, 2021

How capital markets can prepare for the future with AI - Learn four best practices that can help capital markets adopt and benefit from modern AI/ML technologies.

AI Dialogflow April 12, 2021

Building a Bot on GCP Cloud in 10 minutes - A comprehensive step-by-step guide to build and deploy FAQ bot.

AI Dialogflow Official Blog April 12, 2021

A recipe for building a conversational AI team - Learn how the right team and Google Contact Center AI can help you build better bots with a user-centered perspective.

AI GCP Certification Machine Learning Official Blog April 5, 2021

Free AI and machine learning training for fraud detection, chatbots, and more - These no-cost training opportunities can help you gain the latest AI and machine learning skills from Google Cloud.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog April 5, 2021

How sweet it is: Using Cloud AI to whip up new treats with Mars Maltesers - Mars uses Google Cloud AI to invent a tasty new cake that includes maltesers and marmite!

AI Official Blog March 8, 2021

Gartner names Google a leader in 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services report - Gartner has named Google a Leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services.

AI AI Platform Machine Learning Python March 1, 2021

Training PyTorch Transformers on GCP AI Platform - How to use highly popular ML framework PyTorch on AI Platform Training.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Feb. 8, 2021

Google Cloud AI leaders share tips for getting started with AI - Google Cloud AI leaders share their perspective on how businesses can get started in AI.

AI Machine Learning Jan. 18, 2021

Demystifying Machine Learning by Building an ML Pipeline 1 & 2 - Intro to machine learning concepts with examples.

AI AI Platform Notebooks Cloud Source Repositories Jupyter Notebook Jan. 18, 2021

Google Cloud AI Platform Notebooks and Cloud Source Repositories - Saving Jupyter Notebook to Cloud Repository.

AI Jupyter Notebook Windows Dec. 28, 2020

Take Full Control of AI Notebook Instance on GCP via Putty - Access GCP VM instance via Putty for cloud computing.

AI AI Platform Prediction Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 21, 2020

How to automatically scale your machine learning predictions - How to automatically scale machine learning predictions with Google Cloud AI Platform Prediction Service.

AI Cloud AutoML Official Blog Dec. 21, 2020

Baking recipes made by AI - In this post, we’ll show you how to build an explainable machine learning model that analyzes baking recipes, and we’ll even use it to come up with our own, new recipes—no data science expertise required.

AI BigQuery Dec. 7, 2020

Helping AI understand team sports with BigQuery - A walk you through the SQL statements used to preprocess GPS sport data for machine learning.

AI Document AI Nov. 30, 2020

Google Doc AI Case Study: Taking AI to Product - Sudheera Vanguri, Head of Product Management for Language & Document AI at Google Cloud! Sudheera shares her journey to become a PM at Google and her process for taking early stage AI and putting it into products at Google Cloud.

AI Nov. 30, 2020

Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI - Productionizing ML with ML Ops and Cloud AI - Kaz Sato, Google.

AI AI Platform Data Science Nov. 22, 2020

Google Cloud AI Platform Unified - Launched on 16 Nov 2020, AI Platform Unified caught us by surprise. Learn exactly what’s been “unified”.

AI Official Blog Nov. 22, 2020

Google Cloud AI digitizes StoryCorps archive: largest collection of human voices on planet - Google Cloud AI unlocks StoryCorps archive of 300,000+ interviews.

AI Official Blog Nov. 22, 2020

How AI, and specifically BERT, helps the patent industry - How AI helps businesses do better patent analysis.

AI Healthcare Natural Language API Official Blog Nov. 16, 2020

Healthcare gets more productive with new industry-specific AI tools - We’re launching in public preview a suite of fully-managed AI tools to help healthcare professionals with the review and analysis of medical documents in a repeatable, scalable way.

AI Dialogflow GCP Experience Nov. 9, 2020

Big companies love Google Cloud for building the ultimate chat stack, and why we do, too. - How Botcopy is using Dialogflow.

AI Data Science Machine Learning Nov. 9, 2020

Google Cloud AI Platform: Hyper-Accessible AI & Machine Learning - In this first article of the series, we present an over of Google AI Platform, exploring the services available to modern data science.

AI AI Platform GPU Machine Learning Nov. 2, 2020

Serving Machine Learning models in Google Cloud - This multi-part blog discusses common options for high-performance ML model inference in Google Cloud, when to use which, and introduces the new member of the AI Platform family: Custom Container Prediction.

AI Document AI Official Blog Oct. 26, 2020

Lending DocAI fast tracks the home loan process - Lending DocAI fast tracks the home loan process for borrowers and lenders.

AI Official Blog Oct. 26, 2020

How AI uncovers important contract data - How AI uncovers important contract data.

AI Jupyter Notebook Oct. 12, 2020

AI Platform Notebooks DELETED instances - How to delete AI Platform Notebooks instances that appear as DELETED.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU Oct. 5, 2020

PyTorch / XLA now generally available on Cloud TPUs - PyTorch is now GA on Google Cloud TPUs.

AI Machine Learning Sept. 7, 2020

Convert PDFs to Audiobooks with Machine Learning - Use ML to convert PDFs and Images into audiobooks or podcasts.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 7, 2020

Taking care of business with Responsible AI - Responsible AI takes commitment, but your business will benefit from it.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 7, 2020

Beginners guide to painless machine learning - Get a deep dive on Google Cloud AI tools that make machine learning painless, and learn tips for building AI-powered apps fast.

AI AI Platform Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 7, 2020

TabNet on AI Platform: High-performance, Explainable Tabular Learning - TabNet combines the best of two worlds: it’s explainable (similar to simpler tree-based models) and high performance (similar to deep neural networks).

AI Official Blog Sept. 7, 2020

Conversational AI drives better customer experiences - Conversational AI takes contact centers into a new era of customer service.

AI Cloud AutoML Serverless July 13, 2020

AI in practice: Identify defective components with AutoML in GCP - Implementing an AI system using GCP products.

AI Cloud AutoML Official Blog July 13, 2020

AutoML Tables: end-to-end workflows on AI Platform Pipelines - New AutoML Tables features: improved Python SDK, support for explanations of online predictions, export models and serve from a container anywhere, and track model search progress and final model hyperparameters in Cloud Logging.

AI Cloud Run Serverless Terraform July 6, 2020

Document AI in Google Cloud Platform - Web system for text extraction from scanned documents based on Document AI.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU July 6, 2020

Google breaks AI performance records in MLPerf with world's fastest training supercomputer - Google set performance records in six out of the eight MLPerf benchmarks at the latest MLPerf benchmark contest.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog July 3, 2020

Google Cloud’s AI Adoption Framework: Helping you build a transformative AI capability - The Google Cloud AI Adoption Framework whitepaper aims to provide a guiding framework for technology leaders who want to leverage the power of AI.

AI Kaggle TensorFlow June 15, 2020

Predicting Forest Cover Type with Tensorflow and model deployment in GCP - Using a Kaggle competition to get started with Tensorflow and learn how to deploy the model in GCP.

AI Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Dialogflow June 15, 2020

AI-Driven News ChatBot (TL;DR) On GCP - Creating a Telegram Chatbot on GCP that summarizes news articles.

AI Machine Learning May 25, 2020

AI Workshop Experiments - AI Workshop offers customers, partners, researchers, and developers the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge AI innovations.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog May 11, 2020

How Google Cloud helped scaling-out one person's AI service—and his life - How one developer used Google Cloud AI solutions to inexpensively build AI-based photo apps.

AI Dialogflow April 20, 2020

How can Chatbots help during global pandemic (COVID-19)? - A list of chatbot applications that can be used in COVID-19 time.

AI AI Platform April 13, 2020

AI Platform Optimizer - AI Platform Optimizer is a black-box optimization service that helps you tune hyperparameters in complex machine learning models.

AI Beginner Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Tutorial April 13, 2020

Creating, Hosting & Inferencing Machine Learning Model using Google Cloud Platform AutoML - End to end example of using Cloud AutoML.

AI Cloud AutoML Tutorial April 13, 2020

Google Cloud Platform Custom Model Upload , REST API Inference and Model Version Monitoring - End to end example of using Cloud AutoML.

AI April 6, 2020

Level Up - Automated Subtitles with AI

AI Cloud AutoML Cloud Run Serverless March 28, 2020

How to Deploy your AutoML Model in a Cost-effective Way - Training Cloud AutoML Vision model and deploying it on Cloud Run.

AI Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Machine Learning March 28, 2020

Building a scalable online product recommender with Keras, Docker, GCP, and GKE - Process description when creating and deploying an online recommendation system on Google Cloud.

AI Machine Learning March 16, 2020

Introducing Cloud AI Platform Pipelines - AI Platform Pipelines provides enterprise-ready infrastructure for deploying and running structured ML workflows, and pipeline tools for building, debugging, and sharing pipelines and components.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU March 9, 2020

Better scalability with Cloud TPU pods and TensorFlow 2.1 - Cloud TPU Pods are now generally available, and include TensorFlow 2.1 support and other new features.

AI AI Platform Official Blog March 2, 2020

Google named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services - Gartner recently named Google Cloud as a leader in its Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Developer Services

AI Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 16, 2019

Discover insights from text with AutoML Natural Language, now generally available - AutoML Natural Language is generally available and has new features.

AI Machine Learning Dec. 2, 2019

How to Use GCP with Weights & Biases - How to quickly spin up a Notebook instance via the GCP AI Platform and configure Weights and Biases for experiment tracking.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog Dec. 2, 2019

How Cloud AI is shaping the future of retail—online and in-store - How Google Cloud AI can help transform retailers’ business.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog Dec. 2, 2019

How AutoML Vision is helping companies create visual inspection solutions for manufacturing - How manufacturing customers are using AutoML Vision to create visual inspection solutions.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Security Nov. 18, 2019

Exploring the machine learning models behind Cloud IAM Recommender - Learn about the machine learning techniques that power Cloud IAM’s recommendations.

AI Cloud Vision API Dialogflow Machine Learning Tutorial Nov. 11, 2019

Add Image Recognition to your Chatbot with Google Dialogflow and Vision API - The tutorial goes through integrating Dialogflow with Vision API to provide rich and dynamic ML-based responses to user-provided image inputs.

AI Official Blog TPU Nov. 11, 2019

Cloud TPU breaks scalability records for AI Inference - Results from the MLPerf Inference benchmark demonstrate that Cloud TPU inference meets critical needs of ML customers: developer velocity, scalability, and elasticity.

AI Cloud AutoML Official Blog Nov. 11, 2019

ShapeMask: High-performance, large-scale instance segmentation with Cloud TPUs - New ML model ShapeMask, run on Cloud TPUs can help you build highly-scalable cutting-edge instance segmentation applications.

AI GPU Machine Learning Official Blog Nov. 4, 2019

Reduce the costs of ML workflows with preemptible VMs and GPUs - If you have some flexibility in your timing and availability, preemptible VMs with GPUs can be a useful tactic for significantly lowering those costs.

AI Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog Oct. 28, 2019

Updates make Cloud AI platform faster and more flexible - Improvements in AI Platform provide more flexibility to ML teams looking to optimize their workloads for cost and performance.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Oct. 6, 2019

Announcing updates to AutoML Vision Edge, AutoML Video, and Video Intelligence API - Enhancements to AI vision and video intelligence portfolio to help even more customers take advantage of machine learning.

AI Official Blog Oct. 6, 2019

Accelerating industry transformation with the power of AI - How enterprises across every industry are using the cloud to build highly customized solutions and apply AI to accelerate business transformation.

AI GCP Experience Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 30, 2019

Deployed AI: How Lumiata is using AI to make healthcare smarter - Lumiata, which uses Google Cloud AI to provide intelligent health analytics for improved risk awareness and cost management in healthcare, shares its learnings on deploying AI in an organization.

AI Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Official Blog Sept. 23, 2019

Building a document understanding pipeline with Google Cloud - Create an end-to-end pipeline with Google’s Document AI Solution, including sample code and detailed instructions.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog TPU Sept. 16, 2019

Train ML models on large images and 3D volumes with spatial partitioning on Cloud TPUs - Spatial partitioning is new Cloud TPU feature that allows you to seamlessly scale image models up to larger sizes (in 2D and 3D) without changing your code. Here’s how to get started.

AI BigQuery Cloud ML Official Blog Sept. 2, 2019

How to quickly solve machine learning forecasting problems using Pandas and BigQuery - Learn how to quickly solve machine learning forecasting problems using Pandas, BigQuery, and Google Cloud AI Platform.

AI Data Science Machine Learning Aug. 19, 2019

How to Upgrade Colab with More Compute - Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform’s Deep Learning VMs to power up your Colab environment, on this episode of AI Adventures

AI Cloud ML Aug. 19, 2019

Custom model deployment on Google A.I. Platform Serving - End to end ML pipeline on AI Platform.

AI Official Blog Aug. 12, 2019

The age of Deployed AI is here: See how Google Cloud customers transform their businesses with AI - The emergence of sophisticated tools, best practices, and a rapidly growing community of builders has ushered in the era of Deployed AI. Here’s how customers are putting it to work for them right now.

AI Cloud Composer Machine Learning Python Aug. 5, 2019

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Pipeline using Google Cloud Composer - Example of setting a ML pipeline on GCP.

AI Cloud ML Aug. 5, 2019

Using explainability frameworks to interpet financial models - Using What-if tool for analyzing ML model.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog July 22, 2019

Introducing the What-If Tool for Cloud AI Platform models - With this integration, AI Platform users can develop a deeper understanding of how their models work under different scenarios, and build rich visualizations to explain model performance to others.

AI Cloud Functions Official Blog Serverless TensorFlow July 15, 2019

How to serve deep learning models using TensorFlow 2.0 with Cloud Functions - Learn how to run inference on Cloud Functions using TensorFlow 2.0.

AI Kubernetes Machine Learning Official Blog July 1, 2019

Introducing Deep Learning Containers: Consistent and portable environments - Deep Learning Containers help you manage the compatibility and complexities of your software stack, so you can focus on iterating and refining your machine learning model.

AI BigQuery Data Analytics Machine Learning Official Blog July 1, 2019

Analyze BigQuery data with Kaggle Kernels notebooks - BigQuery users can now query and create BQML models within an integrated development environment using Kaggle Kernels.

AI Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog June 24, 2019

How to run evolution strategies on Google Kubernetes Engine - Running Evolution Strategies ML workloads on Kubernetes Engine.

AI Official Blog June 17, 2019

3 steps to gain business value from AI - Three steps based on best practices inside Google to help organizations to get the biggest return on their AI investments.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog June 17, 2019

Jupyter Notebook Manifesto: Best practices that can improve the life of any developer using Jupyter notebooks - Best practices for Jupyter Notebooks based on Google experience.

AI TensorFlow Tutorial June 10, 2019

Training a Deep machine learning model on Google Cloud Platform with GPU support. - The article goes through the process of creating a VM with GPU and setting necessary software.

AI Official Blog May 20, 2019

Topping the tower: the Obstacle Tower Challenge AI Contest with Unity and Google Cloud - Learn how Unity is hosting an AI competition in a game engine environment on Google Cloud, enabling AI researchers to use Cloud TPUs and GPUs to train and serve ML models.

AI Cloud AutoML May 20, 2019

An End-to-End AutoML Solution for Tabular Data at KaggleDays - using AutoML in Kaggle competition.

AI Machine Learning TensorFlow May 13, 2019

Interpreting bag of words models with SHAP - Building a ML model to predict Stack Overflow question tags.

AI Machine Learning May 6, 2019

AI Platform Notebooks/VMs Release M25 - Improvements and updates for AI Platform.

AI Official Blog TPU April 29, 2019

Train and deploy state-of-the-art mobile image classification models via Cloud TPU - Learn how to train embedded Neural Architecture Search machine learning models on Cloud TPUs to output quantized TensorFlow Lite classifiers on embedded systems.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog April 29, 2019

American Cancer Society uses Google Cloud machine learning to power cancer research - The American Cancer Society is using machine learning on Google Cloud to help identify lifestyle, medical, and genetic factors that contribute to breast cancer.

AI Official Blog April 29, 2019

AI in Depth: Serving a PyTorch text classifier on AI Platform Serving using custom online prediction - Now, learn how to serve a custom PyTorch Model in Cloud AI Platform Serving, again using a text classification, natural language understanding example.

AI April 22, 2019

AI novelties at Google Next 2019 - Short recap of AI related products introduced at Next '19.

AI April 15, 2019

List Of Useful Links About AI Platform Notebooks And/Or Deep Learning VMs - This article includes a collection of useful articles about AI Platform Notebooks and AI Platform Deep Learning VMs.

AI AI Platform Notebooks April 15, 2019

Using Google Cloud AI Platform Notebooks as a Web-Based Python IDE - instructions and advice on how to setup and use Google Cloud AI Platform Notebooks as a development environment.

AI Data Science Machine Learning April 8, 2019

GCP Notebook Executor v0.1.2 - Executing long running Jupyter Notebook jobs on GCP.

AI Official Blog TensorFlow March 25, 2019

TensorFlow 2.0 and Cloud AI make it easy to train, deploy, and maintain scalable machine learning models - Recent developments around TensorFlow: version 2.0 in alpha, new features, courses etc.

AI Compute Engine Machine Learning Official Blog Python March 25, 2019

NVIDIA’s RAPIDS joins our set of Deep Learning VM images for faster data science - RAPIDS, NVIDIA’s open source and Python-based GPU-accelerated data processing and machine learning libraries are available on Deep Learning VM images

AI Compute Engine Machine Learning March 11, 2019

DeepLearning Images Revision M21 - New release of Deep Learning Images brings new UI, Tensorflow 1.13, 2.0 (in Alpha), Git integration with Notebooks.

AI Machine Learning Official Blog Feb. 18, 2019

AI in depth: monitoring home appliances from power readings with ML - How to accurately identify home appliances’ operating status using smart power readings, together with modern machine learning techniques such as long short-term memory (LSTM) models.

AI Official Blog Jan. 28, 2019

Build an AI-powered, customer service virtual agent with Chatbase - Using Chatbase to build AI-powered customer service virtual agent.

AI Business Cloud Functions Cloud Natural Language API Data Loss Prevention API Dialogflow Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog PubSub Jan. 21, 2019

A simple blueprint for building AI-powered customer service on GCP - an overview of a simple solution blueprint that may inspire you to meet these objectives using GCP.

AI BigQuery Cloud AutoML Cloud ML TensorFlow Jan. 7, 2019

Choosing between TensorFlow/Keras, BigQuery ML, and AutoML Natural Language for text classification - Comparing text classification done three ways on Google Cloud Platform.

AI Business Nov. 19, 2018

Let’s talk AI: Customers meet in San Francisco to show how AI is helping their businesses


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