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Airflow Cloud Composer Python Dec. 14, 2020

StarThinker On Airflow / Composer - StarThinker is a Google gTech built python framework for creating and sharing re-usable workflow components.

Airflow Cloud Composer Kubernetes Oct. 19, 2020

Best practises for KubernetesPodOperator in Cloud Composer - Examples and best practices on using KubernetesPodOperator in Cloud Composer.

Airflow Cloud Composer Data Analytics Sept. 14, 2020

Setup DBT with Cloud Composer - Google Cloud Composer, and dbt can work together to develop ETL processes. This article will show you how to set up the two together.

Airflow Cloud Composer Aug. 10, 2020

The Smarter Way of Scaling With Composer’s Airflow Scheduler on GKE - Reducing monthly billing for Cloud Composer.

Airflow BigQuery July 20, 2020

Airflow DAG Performance and Reliability - Set up measures to ensure that data made available to the business users is always reliable when they want it.

Airflow Apache Beam Machine Learning June 22, 2020

Industrialization of a ML model using Airflow and Apache BEAM - Running ML pipeline on GCP.

Airflow Google Kubernetes Engine June 15, 2020

Apache Airflow At Palo Alto Networks - Experience with a self-managed Airflow on GKE.

Airflow BigQuery June 1, 2020

Automated Reporting System Using Airflow - Configure scheduled reports in under 15 minutes.

Airflow Big Data BigQuery June 1, 2020

Data Pipelines at PasarPolis using Airflow and BigQuery - Use Airflow for data orchestration on BigQuery to maintain a data warehouse.

Airflow Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Python May 25, 2020

Apache Airflow and Kubernetes — Pain Points and Plugins to the Rescue - Some of the Airflow pain points and how they were solved when deployed on Kubernetes Engine.

Airflow BigQuery Python May 25, 2020

Airflow with Twitter Scraper, Google Cloud Storage, Big Query — tweets relating to Covid19 - Part Two of a Four-part Data Engineering Pipeline.


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