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Cloud Workstations GCP Experience Official Blog June 3, 2024

How DZ BANK improved developer productivity with Cloud Workstations - DZ BANK, Germany's second-largest bank, partnered with Google Cloud to enhance developer productivity and security. They utilized Cloud Workstations to standardize development environments, enabling faster onboarding and improved collaboration. Preconfigured base images simplified infrastructure management, while persistent disks and Docker-in-Docker support enhanced flexibility. DZ BANK also implemented custom Docker images, project-specific customizations, and an order CI pipeline for efficient image management and deployment.

Cloud Workstations Generative AI LLM Official Blog Feb. 11, 2024

No GPU? No problem. localllm lets you develop gen AI apps on local CPUs - In this post, we introduce you to a novel solution that allows developers to harness the power of LLMs locally on CPU and memory, right within Cloud Workstations, Google Cloud’s fully managed development environment.

Cloud Workstations Docker Nov. 6, 2023

Dynamically building docker image for cloud workstation with Github actions - Setting up a remote development environment on cloud workstation — Part3.

Cloud Workstations Aug. 7, 2023

My Cloud Workstation productivity setup - Learn how a Cloud Workstation image can be customized to include oh-my-zsh, k9s, custom tools and anything else developers dream of.

Cloud Workstations Kubernetes Skaffold July 24, 2023

How Google Cloud Workstations saved my demo… (and my bacon) - Google’s cloud based developer environments are a winner for road warrior devs — as well as those who employ them.

Cloud Workstations VS Code June 5, 2023

Cloud workstations — VS code - Using VS Code for development on Cloud Workstation.

Cloud Workstations Official Blog May 22, 2023

Cloud Workstations is now GA, with new capabilities and integrations - Cloud Workstations, now GA, enables faster developer onboarding and increased productivity with an enhanced security posture.

Cloud Workstations Official Blog April 17, 2023

Work from anywhere: Boost developer productivity with Cloud Workstations - Cloud-based workstations for engineers keep your core tools and platforms consistent and secure, plus easier to manage.

Cloud Workstations GCP Experience Official Blog Jan. 30, 2023

L’Oreal enables a global developer workforce with secure cloud development environments - L’Oreal empowered its global developer workforce with Cloud Workstations, a managed and secure cloud development environment and IDE solution.

Cloud Workstations Python Jan. 16, 2023

Build Your Castles In The Sky - Set up a powerful remote development environment on Google’s new Cloud Workstations.

Cloud Workstations Official Blog Nov. 7, 2022

Introducing Cloud Workstations: Managed and Secure Development environments in the cloud - Cloud Workstations is a remote, managed, and secure IDE solution for developers entering Public Preview.


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