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Billing Cloud Memorystore Official Blog May 1, 2023

Optimize your savings with Memorystore committed use discounts - Committed use discounts for Memorystore allow you to save 40% of the on-demand price and are fungible across both Redis and Memcached instances.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Dec. 26, 2022

Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis Best Practices - Tips for a highly performant and worry-free deployment - Memorystore for Redis on Google Cloud is a fully managed, highly available, highly performing, scalable and secure service for Redis. Best practices & features that will accelerate your deployment.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Oct. 24, 2022

Using Envoy to create cross-region replicas for Cloud Memorystore - Learn how to create multi-regional Cloud Memorystore for Redis instances in just a few minutes with the Envoy proxy.

Anthos Cloud Memorystore Istio Kubernetes Sept. 12, 2022

Seamlessly encrypt traffic from any apps in your Mesh to Memorystore (redis) - Setting up encryption from a sample app to Memorystore by leveraging Istio and Anthos Service Mesh.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Aug. 29, 2022

Scalable Matchmaker Performance with Cloud Memorystore for Redis Read Replicas - This blog post shows the performance of Open Match and Cloud Memorystore for Redis Read Replicas to create a scalable matchmaker to handle a large surge of players.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Python April 18, 2022

Using Memorystore for Redis to cache your Django applications - With the release of Django 4.0, Redis is now a core supported caching backend. Learn how to implement caching for your Django deployments on Google Cloud.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore Cloud Memorystore Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Official Blog April 11, 2022

Google Cloud’s key investment areas to accelerate your database transformation - This blog focuses on the 6 key database investment areas that help you accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog March 21, 2022

What’s new with Cloud Memorystore for Redis - Learn about the latest releases for Memorystore for Redis, Google Cloud managed Redis service.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Feb. 21, 2022

Scaling to new heights with Cloud Memorystore and Envoy - Learn how to scale your Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis database for high volume use cases in just a few minutes with the help of Envoy proxy.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Nov. 22, 2021

Get 6X read performance with Memorystore for Redis Read Replicas - Memorystore for Redis supports Read Replicas preview, allowing you to scale up to five replicas and achieve over one million read requests per second.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Aug. 23, 2021

What is Memorystore? - Many of today's applications ranging from gaming, cybersecurity, social media require processing data at sub-millisecond latency to deliver real-time experiences. To meet demands of low latency at increased scale and reduced cost you need an in-memory datastore.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Aug. 2, 2021

Introducing improved maintenance policy for Cloud Memorystore - Reduce maintenance downtime and get more control with Cloud Memorystore.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore Official Blog March 15, 2021

Cloud Bigtable + Cloud Memorystore: faster together - Databases are designed for specific schemas, queries, and throughput, but if you have data that gets queried more frequently for a period of time, you may want to reduce the load on your database by introducing a cache layer. Here's how to do it in Bigtable with Memorystore for Memcached.

Cloud Memorystore GCP Experience Official Blog March 15, 2021

How Songkick harmonized their infrastructure with Memorystore - See how concert discovery and music service Songkick migrated to fully managed Memorystore for Redis for a scalable, fast cloud caching solution.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog March 8, 2021

Go faster and cheaper with Memorystore for Memcached, now GA - Learn about fully managed Memorystore for Memcached, which is compatible with open-source Memcached protocol and can save database costs and add speed.

Cloud Memorystore GCP Experience Official Blog March 8, 2021

How Memorystore cut costs in half for Quizlet’s Memcached workloads - See how online learning platform Quizlet uses managed database service Memorystore for Memcached to cut costs, improve reliability for SRE.

Cloud Memorystore VPC Feb. 1, 2021

Memorystore Redis access through VPC peering - Accessing Cloud Memorystore from VPC in another GCP project.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore Cloud SQL Official Blog Dec. 28, 2020

2020: The year in databases at Google Cloud - Check out the top new features from Google Cloud managed databases in 2020 across open source and cloud-native.

Cloud Memorystore GCP Experience Nov. 16, 2020

From Memcache to Cloud MemoryStore - Using memcache for Cloud Memorystore.

Cloud Memorystore Cloud Run Tutorial July 27, 2020

Using Memorystore with Cloud Run - Setting Cloud Memorystore to be used in the Cloud Run web app.

Cloud Memorystore VPC June 29, 2020

Redis with Shared VPC and Private Service Access - Imagine that we wish a Memorystore redis managed instance to be available to a number of our projects. How might we achieve this?

Cloud Functions Cloud Memorystore VPC June 15, 2020

Connecting Cloud Functions To Redis (Memorystore) With Serverless VPC Connector - Quick and easy way to get cloud functions and Redis working in one simple script.

Cloud Memorystore NoSQL Official Blog June 1, 2020

Performance tuning best practices for Memorystore for Redis - Benchmark the performance of Memorystore for Redis to optimize those workloads running on Google Cloud.

BigQuery Cloud Bigtable Cloud Memorystore GCP Experience May 4, 2020

Using Google Cloud to Serve 10,000s of Personalized Recs Per Second - Improving recommendation product system for lower latency.

Cloud Memorystore Kubernetes NodeJS May 4, 2020

Google Cloud MemoryStore with Node JS on Google Kubernetes Engine - Cache improves your app performance terrifically, check how Google provides fully-managed service for Redis & Memcached for Nodejs.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog April 6, 2020

Powering up caching with Memorystore for Memcached - In-memory data stores can act as a caching layer for databases for speed and simplicity. The Memorystore for Memcached service is now in beta.

Cloud Memorystore March 28, 2020

Cloud Memorystore for Memcached - Memorystore for Memcached is a fully managed Memcached service for Google Cloud. Applications running on Google Cloud can achieve extreme performance by leveraging the highly scalable, available, secure Memcached service without the burden of managing complex Memcached deployments.

BigQuery Cloud Functions Cloud Memorystore NodeJS Serverless Jan. 13, 2020

Fast Exports from BigQuery to Cloud Memorystore - Loading data from BigQuery to Cloud Memorystore

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog July 15, 2019

Cloud Memorystore adds import-export and Redis 4.0 - The new import-export feature is now available in Cloud Memorystore for Redis, letting you move Redis instances into Cloud Storage buckets for application caching.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog April 8, 2019

Cloud Memorystore: Now with Redis version 4.0 support and manual failover API - A beta release of Cloud Memorystore includes Redis 4.0 support.

Cloud Memorystore Jan. 14, 2019

From Redis to Memorystore: a migration path - Explore Cloud Memorystore which provides fully-managed Redis instances.

Cloud Memorystore Dec. 10, 2018

Migration to MemoryStore, for next immutable infrastructure - Migration story of a service using Redis

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog Sept. 24, 2018

Announcing general availability of Cloud Memorystore for Redis - Cloud Memorystore for Redis is now general availabile. This is a fully managed in-memory data store service built on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog May 14, 2018

Introducing Cloud Memorystore: A fully managed in-memory data store service for Redis - Public beta version of Cloud Memorystore for Redis, a fully-managed in-memory data store service.


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