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LLM Official Blog Translation API May 13, 2024

LLMs, AI Studio, higher quality, oh my! Our latest Translation AI advancements - Announcing new generative model for Google Cloud’s Translation API.

AlloyDB LLM Official Blog Translation API Jan. 22, 2024

How to create a multilingual chatbot that queries AlloyDB with Langchain, Streamlit, LLMs, and Google Translate

Go Translation API March 20, 2023

Google Translate API — Should you use V2 or V3? And what cool stuff are there in V3? - Have you heard about “Glossary” in translations? Or looking to use batch translations with Google translate? We’ll discuss these topics here.

Go Translation API July 25, 2022

Translate Any Retro Game on the fly with Google Cloud AI and Go - Using the Google Cloud Vision and Google Translate APIs to translate which translates anything on screen to your preferred language.

Document AI Official Blog Translation API Nov. 8, 2021

New features for translating content globally - Document Translation translates documents in real time across 100+ languages, preserving document formatting.

Python Translation API Sept. 27, 2021

Updating glossaries in Google Cloud Translation - How to progressively improve your translations without training any model.

Official Blog Translation API Sept. 13, 2021

Best practices for translating websites with Translation API - Translate your website with Google’s industry leading Machine Learning. Learn best practices for optimizing cost, performance, and security.

Official Blog Translation API May 17, 2021

Translation API Advanced can translate business documents across 100+ languages - Google Cloud AI translation services now directly translate documents in formats such as Docx, PPTx, XLSx and PDF while preserving document formatting.

App Engine Cloud Functions Cloud Run NodeJS Translation API Dec. 9, 2019

Portable code migrating across Google Cloud's serverless platforms - Deploying function written in NodeJS to various serverless products on GCP.

Cloud AutoML Official Blog Translation API Nov. 11, 2019

Get the word out: AutoML Translation goes GA, plus updates to Translation API - The general availability of AutoML Translation and updates to our Translation API help businesses use machine learning to help them translate faster and more efficiently than ever.

Cloud AutoML Machine Learning Translation API Nov. 11, 2019

Improving Machine Translation with the Google Translation API Advanced - Using AutoML to improve translation in Translation API.

Official Blog Translation API June 10, 2019

New Translate API capabilities can help localization experts and global enterprises - New features in Translation API v3 help you translate faster and more cost-effectively.


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