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Compute Engine Storage Feb. 26, 2024

Protect disk snapshots against accidental deletion or malicious tampering - This article explores an approach to protect snapshots against deletion (and potentially other modifications).

Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine Storage Nov. 27, 2023

Read-only persistent disks on Google Cloud - Did you know that a Google Cloud Persistent Disk (PD) can be read-only attached to up to 10 instances with full performance and at no extra cost? Check the blog for the ins and outs of using PD read-only attachments with Linux VMs, GKE, and Windows Server.

Official Blog Storage Nov. 20, 2023

Be a Regional Persistent Disk monitoring superhero: How to know when you’re at RPO=0

Official Blog Storage Oct. 2, 2023

Navigating Google Cloud: a decision tree for storage workloads - A guide to help you research and select the storage services that best match your specific workload needs.

Compute Engine Storage Terraform Sept. 18, 2023

Exploring GCP’s Multi-Writer Persistent Disks: A Guide to Building a Shared Filesystem - Exploring new feature for SSD disks, usage as a multi-writer persisten disk.

AI Cloud Storage Official Blog Storage Aug. 28, 2023

Unleash your AI workloads with Google Cloud’s latest storage solutions - Google Cloud’s new storage solutions include the Parallelstore parallel file system, Cloud Storage FUSE, and Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

Big Data BigQuery Storage July 10, 2023

BigQuery Storage Billing Models - Can you save on your BigQuery Storage costs? Let’s see by exploring the different pricing models and how to use the information available.

Compute Engine Official Blog Storage July 3, 2023

Protect data from disasters using new Asynchronous Replication - The new Persistent Disk Asynchronous Replication replicates Compute Engine workloads between Google Cloud regions, enabling low RPO and RTO.

BigQuery Billing Storage June 19, 2023

Estimate Your BigQuery Storage Cost - Have you been using BigQuery as a data warehouse to retrieve data using Structured Query Language (SQL)?

Official Blog Security Storage April 24, 2023

Understanding Nasuni’s new ransomware protection service on Google Cloud - At its core, the Nasuni File Data Platform can help organizations shift capacity off local file storage hardware and into cost-effective object storage.

Big Data BigQuery Billing Storage Feb. 6, 2023

How BigQuery Physical Storage works - Calculating which BigQuery billing model for storage to use.

Compute Engine Official Blog Storage Sept. 19, 2022

Long-term data protection with Persistent Disk Archive Snapshots - Persistent Disk Archive Snapshots provide a low-cost option for data protection that requires long-term retention, such as helping to support compliance, audit, or disaster recovery.

Cloud Logging Storage Sept. 5, 2022

Optimise Cloud logging in Google Cloud with logging query language - Is your cloud logging bill more than what you had estimated? Let’s learn a way to filter them out and reduce your monthly consumption.

Official Blog Storage May 9, 2022

The definitive guide to databases on Google Cloud: Part 2 - Options at a glance - A look into the different databases and storage options in Google Cloud, a brief note on each one of them, when to choose one over the other, interesting alternatives, and exceptions.

Official Blog Security Storage May 9, 2022

Implementing HKMA’s Secure Tertiary Data Backup (STDB) on Google Cloud - How to use Google Cloud as a backup storage solution to address HKMA’s Secure Tertiary Data Backup (STDB) guideline.

Official Blog Storage April 18, 2022

The definitive guide to databases on Google Cloud: Part 1 - Data modeling basics - In this blog we discuss the business attributes, technical aspects, design questions, considerations to keep in mind while “Designing the Database Model”.

Database Migration Service Official Blog Storage April 11, 2022

Accelerate your move to the cloud with the new Database Migration Program - Database Migration Program is a new and stress free approach to migrating self managed databases, whether on premises or in the cloud, to industry-leading, managed database services on Google Cloud.

Compute Engine Storage March 28, 2022

Snapshots and Images in Google Cloud Platform - An overview of snapshots and images in Compute Engine.

Official Blog Storage Feb. 14, 2022

Yugabyte Cloud offers database scale AND transactional consistency - Yugabyte Cloud brings the best of both cloud and RDBMS database architectures to businesses and developers worldwide.

GCP Experience Official Blog Storage Oct. 25, 2021

SenseData’s journey with Google Cloud’s managed database services - Learn how SenseData helps Brazilian companies embrace customer success, rapidly evolving their products on Google Cloud and Google managed database services.

Cloud Storage Official Blog Storage Sept. 20, 2021

To serve and protect: New storage features help ensure data is never lost - Google Cloud makes enterprise application storage easier to migrate and manage with product launches for Filestore, GKE and Cloud Storage.

Storage Aug. 30, 2021

GCP Data Transfer Options - This article talks about various transfer option offerings by Google Cloud, there are various options given by Google Cloud to efficiently transfer the data.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

Getting to the cloud: Best practices for migrating from On-prem to Google Cloud using Storage Transfer Service - Learn how to use Storage Transfer Service to move data from on-prem to the cloud, and common mistakes to avoid.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

What's the latest with Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery? - Read the latest news on Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery including information about the July 2021 release.

Official Blog Storage June 28, 2021

Accelerate Google Cloud database migration assessments with EPAM’s migVisor - The Database Migration Assessment is a Google Cloud-led project to help customers accelerate their deployment to Google Cloud databases with a free evaluation of their environment.

Storage June 14, 2021

Database Migration and Replication: On Consistency - This article discusses database replication and migration from the viewpoint of data consistency.

GCP Experience Kubernetes NoSQL Storage May 24, 2021

Organizing the migration of a hundred databases to the cloud - A story of a migration process of various on-premise databases to the Google Cloud.

Official Blog Storage May 10, 2021

A map of storage options in Google Cloud - This post covers the different storage options available within Google Cloud across three storage types: object storage, block storage, and file storage. It also covers the use cases that are best suited for each storage option.

Official Blog Storage May 3, 2021

Introducing Open Saves: Open-source cloud-native storage for games - Check out the new Open Saves interface that lets game developers manage multiple storage back ends–from Google Cloud and 2K Games.

Official Blog Storage April 26, 2021

Colossus under the hood: a peek into Google’s scalable storage system - An overview of Colossus, the file system that underpins Google Cloud’s storage offerings.

Official Blog Storage April 19, 2021

A Google Cloud block storage options cheat sheet - “Where do Virtual Machines store data?” Block store! Google Cloud offers two block storage options: Persistent Disks and Local SSD. This is your cheat sheet for block storage in Google Cloud.

Cloud Storage Javascript NodeJS Storage Feb. 22, 2021

Google Storage — How to export and zip a big amount of data with NodeJS - Moving 50K files inside the Google Storage, downloading, zipping, and uploading to another bucket.

Data Analytics Official Blog Storage Dec. 7, 2020

Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems names Google a Leader - Gartner’s first-ever database management systems (DBMS) Magic Quadrant (MQ) names Google Cloud a Leader.

Kubernetes Storage Oct. 26, 2020

Quick Fix: Sharing Persistent Disks on Multiple Nodes in Kubernetes - How to use a single-write, multi-read persistent block storage(ie: Google Persistent Disk or Amazon Elastic Block Store Volume) to store data on multiple nodes in a Kubernetes cluster using NFS.

Compute Engine Storage Oct. 12, 2020

From zero to hero: Production-ready Oracle Database in minutes with BMS-Toolkit using Bare Metal… - Using Bare Metal Solution to deploy Oracle database on GCP.

Official Blog Storage Sept. 21, 2020

GKE powers new software-defined NetApp Cloud Volumes Service - NetApp’s new Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) enterprise file storage service is powered by Google Kubernetes Engine.

Official Blog Serverless Storage Aug. 24, 2020

13 sample architectures to kickstart your Google Cloud journey - The 13 most popular application architectures on Google Cloud, and how to get started.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Storage June 1, 2020

Having ReadWriteMany Access Modes in GKE with NFS Server - Dealing with ReadWriteMany(ROX) Access Modes in Persistent Volume Claim on GKE.

Cloud Filestore Storage May 4, 2020

NFS Filestore on GCP for free - Setting up cheaper Filestore alternative.

Compute Engine Storage April 20, 2020

Cloud NVMes: the blind side of them - Exploring the performance of Compute Engine local SSDs (NVMe).

Compute Engine Official Blog Storage March 16, 2020

Local SSDs + VMs = love at first (tera)byte - In Google Cloud Storage you can now attach 6TB and 9TB local SSDs to virtual machines (VMs) for higher throughput and IOPS per VM.

GCP Experience Storage Feb. 24, 2020

Refinitiv uses Google Cloud to revolutionise delivery of huge datasets - Financial data giant Refinitiv is using Cloud Platform to store historical data and allows its' customers to access data there ( rather than having it shipped to them on hard disks).

Docker Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Storage Jan. 20, 2020

Setting up Cassandra Multi-Site on Google Kubernetes Engine with Casskop - The article goes through the process of setting Cassandra clusters on Google Kubernetes Engine using the Casskop operator.

Storage Jan. 13, 2020

Disaster Recovery on Google Cloud for Data (Part 1) - Planing data backup and recovery.

Cloud Storage SRE Stackdriver Storage Dec. 23, 2019

Monitoring bytes sent from Google Cloud Storage buckets - The article describes how to set up monitoring and creating alerts based on data transferred from Cloud Storage.

Official Blog Storage Dec. 23, 2019

File storage made easier with NetApp Cloud Volumes, now GA - Enterprise-grade cloud file storage that’s highly available and high performing from Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes.

Official Blog Storage Dec. 16, 2019

Introducing Storage Transfer Service for on-premises data - Moving many terabytes of on-premises data to cloud has been slow and complicated, but Transfer Service for on-premises data makes it easier.

Official Blog Storage Dec. 9, 2019

Gartner names Google Cloud a Leader in Operational Database Management Systems - Google Cloud has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for OPDBMS, operational database management systems.

Storage Dec. 9, 2019

Transfer Service for on-premises data Overview - Transfer Service for on-premises data is a software service that enables you to transfer large amounts of data from your data center to a Cloud Storage bucket. It is well suited for customers that are moving billions of files and 100s of TB of data in a single transfer. It can scale to network connections in the 10s of Gbps.

Infrastructure Storage Nov. 25, 2019

NetApp and Google Cloud Drive Innovation in the Cloud - General availability of Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) and Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) for Google Cloud from NetApp company.

Official Blog Storage Nov. 4, 2019

Cloud storage data protection that fits your business - Check out new protections for Google’s cloud block storage, Persistent Disk. Regional snapshots, automatic replication and more protect your data.

Compute Engine Storage Oct. 28, 2019

Persistent Disks and Replication - Overview of how persistent disks work.

Cloud Storage Official Blog Storage Sept. 9, 2019

Best practices for Cloud Storage cost optimization - Tips on optimizing Cloud Storage buckets or objects based on performance, retention, and access pattern requirements.

AWS Cloud Storage Storage Aug. 26, 2019

Accessing Google Cloud Storage using AWS SDK and OAuth2 - The article describes code changes which should be used to use AWS S3 client to work with objects on Cloud Storage.

DevOps Storage Terraform Aug. 19, 2019

How To Process Time Series Data On GCP - Introducing a set of open source modules for the TICK stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor) on GCP.

Storage Aug. 19, 2019

Oracle database on Google Cloud Platform -What do you need to know? - A brief overview of the state of running Oracle DB on GCP.

Business Official Blog Storage July 15, 2019

Google to acquire Elastifile - The combination of Elastifile and Google Cloud will help businesses bring traditional workloads into GCP faster and simplify the management and scaling of data and compute intensive workloads.

Big Data Official Blog Storage June 10, 2019

Announcing Snowflake on Google Cloud Platform - Snowflake (cloud-based data warehouse) will be available on GCP.

Business Official Blog Storage June 10, 2019

Thinking big: Google Cloud databases named a Leader in The Forrester Wave Database-as-a-Service, Q2 2019 - Google is a Leader in the Q2 2019 Forrester Database-as-a-Service Wave, taking all of Google Cloud’s database services into account.

Big Data Official Blog Storage May 6, 2019

Principles and best practices for data governance in the cloud - The white paper which outlines best practices and guidelines for organizations to establish data governance in a cloud-first world.

Docker Kubernetes Storage Tutorial April 29, 2019

GlusterFS Dynamic Provisioning using Heketi as External Storage with GKE - Setting up GlusterFS on GKE.

GCP Experience Official Blog Storage April 22, 2019

Evaporating a data lake: Otto Group’s lessons learned migrating a Hadoop infrastructure to GCP - How retail company OttoGroup moved their on-premises Hadoop data lake to Google Cloud Platform to save money and improve performance.

Official Blog Storage April 15, 2019

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold archive storage - More detailed overview of storage news and improvements announced on Cloud Next 19.

Official Blog Storage April 8, 2019

Scale storage out with new Elastifile Cloud File Service for GCP - Elastifile Cloud File Service is a fully-managed, scalable file storage service. It delivers high-reliability, POSIX-compliant NFS file services and provides a full suite of cloud-native enterprise NAS features.

Official Blog Storage March 11, 2019

New file checksum feature lets you validate data transfers between HDFS and Cloud Storage - Automatic performing end-to-end, client-side validation of copied files in Apache Hadoop and Cloud Storage.

Cloud Identity Storage Feb. 10, 2019

Some more GCP Flowcharts - Flowcharts to help select right Identity management, Load balancer, Cloud Storage class

Official Blog Storage Nov. 19, 2018

Introducing Transfer Appliance in the EU for cloud data migration - Transfer Appliance is available in beta in the EU market.

Official Blog Storage Oct. 8, 2018

Designing and implementing your disaster recovery plan using GCP - Detailed guide for designing and implementing your disaster recovery plan using GCP.

Official Blog Security Storage Sept. 17, 2018

Deleting your data in Google Cloud Platform - White paper explains what happens when data is deleted in GCP.

Java Storage Aug. 6, 2018

Hazlecast on Google Cloud Platform part 1 - The process of deploying, securing Hazlecast cluster in to the GCP.

Compute Engine Storage July 2, 2018

Tweaking Persistent Disk Performance - Explaining different types of persistent disks.

Storage June 11, 2018

Right Disk Type for performance - Comparing different disks offerings on GCP and their performance.

Official Blog Storage May 21, 2018

Three steps to prepare your users for cloud data migration - Essential steps you can take to successfully move your enterprise users to cloud.

Storage April 16, 2018

How do I create an OpenEBS storage pool on Google Persistent Disk - Creating an OpenEBS storage pool on Google Persistent Disk.

Storage Jan. 15, 2018

rclone — Keep An Eye On Your Files With Bulk Batch Processing For Amazon, Google, Dropbox And Other Cloud Storage Systems - The article explains Bulk Stash Docker image which is a rclone service to sync, or copy, files between different storage services.


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