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HPC Networking Official Blog Oct. 25, 2021

Accelerating MPI applications using Google Virtual NIC (gVNIC) - Using gVNIC improves MPI communication performance, which is a critical element of delivering high HPC application performance and scalability.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics GPU HPC Official Blog Aug. 30, 2021

Single-cell genomic analysis accelerated by NVIDIA on Google Cloud - Learn about single-cell genomic analysis on Google Cloud using NVIDIA and Dataproc.

HPC Official Blog Aug. 23, 2021

Scaling data access to 10Tbps (yes, terabits) with Lustre - Working with DDN and NAG, the Lustre file system running on Google Cloud ranked 8th on this year’s IO500 benchmark.

HPC Official Blog Aug. 9, 2021

Deploy optimized HPC clusters in the cloud with Intel Select Solutions - Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling on Google Cloud make it easy to create optimized HPC environments quickly.

HPC Official Blog June 28, 2021

IBM Spectrum LSF Now Supports HPC Workloads on Google Cloud - Google Cloud is excited to announce, in collaboration with IBM, enhanced capabilities to IBM Spectrum LSF job scheduling with Google Cloud resources.

HPC Official Blog June 22, 2021

Expanding access to quantum today for a better tomorrow - You can gain access to IonQ’s trapped-ion quantum computer is available through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

AI HPC Machine Learning Official Blog TPU June 7, 2021

New Cloud TPU VMs make training your ML models on TPUs easier than ever - New Cloud TPU VMs let you run TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX workloads on TPU host machines, improving performance and usability, and reducing costs.

HPC Official Blog May 31, 2021

Never miss a tapeout: Faster chip design with Google Cloud - Augmenting on-premises chip design workflows with cloud-based capacity is a great way to speed up silicon workflows.

HPC Official Blog May 24, 2021

Improving NCCL performance for cloud ML applications - How to optimize Google Cloud infrastructure to minimize deep learning training times with distributed/multi-node synchronous training using NCCL.

Compute Engine HPC Official Blog March 29, 2021

Getting Compute Engine resources for batch processing just got easier - You can now obtain Compute Engine resources for batch processing workloads that account for availability of resources in zones of a region.

HPC Official Blog March 22, 2021

Introducing the latest Slurm on GCP scripts - The latest version of Slurm for Google Cloud includes support for Terraform, the HPC VM Image, placement policies, Bulk API and instance templates.

GPU HPC Official Blog March 22, 2021

A2 VMs now GA—the largest GPU cloud instances with NVIDIA A100 GPUs - A2 VMs with NVIDIA A100 GPUs are now generally available for your most demanding workloads including machine learning and HPC.

HPC Official Blog Feb. 8, 2021

Introducing HPC VM images—pre-tuned for optimal performance - Google Cloud’s first pre-configured HPC VM image is a CentOS 7-based image optimized for tightly-coupled MPI workloads.

HPC Official Blog Dec. 28, 2020

Scale your EDA flows: How Google Cloud enables faster verification - Google Cloud compute infrastructure can speed up HPC workloads such as EDA.

HPC Official Blog Dec. 7, 2020

Getting higher MPI performance for HPC applications on Google Cloud - You can reduce MPI latency in HPC workloads running on Google Cloud by following these best practices.

Compute Engine HPC Official Blog Nov. 22, 2020

The need for speed: Using C2 machines for your HPC workloads - Optimize your HPC workloads for the compute-optimized (C2) VMs based on second generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

AI Platform AI Platform Prediction GPU HPC Sept. 28, 2020

How to create a numeric calculation web service that autoscales on GPUs - Numeric-calculations-as-a-service by leveraging ML Infrastructure.

Compute Engine HPC Official Blog July 13, 2020

New Compute Engine A2 VMs—first NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPUs in the cloud - Google Cloud’s new Accelerator-Optimized (A2) VM family is based on the NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPU, and designed for demanding HPC and ML workloads.

GPU HPC Official Blog May 18, 2020

Google Cloud and NVIDIA’s enhanced partnership accelerates computing workloads - We’re announcing our support for the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.

Google Kubernetes Engine HPC Official Blog Nov. 18, 2019

Introducing Batch on GKE—modernizing HPC with Kubernetes in the cloud - Batch onGKE lets you run batch workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine

HPC Official Blog June 10, 2019

Competing with supercomputers: HPC in the cloud becomes reality - Google Cloud Storage and DDN’s EXAScaler recently tackled the IO-500 high-performance computing (HPC) benchmark, with great results.


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