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Duet AI Gemini May 27, 2024

Getting Started with Gemini Code Assist - Google Cloud’s always-on Coding Assistant.

Duet AI Gemini March 4, 2024

Using Duet AI to generate a Starter App from an OpenAPI Specification - Using Duet AI for Developers to generate an OpenAPI Specification and then use that to generate a starter application.

Duet AI Java Feb. 26, 2024

Test-Driven Development with Java, Spring Boot and Duet AI in GCP - Write tests before business logic with Duet AI assistance!

Cloud Run Duet AI Jan. 29, 2024

Create and deploy a new web app to Cloud Run with Duet AI - A journey of creating and deploying a new web application to Cloud Run with Duet AI’s help.

Duet AI Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog Jan. 22, 2024

Figuring out microservices running on your GKE cluster with help from Duet AI

Duet AI Official Blog Jan. 22, 2024

Ten new generative AI trainings to upskill in 2024 with Duet AI - A recommended list of 10 new trainings on Duet AI for Google Workspace and Duet AI for Google Cloud to learn how to use generative AI to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Duet AI Official Blog SRE Jan. 22, 2024

Get your services back online quickly with Duet AI - Duet AI, an assistive AI tool,can help you make sense of the error messages and also speed up your investigation.

AI Duet AI Jan. 8, 2024

Unleashing data insights with Google’s Duet AI, zero code required - In this blog, we’ll walk through the process of leveraging a few different versions of Duet AI in order to help us gain novel insights from a large dataset without writing any code.

Duet AI Generative AI Google Kubernetes Engine Jan. 1, 2024

Navigating GKE with Duet AI: Simplifying Kubernetes Commands - Duet AI: Simplifying Your GKE Journey.

DevOps Duet AI Machine Learning Dec. 25, 2023

Getting started with Duet AI on Google Cloud and VS Code - Exploring Google’s Duet AI on VS Code and GCP console.

Duet AI Official Blog Dec. 25, 2023

Insights, clustering models and visualizations made easy with Duet AI - Leverage Duet AI as your data science partner and embark on a journey of discovery as you unlock the future of data exploration.

Duet AI Networking Official Blog Dec. 25, 2023

Explain and customize cloud networking with Duet AI - How Duet AI can help network engineers for example to interconnect cloud networks with on-prem network structures.

Duet AI Official Blog Dec. 18, 2023

Build apps faster with new Duet AI in Google Cloud training content - Today we’re launching new training on Duet AI in Google Cloud that can help you get the most out of the new product features so that you can build customer experiences quickly, more securely, and like never before.

Duet AI Official Blog Partners Dec. 18, 2023

Enhancing Duet AI for Developers through our partner ecosystem - Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are the first two Duet AI in Google Cloud offerings to go GA.

AI Duet AI Machine Learning Official Blog Dec. 18, 2023

Have the AI build your app for you! - Let Duet AI help you by speeding up the process of developing and deploying sample apps.

Duet AI Official Blog Dec. 18, 2023

Announcing General Availability of Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations - Today, we are announcing that Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are now generally available.

Duet AI Generative AI Machine Learning Nov. 20, 2023

Duet AI Review: My Perception and Use Cases — Part 2 - This article is Part 2 of a two-part review on Duet AI.

Duet AI Machine Learning Nov. 13, 2023

Duet AI Review: My Perception and Use Cases — Part 1 - This article is Part 1 of a two-part review on Duet AI, presenting my perceptions about the use of the tool.

Duet AI Java Official Blog Nov. 13, 2023

Build a Java Spring Boot app in IntelliJ with Duet AI assistance - This article explains how to create a simple Java Spring Boot web application from scratch with the help of Duet AI inside Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA.

Cloud SDK Duet AI Official Blog Nov. 13, 2023

3 new ways Duet AI can help you get things done fast in the Google Cloud console - Complexity can hold organizations back from realizing the full potential of cloud. Duet AI, a new AI-powered collaborator for Google Cloud, can help you reduce complexity and overcome obstacles by providing assistance with a variety of common tasks.

Duet AI Official Blog Oct. 9, 2023

The Making of Duet AI - your AI-powered collaborator in Google Cloud

Duet AI Oct. 2, 2023

Duet Triple Threat - Using Duet AI to automate tasks.

AI BigQuery Duet AI Sept. 25, 2023

Your AI Companion in the Google Cloud - Duet AI boosts your BigQuery SQL queries.

AlloyDB Cloud Spanner Cloud SQL Duet AI Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

What’s new and what’s next with Google Cloud databases - Announcing a series of new features and capabilities to help organizations innovate faster with Google Cloud databases.

Data Analytics Duet AI Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

Expanding Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator, across Google Cloud - Google Cloud expanded Duet AI preview to include AI assistance capabilities across more products and services to serve cloud users of all types.

Duet AI Official Blog Security Sept. 4, 2023

New AI capabilities that can help address your security challenges - At Next’23, we are supercharging security with Duet AI, as well as bringing innovation and enhancements across our security operations and cloud platforms.

Duet AI Looker Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

The future of Looker is powered by AI - Duet AI in Looker includes direct integrations to conversational AI and large foundation models that will change the way you work with data.


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