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Networking Official Blog Sustainability Oct. 23, 2023

How we’ll build sustainable, scalable, secure infrastructure for an AI-driven future

Infrastructure Official Blog Sustainability Oct. 9, 2023

Supporting power grids with demand response at Google data centers - Google is expanding our use of demand response technology to temporarily reduce power consumption at our data centers to help local grids as needed.

Official Blog Sustainability Sept. 4, 2023

Accelerating sustainability with cloud AI - At Google Cloud Next, we expanded our suite of AI-powered solutions to help customers sustainably measure, optimize, and transform their operations.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog Sustainability Sept. 4, 2023

Announcing the Pollen API: Providing actionable info about airborne pollen levels worldwide - Today we’re announcing our new Pollen API so businesses can share this relevant information with their users to help increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog Sustainability Sept. 4, 2023

Powering the future with our new Solar API - Today we launched our Solar API, within a new suite of environment APIs from Google Maps Platform. The Solar API surfaces important building, rooftop, shading, and panel configuration data covering over 320 million buildings in 40 countries, with the goal of helping accelerate the transition to clean, renewable, solar energy.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog Sustainability Sept. 4, 2023

Introducing the Air Quality API: Promoting resilience to a changing climate - Today we announced the general availability of our Air Quality API, as part of a new suite of environment APIs available from Google Maps Platform. The Air Quality API gives you access to robust and reliable air quality data, lets you visualize pollution via heatmaps, and lets you share in-depth pollutant details and recommendations.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog Sustainability Sept. 4, 2023

Going beyond the map: Introducing Environment APIs - Today at Google Cloud Next, we introduced a new suite of Environment APIs: Solar, Air Quality, and Pollen. These APIs help developers better understand an ever-changing world so they can create new sustainability tools, share actionable insights, and encourage people to adapt to new environmental realities.

Data Analytics Official Blog Partners Sustainability Aug. 28, 2023

Built with BigQuery: Sustainable supply chains start with a data sharing ecosystem - TraceMark’s sustainable sourcing monitoring platform provides transparency into global supply chains about the sourcing of raw materials.

BigQuery Earth Engine Official Blog Sustainability Aug. 28, 2023

Improving sustainability with our Earth Engine and BigQuery connector - The new BigQuery connector to Google Earth Engine improves ease-of-use and enables new analyses that combine raster and tabular data.

Official Blog Sustainability Aug. 14, 2023

How to sustainably transform while minimizing risk - Sustainable transformation means adapting to the global community landscape, sustainable product design, and mitigating physical climate risk.


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