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Official Blog SAP July 15, 2024

Safeguard your SAP environments with Workload Manager’s evaluation service - Google Cloud's Workload Manager provides an evaluation service for SAP systems, helping organizations safeguard their SAP environments by identifying potential misconfigurations and deviations from best practices. The service offers automated, rule-based analysis against an extensive set of best practices from Google Cloud, SAP, and operating system vendors. It includes rules for SAP General, High Availability, Netweaver & HANA, HANA Insights, and HANA Security Best Practices.

BigQuery SAP June 24, 2024

Replicating INDX-like tables with BigQuery Connector for SAP - BigQuery Connector for SAP enables near real-time replication of SAP data directly into BigQuery for real-time analytics with AI or machine learning. INDX-like tables in SAP are cluster tables designed for storing temporary or persistent data in a packed binary format, often compressed. However, replicating INDX-like tables to BigQuery using the connector results in unreadable data due to binary storage. To overcome this limitation, a designated target structure with specific fields and an assignment for an end of block event-related rule can be implemented to replicate readable data to BigQuery.

Cloud Storage SAP June 24, 2024

Archive your SAP Data to Google’s Cloud Storage - Integrating SAP ArchiveLink with Google Cloud Storage for Seamless Data Archival.

Official Blog SAP June 10, 2024

In an AI era, forge a path to enduring business innovation with Google Cloud and SAP - Google Cloud and SAP are collaborating to provide a comprehensive, open, and multi-cloud platform that enables businesses to get the most out of their data with analytics and generative AI. New advancements include an AI-powered solution for resilient supply chains, an integrated analytics offering with SAP Datasphere, the introduction of Google Cloud's memory-optimized X4 instances, regional expansions for RISE with SAP, SAP BTP, and SAP Datasphere, and multiple Gemini updates.

Official Blog SAP May 20, 2024

Accelerate SAP S/4HANA deployments with ‘Guided Deployment Automation for SAP’

BigQuery SAP March 11, 2024

BigQuery Connector for SAP: Handle table structure changes like a pro! - Part 1 - The BigQuery Connector for SAP offered by Google Cloud is a tool to connect SAP SLT with BigQuery and achieve near real time data-replication.

BigQuery SAP March 11, 2024

BigQuery Connector for SAP: Handle table structure changes like a pro! - Part 2

Official Blog SAP Feb. 5, 2024

ABAP SDK: Powering Alphabet’s AI/ML solutions on SAP S/4HANA

GCP Experience Official Blog SAP Feb. 5, 2024

Moving to S/4 HANA on Google Cloud brings significant benefits for Deutsche Börse Group

Cloud Storage SAP Jan. 8, 2024

Use Google Cloud Storage as an application file directory for SAP - Using Google Cloud Storage as an application file directory and securely access files within a Cloud Storage bucket from SAP using ABAP SDK for Google Cloud.

SAP Jan. 1, 2024

ABAP SDK for Google Cloud: Use case patterns - A few architecture patterns for AVAP SDK for Google Cloud.

Cloud Pub/Sub SAP Jan. 1, 2024

Send SAP RAP Business Events to external systems using Google Cloud Pub/Sub and ABAP SDK - Introduction to SAP Business Events.

SAP Jan. 1, 2024

ABAP SDK for Google Cloud: Pro Tips & Tricks for Developers - An overview of utilities in ABAP SDK for Google Cloud.

Cloud Storage SAP Dec. 18, 2023

Beyond Read and Write: The ABAP Way to Cloud Storage - Using Cloud Storage in SAP.

SAP Vertex AI Dec. 11, 2023

Unleash Vertex AI Power from ABAP: Effortless AI Integration - This article demonstrates the remarkable ease of calling a Vertex AI Foundation Model directly from ABAP.

Eventarc SAP Nov. 27, 2023

Anatomy of a CloudEvents and its relevance with SAP and Google Cloud - An overview of CloudEvents and how they can be used on GCP.

PubSub SAP Nov. 27, 2023

Send Event from SAP to Pub/Sub: Enabling SAP as a Pub/Sub Publisher - Using ABAP SDK to implement event-driven architecture between SAP and GCP.

Cloud Pub/Sub SAP Nov. 27, 2023

Streamlining Data Integration: Consuming Events from Pub/Sub into SAP using ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - This article explains bridging the gap between cloud-based event streaming platforms (Google Cloud Pub/Sub) and on-premises SAP systems.

Cloud Pub/Sub Eventarc SAP Nov. 27, 2023

Push CloudEvents from Google Cloud Pub/Sub to SAP - This blog post explores alternative strategies for sending events from Google Cloud services to SAP, venturing beyond the pull subscription-based approach.

Official Blog SAP Nov. 6, 2023

Automate plant maintenance using MDE with ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - Manufacturing Data Engine (MDE) is a scalable solution that accelerates, simplifies, and enhances the ingestion, processing, contextualization, storage, and usage of manufacturing data for monitoring, analytical, and machine learning use cases.

SAP Workspace Oct. 23, 2023

ABAP SDK for Google Cloud enables Google Workspace APIs to be consumed from SAP applications - This article explains how to consume Google Workspace APIs natively in SAP applications.

Official Blog SAP Oct. 23, 2023

Best practices for SAP performance benchmarking

Official Blog SAP Oct. 9, 2023

SAP developers rejoice: ABAP SDK for Google Cloud now supports 40+ more APIs

Google Maps Platform SAP Oct. 9, 2023

Leverage the capabilities of Distance Matrix API from Google Maps Platform in ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - Google Maps Platform features now available to ABAP developers in the latest release of ABAP SDK for Google Cloud V1.5.

Data Loss Prevention API SAP Oct. 9, 2023

Data Loss Prevention Deidentification with ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - What is Data Loss Prevention API.

SAP Sept. 25, 2023

Application Logging in ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - This blog post elaborates on how “Application Logging” is enabled in ABAP SDK for Google Cloud and the opportunities that SAP developers have to adjust and utilise it as per their use case demands.

GCP Experience Official Blog Partners SAP Sept. 25, 2023

DIFF Treasury Solutions powered by Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Leverage DIFF Consulting’s Treasury Solutions on Google Cloud Cortex Framework can provide better treasury reporting and implement bank data controls.

Assured workloads Official Blog Public Sector SAP Sept. 25, 2023

SAP NS2 achieves ITAR compliance for SAP Ariba with Google Cloud

Official Blog SAP Sept. 18, 2023

SAP MaxDB High Availability (HA) solution using Google Cloud Native storage - Regional Persistent Disk to provide a highly available and scalable storage solution for SAP MaxDB.

Official Blog SAP Aug. 14, 2023

Future-proofing your SAP HANA deployment on Google Cloud with SUSE for scale-out high availability - Partnering with SUSE, we’ve streamlined the process of rolling out an SAP HANA Scale-out high availability deployment, for increased efficiency.

Official Blog SAP July 31, 2023

Calling all SAP developers: Announcing the ABAP SDK for Google Cloud - ABAP SDK for Google Cloud is now available for customers and partners to build innovative extensions to SAP using Google Cloud services.

Official Blog SAP July 31, 2023

Introducing SAP Cost Estimator: Price out your SAP landscape on Google Cloud - The new SAP Cost Estimator helps you understand whether Google Cloud is a cost effective cloud for your SAP applications.

AI GCP Experience Official Blog SAP July 31, 2023

Faster retailer success with Google Cloud Shelf Checking AI and Cortex Framework with SAP - Integration between Google Cloud’s Shelf Checking API and SAP ERP systems gives retailers new tools to reduce shelf-outs and stock-outs.

Official Blog SAP May 22, 2023

Google Cloud and SAP: Faster outcomes, more value from data

Official Blog SAP May 15, 2023

Accelerate smart transformation to SAP S/4 HANA with Tata Consultancy Services PreCast, now for Google Cloud

Official Blog SAP May 8, 2023

Introducing Workload Manager: Maximize reliability and performance by automating best practices - Google Cloud Workload Manager helps you run workloads against best practices, to improve reliability, performance, and overall system quality.

Billing Compute Engine Official Blog SAP May 1, 2023

Committed use discounts for RHEL and RHEL for SAP now available on Compute Engine - Committed use discounts (“CUDS”) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux are now available on Compute Engine, delivering up to 24% on RHEL subscription costs.

Data Analytics Official Blog SAP April 10, 2023

Accelerate Inventory Management insights with Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Now, you can leverage Cortex for Supply Chain operational reporting on inventory management.

Data Analytics Official Blog SAP April 10, 2023

Accelerate Procure-to-Pay insights with Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Leverage Cortex Framework to accelerate Procure-to-Pay operational reporting on vendor performance, spend analysis and accounts payable.

Compute Engine SAP Feb. 27, 2023

Tips and tricks for OS registration & patching maintenance on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP - How to Guide for OS registration, SMT configuration maintenance and troubleshooting on Google Cloud SLES images for SAP.

Bare Metal GCP Experience Official Blog SAP Feb. 6, 2023

Cardinal Health goes big with Google Cloud Bare Metal Solution for SAP - Cardinal Health uses the Google Cloud Bare Metal Solution for SAP to improve performance with minimal disruption.

Document AI Official Blog SAP Nov. 21, 2022

SAP Build Process Automation is better with Google Document AI and Google Workspace - SAP integrates Google Cloud Document AI & Google Workspace with SAP Build Process Automation removing inefficiencies that transform workflows.

Infrastructure SAP Oct. 31, 2022

SAP on Google Cloud series: The fundamentals - SAP on Google Cloud series exploring fundamentals, architecture, security and best practices.

Official Blog SAP Oct. 3, 2022

Accelerating SAP CPG enterprises with Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Google Cloud Cortex Framework launches analytics content to make it easier for SAP enterprises to solve common Consumer Packaged Goods use cases.

Cloud Logging Official Blog SAP Aug. 8, 2022

Analyze Pacemaker events using open source Log Parser - Part 4 - Introduction to an open source log parser, which will help consolidate Pacemaker logs and filter the log entries for critical events.

Official Blog SAP July 25, 2022

SAP backup, the blended way - How to implement cost-efficient backups with low RTO and RPO for SAP.

Official Blog SAP July 25, 2022

Using Pacemaker for SAP high availability on Google Cloud - Part 1 - This blog introduces some basic terminology and concepts about the Red Hat and SUSE HA implementation of Pacemaker cluster software for SAP HANA and NetWeaver.

Official Blog SAP July 18, 2022

How to run SAP on Google Cloud when high availability is high priority - Implementing an SAP HA architecture is a critical step for any enterprise customer.

Official Blog SAP June 13, 2022

Learn how to tackle supply chain disruptions with SAP IBP and Google Cloud - SAP IBP now integrated with Google Cloud for faster, more accurate forecasting to navigate challenges with supply chain disruptions.

Data Analytics Official Blog SAP May 16, 2022

How Google Cloud and SAP solve big problems for big companies - On the occasion of SAP Sapphire, here’s a rundown of the key Google Cloud and SAP initiatives we’ll be talking to customers about at the show.

Official Blog SAP May 2, 2022

SAP BTP on Google Cloud Announces 5 new capabilities - Learn how you can gain insight into sales teams, target campaigns based on inventory + margin, & develop custom apps running SAP BTP on Google Cloud.

GCP Experience Official Blog SAP April 25, 2022

Deutsche Börse Group achieves greater agility and scale with SAP on Google Cloud - Deutsche Börse Group achieves greater agility and scale with SAP on Google Cloud.

Official Blog SAP March 14, 2022

What’s happening in your SAP systems? Find out with Pacemaker Alerts - The cluster alerting enables the system administrator to be notified about critical events of the enterprise workloads in GCP like the SAP solutions.

Cloud Data Fusion Data Analytics Official Blog SAP March 14, 2022

Google Cloud Cortex Framework: Connect SAP data via Cloud Data Fusion - Learn how Cloud Data Fusion provides scalable data integration pipelines to help consolidate a customer’s SAP and non-SAP datasets within BigQuery.

Cloud Filestore Official Blog SAP Feb. 14, 2022

Filestore Enterprise: File-sharing done right for SAP customers - Learn how Filestore Enterprise gives SAP customers a high-availability regional file-sharing service with a 99.99% SLA.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog SAP Feb. 7, 2022

BigQuery Connector for SAP: Power your cloud data analytics strategy - This announcement blog describes the capabilities and benefits of the real-time BigQuery Connector for SAP.

Cloud Data Fusion Data Analytics Official Blog SAP Jan. 24, 2022

Data Fusion SAP Connectors - Unlock the value of your SAP data on Google Cloud with Data Fusion SAP connectors.

Cloud Data Fusion Data Analytics Official Blog SAP Jan. 24, 2022

Data Fusion SAP accelerator for Procure 2 Pay - Google Cloud Data Fusion accelerator for SAP Procure to Pay, consisting of SAP connector, pipeline templates, target BigQuery schemas and Looker block.

Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog SAP Jan. 17, 2022

Carrefour Belgium: Driving a seamless digital experience with SAP on Google Cloud - Carrefour Belgium runs SAP on Google Cloud to reduce enterprise risk, increase security and availability and to drive data analytics.

Official Blog SAP Nov. 22, 2021

Three reasons to peer SAP-managed apps with your Google Cloud services - Ensure reliable, secure, high-performance connectivity btw. your SAP managed apps & all your other apps & services running on Google Cloud with VPC network peering.

Official Blog SAP Nov. 22, 2021

TechEd 2021: What’s new for SAP customers on Google Cloud - Google Cloud announces three new cloud capabilities sure to delight SAP customers at SAP TechEd.

Data Analytics Official Blog SAP Oct. 18, 2021

Accelerate SAP innovation with Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Google Cloud Cortex Framework is a foundation with endorsed reference architectures for customers to more quickly deploy technologies from Google.

Official Blog SAP Sept. 13, 2021

Centralizing SAP system management across clouds using SAP LaMa - SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) supports centralized management of your SAP landscape. Google Cloud recently released a free connector for our customers to deploy an existing or new SAP LaMa instance.

Official Blog SAP Sept. 4, 2021

SAP HANA: A solution to memory error impacts - Introducing Memory Poisoning Recovery (MPR) from Google Cloud, minimizing the impact of memory errors for SAP HANA customers.

Networking Official Blog SAP Sept. 4, 2021

SAP on Google Cloud: Set up your network for a seamless deployment - The network deployment for your SAP systems has a tremendous impact on its availability and performance. Here are some options with Google Cloud.

BigQuery Official Blog SAP Aug. 2, 2021

Design considerations for SAP data modeling in BigQuery - Learn how to model your SAP data inside of BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse.

Official Blog SAP Aug. 2, 2021

SAP and Google Cloud: The next chapter begins - SAP and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership through the RISE with SAP program.

BigQuery Data Science SAP July 5, 2021

SAP Data Analytics in the Google Cloud - How to combine SAP with the Google Cloud Platform.

Infrastructure Official Blog SAP June 22, 2021

2 ways to migrate your SAP HANA database to Google Cloud - Learn two methods for moving your current SAP environment unchanged onto Google Cloud as a lift and shift or rehost.

Cloud Data Fusion Data Analytics Official Blog SAP April 19, 2021

Introducing SAP Integration with Cloud Data Fusion - Google Cloud native data integration platform Cloud Data Fusion now offers the capability to seamlessly get data out of SAP Business Suite, SAP ERP and S/4HANA.

Official Blog SAP March 8, 2021

Stepping up business transformation with SAP RISE and Google Cloud - With RISE, SAP is recognizing that enterprises need both an easy path to the cloud, plus cloud providers and consulting partners who will help them achieve business objectives.

Official Blog SAP Feb. 15, 2021

Introducing Bare Metal Solution for SAP workloads - Bare Metal Solution gives customers a choice of SAP-certified systems for running their workloads. Google Cloud and Intel collaborated to create a best in class architecture for SAP on bare metal that can provide fast insights, low latency, and high throughput.

Official Blog SAP Jan. 18, 2021

Google Cloud and SAP demonstrate massive scalability for financial services customers - Engineers ran a SAP S/4HANA for financial product subledger (FPSL) solution using more than 20TB of actual transaction data on a scale-out Google Cloud environment and found it delivered performance, scale and reliability.

Data Catalog SAP Jan. 11, 2021

How to Discover Your Sap HANA Assets in Google Data Catalog - Learn how to ingest SAP HANA metadata to Google Data Catalog and extend it with your user needs.

Apigee Official Blog SAP Nov. 9, 2020

Apigee: Your gateway to more manageable APIs for SAP - Google Cloud tools including Apigee API management help companies to do more with their SAP systems, from data monetization to faster innovation.

SAP Sept. 28, 2020

SAP Data Intelligence and Google Cloud - Setting up SAP Data Intelligence on GCP.

Data Analytics Official Blog SAP Sept. 14, 2020

Analytics get smarter for SAP customers with Informatica and Google Cloud - Informatica and Google Cloud have partnered to help SAP customers better integrate and manage their data and gain new, powerful capabilities like world class analytics and AI at scale.

Official Blog SAP Aug. 24, 2020

How SAP customers can accelerate analytics in the cloud - Google Cloud’s data analytics and AI and machine learning solutions can help SAP customers store, analyze, and derive insights from all their data in the cloud.

CI DevOps SAP July 20, 2020

SAP on Google Cloud: HANA HDI containers and CI/CD pipelines - Incorporating SAP HANA HDI containers into a CI/CD pipeline with microservices in Node.js and Golang.

Official Blog SAP July 20, 2020

Enabling SAP enterprises and mission critical workloads on Google Cloud - Learn how Google Cloud can help SAP customers minimize risk and disruptions in the cloud.

SAP July 3, 2020

SAP on Google Cloud : When SAP Developers join the cloud (pt. 1) - Learn how to create a CI/CD pipeline for SAP HANA HDI containers and micro-services extending SAP functionality in Google Cloud.

Official Blog SAP June 22, 2020

Future-proofing your business with Google Cloud and SAP - As SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW digital events kick off this week, we’re sharing the latest on how Google Cloud is helping SAP customers digitally transform their businesses in the short and long term.

Official Blog SAP June 1, 2020

9 ways to back up your SAP systems in Google Cloud - Backup and storage design should be part of any business continuity plan. This post explains Google Cloud’s multiple cloud-based backup solutions for SAP—all flexible, scalable, and self-manageable.

Official Blog SAP May 25, 2020

How to run SAP on Google Cloud if high availability is high priority - Availability can mean different things to different customers, depending on their business needs, budgets, SAP application use cases, and other factors. Google Cloud looks at the SAP high availability (HA) landscape in terms of three levels, each with its own costs, benefits, and trade-offs to consider within an overall availability strategy.

Business Official Blog SAP Feb. 10, 2020

How SAP users are achieving retail transformation with Google Cloud - These retail success stories showcase the benefits Google Cloud can bring to SAP customers embarking on digital transformation.

Big Data Business SAP Dec. 2, 2019

Google Cloud makes moves to appeal SAP and Oracle Users - A look at a recent development at Google Cloud.

Compute Engine Official Blog SAP Sept. 16, 2019

Announcing the general availability of 6 and 12 TB VMs for SAP HANA instances on Google Cloud Platform - 6 and 12 TB VMs for SAP HANA instances generally available today.

Compute Engine Official Blog SAP Aug. 19, 2019

Best practices for SAP app server autoscaling on Google Cloud - Learn best practices for scaling an SAP app server on Google Cloud.

Business Official Blog SAP May 13, 2019

Innovating for SAP customers with Google Cloud - News related to SAP and GCP.

Official Blog SAP Feb. 4, 2019

Creating intelligent enterprise applications using GCP services on SAP Cloud Platform - Architecture and steps required to access GCP services natively on the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog SAP Oct. 15, 2018

How METRO AG is migrating its SAP finance systems to Google Cloud - How METRO AG is migrating 100 different SAP instances into one SAP S/4HANA system—innovating on SAP Cloud Platform with the help of GCP.

Official Blog SAP Oct. 8, 2018

Google Cloud Platform: Your cloud destination for mission critical SAP workloads - New capabilities and integrations GCP has built in collaboration with SAP to provide customers with more infrastructure capabilities and options for workloads.

Official Blog SAP July 30, 2018

Partnering with Intel and SAP on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA - Partnership with Intel and SAP to offer GCP virtual machines supporting the upcoming Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory for SAP HANA workloads.

SAP July 23, 2018

Automated Deployments using Spinnaker - Take5

Google Cloud Platform NodeJS Official Blog SAP June 25, 2018

How to run SAP Fiori Front-End Server (OpenUI5) on GCP in 20 mins - Setting up SAP OpenUI5 on a GCP instance running a local node.js webserver to run sample apps.

SAP Oct. 2, 2017

Advantages of Running SAP on Google Cloud - Highlights of what makes Google Cloud Platform different especially for SAP workloads.


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