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FinOps Terraform Nov. 20, 2023

FinOps Cost Management using Terraform Cloud Run Tasks - Learn how to manage Google Cloud costs using a Terraform Cloud Custom Run Task to dynamically control infrastructure as code deployments.

Billing FinOps Official Blog Nov. 20, 2023

Demystifying Cloud Pricing - Shedding some light on the cloud pricing models that apply to all major cloud service providers (CSPs), not just Google Cloud, and how you can use these insights to understand more about how you’re using your cloud platform.

FinOps Official Blog Nov. 20, 2023

FinOps Sketchnotes: Introducing Cloud FinOps - Over the next several months, we’ll be featuring Sketch Notes like the one above designed to demystify Cloud FinOps and Google Cloud Platform services.

BigQuery Billing FinOps GCP Experience Oct. 9, 2023

How to reduce your BigQuery costs? - 4 practical examples within the Modern Data Network from BlaBlaCar, Nickel, Toucan Toco and Libeo.

FinOps Official Blog Oct. 2, 2023

Five quick ways to optimize your cloud spend with Google Cloud FinOps - A quick look at a few essential cloud cost optimization methods that you can easily implement using Google Cloud, along with many other FinOps strategies.

Billing FinOps Sept. 25, 2023

GCP Billing & Cost Management - A summary of GCP billing & cost management, related tools and some strategies.

FinOps Sept. 18, 2023

FinOps: A Google Cloud 2023 Perspective - An introduction to the GCP FinOps framework.

Billing FinOps Infrastructure Sept. 18, 2023

Optimizing Costs of Google Kubernetes Engine - How we decreased 75% of our production GKE cluster costs.

BigQuery FinOps Sept. 18, 2023

Controlling our Data Platform Costs at BlaBlaCar - Tips and Feedback from Blablacar’s journey towards cutting costs in the data platform.


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