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Distributed Cloud Official Blog May 27, 2024

Enabling modern manufacturing outcomes with AI, edge, and modern infrastructure - Google Distributed Cloud for manufacturing leverages AI, edge computing, and modern infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency, product quality, and safety standards. It offers benefits such as reduced scrap, enhanced safety practices, accelerated insights, and improved sustainability. By embracing edge computing with Google Distributed Cloud, manufacturers gain an essential tool to address the complex challenges of the dynamic manufacturing industry.

Distributed Cloud Official Blog Dec. 18, 2023

Simplified storage using policy management with Google Distributed Cloud Virtual - This blog post discusses discussed the integration of GDCV with VMware’s SPBM framework.

Distributed Cloud Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

Run data and AI anywhere with new Google Distributed Cloud services - Enhancements to our Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) portfolio help you run your workloads — including generative AI — anywhere.


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