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Compute Engine Official Blog Prometheus Feb. 6, 2023

Monitor GCE instances with Prometheus and Ops Agent - Google Cloud Ops Agent now supports monitoring GCE instances with Prometheus.

Cloud Monitoring DevOps Official Blog Prometheus Jan. 30, 2023

How The Home Depot gets a single pane of glass for metrics across 2,200 stores - Learn how The Home Depot used Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus to bring together metrics from their cloud, on-prem, and over 2,200 stores.

Apigee Monitoring Prometheus Dec. 26, 2022

BYOP — Bring your own Prometheus (and Grafana) to monitor Apigee hybrid - This article describes the deployment of a custom end-to-end metrics path based on the popular open-source tool Prometheus and Grafana for hybrid Apigee deployment.

NoSQL Official Blog Prometheus Nov. 7, 2022

Databases on Google Cloud Part 7: Managed Service for Prometheus, Serverless MongoDB Atlas and the Finale - In this blog, you will read about an assortment of some of my favorite Google Cloud Database, Storage features and other related services.

Prometheus Aug. 29, 2022

Optimizing Linkerd Metrics in Prometheus - Linkerd is a service mesh solution with an ideology like “do less but do it best.” It has the Viz extension that provides its own dashboard….

Cloud Monitoring DevOps Official Blog Prometheus July 4, 2022

Cloud Monitoring metrics, now in Managed Service for Prometheus - Query over 1,000 free Google Cloud metrics using PromQL. You can now view your Cloud Monitoring metrics alongside your Prometheus metrics.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Monitoring Prometheus June 20, 2022

Monitor your applications on Google Managed Prometheus - Deploying a sample Flask application to GKE and deployment of custom metrics to Managed Prometheus.

Monitoring Official Blog Prometheus May 23, 2022

Introducing a high-usage tier for Managed Service for Prometheus - New pricing tier for our managed Prometheus service users with over 500 billion metric samples per month. Pricing for existing tiers reduced 25%.

GCP Experience Official Blog Prometheus May 23, 2022

Maisons du Monde’s journey to a managed service for Prometheus - Maisons du Monde adopted Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus for easier Kubernetes application metrics.


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