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Migration Official Blog Oct. 18, 2021

Cloud-ready in Under 30 Days: accelerate safe and efficient Cloud onboarding with guardrails from Google Cloud - Chris Carty, Public Sector Customer Engineer, dives into how Google Cloud keeps data secure and inside Canada with the addition of our new Toronto region now online, making it available for all Government of Canada organizations.

Migration Official Blog Oct. 11, 2021

Accelerating the journey to the cloud with a product mindset - Product Mindset emphasizes rapid feedback, failing quickly, and creating business value. This methodology encourages leaders not to focus on creating milestones at the beginning and checking off tasks until completion. Instead, the Product Mindset recommends frequent recalibration to ensure all efforts are efficiently translating into value for the customer.

Billing Migration Official Blog Oct. 11, 2021

How much can you save by migrating legacy apps to Google Cloud? Forrester does the math - Migrating expensive operating systems and workloads to Google Cloud can help organizations reduce costs while improving performance and uptime.

Migration Official Blog Sept. 13, 2021

How to check all the right boxes for your cloud migration before you get started - A new guide and checklist of essential tips for the four key parts of the migration process: Assess, Plan, Migrate, and Optimize.

Cloud Operations Migration Official Blog Sept. 13, 2021

To the cloud and beyond! Migration Enablement with Google Cloud’s Professional Services Organization - How Professional Service Organization (PSO) can help optimize customers' cloud journey when migrating to Google Cloud.

Migration Official Blog Sept. 4, 2021

Migration success with Operational Health Reviews from Google Cloud’s Professional Service Organization - Google Cloud PSO helps customers maximize their migrations and deployments.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

Getting to the cloud: Best practices for migrating from On-prem to Google Cloud using Storage Transfer Service - Learn how to use Storage Transfer Service to move data from on-prem to the cloud, and common mistakes to avoid.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

What's the latest with Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery? - Read the latest news on Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery including information about the July 2021 release.

Google Cloud Platform Migration Official Blog Aug. 9, 2021

30 ways to leave your data center: key migration guides, in one place - Essential guides for all the workloads your business is considering migrating to the public cloud.


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