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Infrastructure Migration Dec. 3, 2023

Mapping Your As-Is to Google Cloud, To Leverage Cloud Value - Google Cloud Adoption Series: Part 4B: As-Is to Cloud — Infrastructure.

Compute Engine Migration Official Blog Nov. 6, 2023

How to properly — and easily — do data disk migrations to Google Cloud - In this blog post, we walk through how to use Migrate to Virtual Machines, which is built into Google Cloud’s Migration Center, for a fast, easy way to successfully migrate data disks to Google Cloud.

Migration Nov. 6, 2023

Discovery and Mapping Your As-Is to Cloud, Using Cloud Migration Center (Google Cloud Adoption Series: Part 4A) - Discovery, Application-to-Infra Mapping, and Google Cloud Migration Center.

AWS Migration Official Blog Oct. 23, 2023

Migrating an app from AWS to Google Cloud: A startup’s point of view - In this post AJ Ross, CTO at Fluxon, discusses the key considerations and comparative technologies for startups looking to move from AWS to Google Cloud.

Infrastructure Migration Oct. 16, 2023

Google Cloud Migrations-Generate quick TCO reports for fast cloud adoption. - This article walks you through using Migration Center, a native Google Cloud Platform tool that can help you run an assessment and produce a Total Cost of Ownership report.

Migration Official Blog Partners Oct. 9, 2023

Get to ‘migrate now’ with optimized migration waves from CAST Highlight

GCP Experience Migration Oct. 9, 2023

Empowering Transformation: Flipkart’s Journey to GCP Migration - An overview of Flipkart's Data platform migration to GCP.

Migration Official Blog Sept. 4, 2023

Migration on your mind? Here’s the biggest migration news from Next ‘23 - To help you on your migration journey, we made several announcements at Google Cloud Next to help you migrate to the cloud quickly and easily.

Cloud SQL Database Migration Service Migration Aug. 14, 2023

Homogeneous Migration of Large PostgreSQL Databases to Cloud SQL using Native Replication - Database setup and migration steps for PostgreSQL to Cloud SQL.

Compute Engine Migration Aug. 14, 2023

Disk Migration: A Strategic Transition - An overview of Migrating VM disks.

Cloud SQL Migration Official Blog July 17, 2023

Save time, money and modernize your legacy database estate .... but first assess - Announcing an enterprise-grade open-source database migration assessment tool for Oracle, SQL Server to Google Cloud databases.

DevOps Migration Official Blog July 17, 2023

How to build an optimized infrastructure without burning out your IT team - How to build an optimized infrastructure that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs without burning out your IT team in the process.

Data Science GCP Experience Migration July 3, 2023

Onboard large data science teams to GCP from on-prem cloud - Learn how to onboard large data science teams to Google Cloud (GCP) from an on-prem cloud.

AlloyDB Migration June 19, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing with AlloyDB Omni - Step by step tutorial to migrate from Postgres to AlloyDB Omni, an HTAP database.

Migration Official Blog May 8, 2023

A recovering CIO’s perspective on cloud migrations and our revamped Rapid Migration Program, RaMP - The revamped Rapid Migration Program, or RaMP, codifies migration best practices learned in over 10 years of helping customers move to the cloud.

IoT Migration Tutorial April 24, 2023

Migrating Devices from GCP IoT Core to EMQX Enterprise - This blog will demonstrate how to connect your devices on GCP IoT Core to the EMQX Enterprise we’ve deployed already.

IoT Migration Tutorial April 24, 2023

Ingesting IoT Data From EMQX Enterprise to GCP Pub/Sub - This article will introduce how to ingest IoT data from EMQX Enterprise to GCP Pub/Sub service to help you complete the migration.

Cloud SQL Migration March 13, 2023

Migration of DB2 to GCP CloudSQL Postgres - Example of migrating IBM DB2 to Cloud SQL.

Event Infrastructure Migration Official Blog Jan. 23, 2023

Get migrating in 2023: join our upcoming fireside chat featuring Forrester - The State of Public Cloud 2022, a study by Forrester Research and commissioned by Google Cloud, to help organizations understand how to get their cloud migration projects right in 2023 and beyond.

Migration Official Blog Oct. 24, 2022

Migrate and modernize intelligently with Google Cloud Migration Center - Announcing a new Google service for enabling customers to accelerate their migration and modernization with Google Cloud.

Migration Official Blog Aug. 15, 2022

Accelerating migrations to Google Cloud with migVisor by EPAM - Ready to move your applications and databases to the Cloud? Start with a comprehensive assessment of your workload using the MigVisor assessment tool.

Anthos Migration Aug. 15, 2022

To containerize or not — check if you are ready! - Google Cloud brings you a free tool to determine how ‘fit’ your application is to move to containers.

BigQuery Migration July 11, 2022

Accelerate Translation for Oracle to BigQuery migration using Interactive SQL Translation. - This blog introduces the best practices and SQL utility to accelerate SQL translation from Oracle to BigQuery migrations.

Cloud SQL Migration July 11, 2022

Minimal Downtime Database Migration from MariaDB Galera Cluster to CloudSQL for MySQL at Production - An Implementation Guide - Configuring MySQL chain replica for migration to Cloud SQL.

Migration Official Blog June 20, 2022

When two become one: Integrating Google Cloud Organizations after a merger or acquisition - When two companies engage in a merger or acquisition, you need to Integrate their cloud domains and organizations – here’s how on Google Cloud.

Cloud SQL Database Migration Service Migration April 18, 2022

Regain Cloud SQL disk space with Database Migration Service - Using Database Migration Service to lower DB disk size.

Anthos Java Migration Official Blog Feb. 21, 2022

Introducing Google Cloud's Tomcat migration tooling - This article describes how practitioners can easily migrate existing Tomcat workloads from virtual machines to Google Cloud’s container platforms.

Migration Official Blog Jan. 31, 2022

Is a cloud migration on your to do list? Our top stories from 2021 can help - Thinking about migrating to Google Cloud in 2022? Here’s what to catch up on from 2021!

Cloud Load Balancing Cloud SDK Migration Networking Security Jan. 17, 2022

A trip with Google Global Load Balancers — advanced but easy - An in-depth overview of Cloud Load Balancing.

Google Cloud Platform Migration Official Blog Jan. 17, 2022

10 questions to help boards safely maximize cloud opportunities - These 10 questions from a new Google Cloud whitepaper will help boards of directors safely guide their organizations through cloud migrations.

Apigee Migration Official Blog Jan. 17, 2022

A migration story: How NCR & Opus delivered Card Management to Google Cloud - Migrating a leading card management solution to Google Cloud to drive agility and scalability.

AWS BigQuery GCP Experience Migration Dec. 13, 2021

A Migration Misstep: From Redshift to BigQuery - Handling some of the issues when migrating from AWS Redshift to BigQuery.

Migration Official Blog Oct. 18, 2021

Cloud-ready in Under 30 Days: accelerate safe and efficient Cloud onboarding with guardrails from Google Cloud - Chris Carty, Public Sector Customer Engineer, dives into how Google Cloud keeps data secure and inside Canada with the addition of our new Toronto region now online, making it available for all Government of Canada organizations.

Migration Official Blog Oct. 11, 2021

Accelerating the journey to the cloud with a product mindset - Product Mindset emphasizes rapid feedback, failing quickly, and creating business value. This methodology encourages leaders not to focus on creating milestones at the beginning and checking off tasks until completion. Instead, the Product Mindset recommends frequent recalibration to ensure all efforts are efficiently translating into value for the customer.

Billing Migration Official Blog Oct. 11, 2021

How much can you save by migrating legacy apps to Google Cloud? Forrester does the math - Migrating expensive operating systems and workloads to Google Cloud can help organizations reduce costs while improving performance and uptime.

Migration Official Blog Sept. 13, 2021

How to check all the right boxes for your cloud migration before you get started - A new guide and checklist of essential tips for the four key parts of the migration process: Assess, Plan, Migrate, and Optimize.

Cloud Operations Migration Official Blog Sept. 13, 2021

To the cloud and beyond! Migration Enablement with Google Cloud’s Professional Services Organization - How Professional Service Organization (PSO) can help optimize customers' cloud journey when migrating to Google Cloud.

Migration Official Blog Sept. 4, 2021

Migration success with Operational Health Reviews from Google Cloud’s Professional Service Organization - Google Cloud PSO helps customers maximize their migrations and deployments.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

Getting to the cloud: Best practices for migrating from On-prem to Google Cloud using Storage Transfer Service - Learn how to use Storage Transfer Service to move data from on-prem to the cloud, and common mistakes to avoid.

Migration Official Blog Storage Aug. 23, 2021

What's the latest with Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery? - Read the latest news on Actifio GO backup and disaster recovery including information about the July 2021 release.

Google Cloud Platform Migration Official Blog Aug. 9, 2021

30 ways to leave your data center: key migration guides, in one place - Essential guides for all the workloads your business is considering migrating to the public cloud.


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