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Official Blog VMware Engine Sept. 14, 2020

Spanning the globe with Google Cloud VMware Engine - With the addition of London, Frankfurt and Tokyo regions, Google Cloud VMware Engine is now available around the globe.

Official Blog VMware Engine Aug. 24, 2020

Google Cloud VMware Engine explained: Integrated networking and connectivity - Learn about the networking features in Google Cloud VMware Engine to let you easily and deploy workloads across on-prem and cloud environments.

Official Blog VMware Engine July 3, 2020

Google Cloud VMware Engine is now generally available - Google Cloud VMware Engine is a first-party, fully managed VMware service that lets you modernize and enhance existing applications.

Official Blog VMware Engine May 18, 2020

Announcing Google Cloud VMware Engine: Accelerating your cloud journey - VMware Engine is a fully managed offering that lets enterprises run existing virtual machines on Google Cloud infrastructure.


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