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Cloud Asset Inventory June 10, 2024

Observability with GCP Cloud Asset Inventory and Looker Studio - Creating an automated pipeline to export data to BigQuery and visualise it with Looker Studio.

Cloud Asset Inventory May 20, 2024

Unveiling GCP Asset Inventory: A Comprehensive Guide to Querying VMs, Disks, and Source Images

Cloud Asset Inventory Terraform VPC Service Controls Nov. 13, 2023

Centralised management of VPCSC with Terraform and Cloud Asset Inventory - Centrally managing VPC Service Controls using Terraform and Cloud Asset Inventory.

Cloud Asset Inventory Infrastructure Sept. 11, 2023

Configure CAI Feed for Real Time Notifications about GCP Resource Changes - Configuring Cloud Asset Inventory Feed to get notifications about changes to Google Cloud resources.

Cloud Asset Inventory Infrastructure June 26, 2023

Evaluating your existing GCP resources - How to build a service to validate existing GCP resources from a CAI export.

Cloud Asset Inventory DevOps May 8, 2023

Evaluating your GCP resource realtime - How to build a service to validate GCP resource from CAI Feed.

Billing Cloud Asset Inventory Terraform Sept. 4, 2021

Using GCP Cloud Asset Inventory Export to keep track of your GCP resources over time - Google Cloud Asset Inventory is a great service that allows you to view, monitor, and analyze your GCP assets, giving you the option to export a snapshot of your entire inventory at any point in time (up to 35 days backward).

Cloud Asset Inventory Cloud Functions Aug. 16, 2021

Get real time alerts for “Open To Internet” firewall rules with Cloud Asset Inventory - This article will show how you can subscribe to real-time notifications for changes in our assets and get an alert when an “Open to Internet” firewall rule is made.

Cloud Asset Inventory Official Blog June 14, 2021

New Cloud Asset Inventory capabilities help assess your Google Cloud environment - Analyze access, assess anomalies, identify insights and discover assets.

Cloud Asset Inventory Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Terraform July 13, 2020

Using Cloud Asset Inventory feeds for dynamic configuration and policy enforcement - Using Pub/Sub notifications to monitor realtime changes in resource and policy changes in Cloud Asset inventory.

Cloud Asset Inventory Official Blog Security Dec. 16, 2019

Keep a better eye on your Google Cloud environment - The fully managed metadata inventory service from Google Cloud can help manage all your cloud assets.


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