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Dataplex Oct. 31, 2022

An overview of GCP Dataplex - The aim of this article is to give readers an objective overview of GCP’s Dataplex solution.

Data Analytics Dataplex Official Blog Oct. 31, 2022

Accelerate speed to insights with data exploration in Dataplex - Dataplex announces Data Exploration Workbench providing a Spark-powered serverless data exploration experience.

Data Analytics Dataplex GCP Experience Official Blog Sept. 26, 2022

Building trust in the data with Dataplex - American Eagle® and Aerie® is a leading global specialty retailer offering high-quality clothing using Dataplex for logistics/delivery partners.

Data Analytics Data Catalog Dataplex Official Blog July 25, 2022

Streamline data management and governance with the unification of Data Catalog and Dataplex - Data Catalog will be unified with Dataplex, providing an enterprise-ready data fabric that enables data management and governance at scale.

Data Analytics Dataplex May 30, 2022

Google Cloud Dataplex -Part 1-Lakes, Zones, Assets and discovery - Intro to Dataplex.

Data Analytics Dataplex Official Blog Feb. 28, 2022

Build a data mesh on Google Cloud with Dataplex, now generally available - Dataplex centrally manage, monitor, and govern data across distributed data, and make it securely accessible to a variety of analytics tools.

Data Analytics Dataplex Sept. 20, 2021

One on One with Google Cloud Product Director Irina Farooq - An interview with Irina Farooq about Data solutions on GCP.

Data Analytics Dataplex Official Blog May 31, 2021

Introducing Dataplex—an intelligent data fabric for analytics at scale - Dataplex unifies distributed data to help automate data management and power analytics at scale.


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