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Networking Official Blog Private Service Connect May 27, 2024

Reusing the same address space for multiple GKE clusters in a single project - This blog post presents an architecture that leverages Private Service Connect to hide the GKE Cluster ranges, but connects the networks together using a multi-nic VM that functions as a network appliance router. This keeps the GKE cluster networks hidden but connected, allowing the reuse of the address space for multiple clusters.

AlloyDB Cloud SQL Private Service Connect May 20, 2024

Connect to Non-PSC AlloyDB or Non-PSC Cloud SQL from a different VPC - This blog dives into the world of private connectivity for AlloyDB, focusing on the benefits of Private Service Connect.

Cloud SQL Networking Official Blog Private Service Connect April 15, 2024

Private, secure, and seamless connectivity to Cloud SQL using Private Service Connect

Private Service Connect Security March 25, 2024

Accessing Google APIs via Private Service Connect and Private Google Access - Using PSC and PGA to for accessing Google APIs privately.

Google Kubernetes Engine Networking Official Blog Private Service Connect March 4, 2024

Modernize Apigee-GKE Connectivity with Private Service Connect and GKE Gateway - Private Service Connect improves how Apigee interacts with GKE workloads, delivering enhanced security, better performance, and increased operational efficiency.


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