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Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Partners Oct. 9, 2023

Enhancing Google Cloud Marketplace private offers for speed and scale - Updates to private offers capabilities in Google Cloud Marketplace make it easier for partners to create and manage private offers for their customers.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog June 26, 2023

Marketplace Exchange: Partnership perks with Google Cloud - Learn how to position your partner solution on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Terraform Dec. 5, 2022

Deploy a Google Cloud Marketplace VM with Terraform - Learn to deploy a Google Cloud Marketplace VM via Terraform.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Nov. 14, 2022

Announcing Private Marketplace, now in preview - Private Marketplace functionality is now available in preview for Google Cloud Marketplace to help organizations scale compliant product discovery.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Aug. 1, 2022

New Google Cloud Marketplace Private Offers features to help our partners grow - Learn how new Google Cloud Marketplace Private Offers features help our ISV partners make better negotiated deals with our mutual customers.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog June 6, 2022

How SingleStoreDB uses Google Cloud Marketplace to drive great customer experiences - Google Cloud Marketplace enables partners like SingleStoreDB to enhance customer experiences.

BigQuery Cloud Marketplace Machine Learning Official Blog April 25, 2022

First dedicated AI management and MLOps platform on Google Cloud Marketplace - Being able to make strategic decisions based on automated predictions and more targeted data saved the company $1.3M Euros in two fiscal quarters..

Cloud Marketplace Infrastructure Official Blog Feb. 28, 2022

Four ways Google Cloud Marketplace simplifies buying cloud software - Learn about new features in Google Cloud Marketplace that make buying and selling better than ever.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Aug. 23, 2021

Private Catalog: Enabling easier curation of Cloud Marketplace products - Admins can now add SaaS products from Google Cloud Marketplace to their organization’s Private Catalog, for use by end users.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Terraform March 1, 2021

A look at the new Google Cloud Marketplace Private Catalog, now with Terraform support - The latest version of Private Catalog simplifies management for the products you use from Google Cloud Marketplace.

Anthos Cloud Marketplace Data Analytics Official Blog March 16, 2020

Get the Flink Operator for Kubernetes in Anthos on Marketplace - The open source Apache Flink for Kubernetes operator is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace to deploy in your own cluster.

Big Data BigQuery Cloud Marketplace R March 4, 2019

RStudio and BigQuery in under 30 minutes - Article describes steps to provision an RStudio instance on Google Compute Engine and use it to do complex analytics on BigQuery.

Cloud Marketplace Stackdriver Feb. 18, 2019

How to build two of the most common hybrid cloud monitoring dashboards in Stackdriver - Using pre built Stackdriver dashboards from Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud Marketplace Google Kubernetes Engine Dec. 10, 2018

5 Reasons why you should go to GCP marketplace & download magalix-agent today! - Magalix provides unique insights and recommendations about resources utilization inside Kubernetes.

Cloud Marketplace Kubernetes July 23, 2018

Introducing commercial Kubernetes applications in GCP Marketplace - Production-ready commercial Kubernetes apps are now available on GCP marketplace (aka Cloud Launcher).

Cloud Marketplace Compute Engine Tutorial June 25, 2018

Setting WordPress on Google Cloud Platform - How to setup WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Marketplace Tutorial April 2, 2018

How to Install Mautic On Google Cloud in 17 Simple Steps - Guide to install Mautic, an Marketing automation software On Google Cloud.

Cloud Marketplace NoSQL March 26, 2018

Expanding MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP - Google and MongoDB have expanded the availability of MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Platform, making it available across most GCP regions as well as on Cloud Launcher.

Cloud Marketplace Feb. 5, 2018

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Google Cloud Platform - Vertica is analytic platform and can be easily deployed on Google Cloud through Launcher.


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