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Cloud Launcher Google Kubernetes Engine Dec. 10, 2018

5 Reasons why you should go to GCP marketplace & download magalix-agent today! - Magalix provides unique insights and recommendations about resources utilization inside Kubernetes.

Cloud Launcher Kubernetes July 23, 2018

Introducing commercial Kubernetes applications in GCP Marketplace - Production-ready commercial Kubernetes apps are now available on GCP marketplace (aka Cloud Launcher).

Cloud Launcher Google Compute Engine Tutorial June 25, 2018

Setting WordPress on Google Cloud Platform - How to setup WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Launcher Tutorial April 2, 2018

How to Install Mautic On Google Cloud in 17 Simple Steps - Guide to install Mautic, an Marketing automation software On Google Cloud.

Cloud Launcher NoSQL March 26, 2018

Expanding MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP - Google and MongoDB have expanded the availability of MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud Platform, making it available across most GCP regions as well as on Cloud Launcher.

Cloud Launcher Feb. 5, 2018

What’s New in Vertica 9.0: Google Cloud Platform - Vertica is analytic platform and can be easily deployed on Google Cloud through Launcher.


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