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DevOps GCP Experience Networking Security SRE VPC Service Controls Nov. 7, 2022

How we secured our data on the Cloud - Challenges and solutions while enforcing VPC Service Controls.

Terraform VPC Service Controls April 4, 2022

VPC Service Controls — Secured Data Sharing - This article covers securing the resources and data in Google Cloud Platform, using context based security — VPC Service Controls.

VPC Service Controls Feb. 7, 2022

VPC Service Control - VPC Service Control is a unique option available on the GCP platform that delivers a layer of control that reduces the risk of data exfiltration.

Security VPC Service Controls Jan. 31, 2022

Google Cloud VPC Service Controls: Lessons Learned - Lessons learned while applying the VPC-Service Controls complex network infrastructure.

Apigee VPC Service Controls Dec. 20, 2021

How to secure your Apigee X data with VPC Service Control - The article provides the list of steps necessary to secure your Apigee X deployment’s data with GCP VPC Service Controls.

Networking Security VPC Service Controls Oct. 18, 2021

Choosing the Right Access Control on Google Cloud - Explanation of Where to use Firewall Rules, VPC Service Controls, and product-specific access controls.

Security VPC Service Controls Oct. 4, 2021

VPC Service Controls in Plain English - VPC Service Controls explained for technical and non-technical stakeholders alike.

Cloud Storage VPC Service Controls May 24, 2021

Limiting Access to Google Cloud Storage by IP address - A workaround to restrict access to Cloud Storage bucket by IP address.

Data Studio Networking Security VPC Service Controls Jan. 11, 2021

Create a Data Studio dashboard to monitor VPC-SC violations on your Google Cloud Organization - Fixing VPC Service Control violations and creating a dashboard for monitoring.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Networking Serverless VPC Service Controls Sept. 7, 2020

Designing Secure Data Pipelines with VPC Service Controls - This blog post describes an example of how to build a Data Platform using Cloud Functions, Dataflow, Google Cloud Storage, and Bigquery with VPC Service Controls.

Security VPC Service Controls July 13, 2020

Mitigating Data Exfiltration Risks in GCP using VPC Service Controls ( Part-1 ) - The article covers the basics of VPC Service Controls and how it can be used to mitigate data exfiltration risks in the Google Cloud Platform.

VPC Service Controls April 13, 2020

Dry run mode for Service Perimeters - In dry run mode, requests that violate the perimeter policy are not denied, only logged. Dry run service perimeters are used to test perimeter configuration and to monitor usage of services without preventing access to resources.

VPC Service Controls April 13, 2020

VPC accessible services - To define the services that can be accessed from a network inside your service perimeter, use the VPC accessible services feature. The VPC accessible services feature limits the set of services that are accessible from network endpoints inside your service perimeter.

Security VPC Service Controls March 28, 2020

Firewalling your Managed Services on Google Cloud - Security deep dive - Using VPC Service Controls to create perimeter for GCP projects and services.

Official Blog VPC Service Controls Dec. 9, 2019

Unique Identifier helps troubleshooting VPC Service Controls perimeter - VPC Service Controls Unique Identifier helps communicate, debug, and resolve VPC Service Controls issues with minimal effort

Cloud Storage Official Blog VPC Service Controls May 6, 2019

Using VPC Service Controls and the Cloud Storage Transfer Service to move data from S3 to Cloud Storage - You can move AWS S3 data into Google Cloud Storage buckets with the Transfer Service, plus add VPC Service Controls for added security.

Cloud Storage Networking Security VPC Service Controls May 6, 2019

Private Access to GCP APIs through VPN Tunnels - This tutorial demonstrates how to use APIs for Google Cloud Platform services from an external network, such as on-premises private network or another cloud provider’s network to access GCP services without using public IP addresses.

Security Terraform VPC Service Controls April 15, 2019

Protecting GCP Services with VPC Service Controls and Terraform - Demostrating common use case of VPC Service Control perimiters.


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