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Advanced Apache Beam Dataflow Feb. 1, 2021

Cache reuse across DoFn’s in Beam - This article covers LifeCycle of a DoFn, caching data for reuse across DoFn instances and refreshing cache via an external trigger.

Advanced AWS Infrastructure Networking July 6, 2020

Connecting an AWS and GCP VPC using an IPSec VPN Tunnel with BGP - The article explains how to set IPSec VPN Tunnel between AWS and GCP.

Advanced Google Kubernetes Engine Kubeflow Kubernetes Machine Learning July 6, 2020

Building a Complete AI Based Search Engine with Elasticsearch, Kubeflow and Katib - Building a complete search engine on top of Kubernetes with AI personalized results.

Advanced Cloud Spanner May 25, 2020

How Does Spanner Avoid Single Point of Failures in Writes? - Explanation of how Cloud Spanner provides both high availability and high consistency in writes.

Advanced BigQuery March 23, 2020

A Fast Approach to Building Pivot Table / Transpose Functionality into BigQuery - Overview of approaches to do pivoting/transposing table in BigQuery.

Advanced Cloud Firestore Cloud Functions Firebase June 3, 2019

Should I query my Firebase database directly, or use Cloud Functions? - Comparison of querying data in Firebase through backend or from a client.

Advanced Machine Learning Official Blog TensorFlow March 4, 2019

Let Deep Learning VMs and Jupyter notebooks burn the midnight oil for you: robust and automated training with Papermill - Step by step process to deploy a Deep Learning ML image using TensorFlow to launch a Jupyter notebook which will be executed using the Nteract Papermill open source project. Once the notebook has finished executing, the Compute Engine instance that hosts your Deep Learning VM image will automatically terminate.

Advanced DevOps Terraform Dec. 31, 2018

7 Tips to Start Your Terraform Project the Right Way - Things to have in mind when working on Terraform project.

Advanced Cloud Dataproc Official Blog Tutorial Sept. 17, 2018

A flexible way to deploy Apache Hive on Cloud Dataproc - Tutorial shows how to use Apache Hive on Cloud Dataproc in an efficient and flexible way by storing Hive data in Cloud Storage and hosting the Hive metastore in a MySQL database on Cloud SQL and with that providing certain advantages.

Advanced Cloud Datastore Sept. 17, 2018

Internals Of Google DataStore And Technical Overview - In depth overview of how Cloud Datastore works.

Advanced BigQuery Data Studio Security Sept. 10, 2018

Share Data with Confidence: Cell-level Access Controls in BigQuery and Data Studio - Cell-level Access Controls in BigQuery and Data Studio.

Advanced Cloud Datastore Tutorial May 14, 2018

How to add a cache layer to the Google Datastore (in Node.js) - Creating a cache layer to the Google Datastore Node.js library.

Advanced Kubernetes March 26, 2018

Top 5 Kubernetes Best Practices - Article goes through best practices when working with Kubernetes.

Advanced Compute Engine Google Kubernetes Engine March 19, 2018

Deploy a webapp with GKE and GCE ingress with IP restriction - Learn how to deploy a webapp with GKE and GCE ingress with ip restriction.

Advanced Kubernetes March 12, 2018

Kubernetes Network Policy - In this article is described how Network Policy (Kubernetes feature, which allows intra Pod isolation) works.

Advanced Cloud Functions Cloud Pub/Sub Feb. 26, 2018

Google Cloud PubSub background job queue with Cloud Function workers - Learn how to use Google Cloud PubSub framework as a message queue and Google Cloud Functions as workers to service the queued jobs.

Advanced Kubernetes Feb. 12, 2018

The Kubernetes Effect - In depth overview of Kubernetes.

Advanced Google Kubernetes Engine Dec. 25, 2017

Understanding kubernetes networking: ingress - Article explains how clients outside the cluster can connect to pods using the same service network.

Advanced Stackdriver Dec. 18, 2017

Detailed Network Monitoring with Stackdriver - In this article process of building the collectd protocols plugin and getting it to work with StackDriver agent is explained.

Advanced App Engine BigQuery Cloud ML Machine Learning TensorFlow Dec. 18, 2017

Real-time forecasts in the cloud: from market feed capture to ML predictions - how to train a machine learning model to predict FX rates using TensorFlow in Google Cloud, with application components running as App Engine services and communicating with each other by publishing messages via Cloud Pub/Sub and by writing data into BigQuery.


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