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Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Jupyter Notebook Official Blog

Combining the power of Apache Spark and AI Platform Notebooks with Dataproc Hub - Dataproc Hub: Administering Jupyter notebooks for Spark workloads on Dataproc.

AI Platform Notebooks Data Analytics Official Blog

Google Cloud adds smart analytics frameworks for AI Platform Notebooks - Smart analytics notebooks is an enterprise notebook experience that extends the capabilities of the GCP Smart Analytics Platform.

Cloud Functions Java Official Blog Serverless

Introducing Java 11 on Google Cloud Functions - You can now write a Cloud Functions function in Java 11.

Firebase Official Blog

Announcing Firebase Live - Firebase Live is a new 5-part weekly web series for developers consisting of talks, tips, and technical tutorials to help you increase productivity and collaboration among your team every Tuesday at 9:30am PST from June 9 through July 7.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub Lite - Pub/Sub Lite is a zonal, real-time messaging service that lets you to send and receive messages between independent applications. You can manually configure the throughput and storage capacity for Pub/Sub Lite systems.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Cloud Logging Cloud Monitoring Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Tools for debugging apps on Google Kubernetes Engine - How DevOps teams can use Cloud Monitoring and Logging to find issues quickly.

DevOps Official Blog SRE

Meeting reliability challenges with SRE principles - Following SRE principles can help you build reliable production systems. When getting started, you may encounter three common challenges. Here’s how to solve them.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Storage

Having ReadWriteMany Access Modes in GKE with NFS Server - Dealing with ReadWriteMany(ROX) Access Modes in Persistent Volume Claim on GKE.

Cloud KMS NodeJS Secret Manager Security

Secure Secret Storage using Google Cloud Platform - A simple solution to securely storing client and application secrets when using Google Cloud Platform.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Official Blog SAP

9 ways to back up your SAP systems in Google Cloud - Backup and storage design should be part of any business continuity plan. This post explains Google Cloud’s multiple cloud-based backup solutions for SAP—all flexible, scalable, and self-manageable.

Cloud Functions Python Terraform

Asynchronous Cloud Functions in GCP (Python) - This article deals with the usage of Cloud Functions to track long-running jobs in an asynchronous manner with a focus on trackable and stateful long-running operations.

Cloud Monitoring DevOps

Alert Policies Creation tricks with json file on GCP - Creating Alert policies with Cloud SDK.

API Data Studio

Explore your Strava data with GCP - Demo of how you can use Google services to build your own Strava dashboards.

Cloud Firestore Firebase NodeJS

CRUD Operations In Firebase using Async Await In Node.js - Performing CRUD operations in Firebase using the async-await in NodeJS.

Cloud Memorystore NoSQL Official Blog

Performance tuning best practices for Memorystore for Redis - Benchmark the performance of Memorystore for Redis to optimize those workloads running on Google Cloud.

Cloud Datastore Cloud Firestore Go NoSQL

Firestore/Datastore: unlocked the query filter capabilities in Go - Go library for enhancing Firestore and Datastore query capabilities.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Cloud Spanner

Create Cloud Spanner Scheduled Backups - This tutorial shows how to use the Scheduled Backups tool to configure Cloud Scheduler for creating Cloud Spanner backups on a regular basis.

Cloud Firestore Firebase

How to count documents in Google Cloud Firestore? - Overview of approaches to count documents in Firestore collections.

Cloud Build Cloud Source Repositories Firebase

Deploying Hugo Websites at Warp Speed with a Cloud Build and Firebase Pipeline - Using Google Cloud to create a pipeline for deploying websites based on Hugo, a static site builder.

Cloud Run Cloud Vision API Python Serverless

That’s a llama! Tag photos with Cloud Run and Vision API in 60 lines of code — Serverless Toolbox - On this episode of Serverless Toolbox, see how to automatically label uploaded photos using Python, Cloud Run, and the Vision API.

Cloud Run DevOps

A Minimal Serverless Identity Aware Proxy for Google Cloud Run - Learn how to wrap an existing service with a custom Identity Aware Proxy, so you services do not need to need to worry about it.

AWS Cloud Run Serverless

Google Cloud Run vs. AWS Lambda: Performance Benchmarks - A series of benchmarks focusing on raw performance, latencies, and the performance/cost ratio of both products.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Beginner Cloud Dataprep

Data Preparation for Machine learning using Google Cloud Dataprep - Example of using Data Prep for data cleaning.

Airflow BigQuery

Automated Reporting System Using Airflow - Configure scheduled reports in under 15 minutes.

Airflow Big Data BigQuery

Data Pipelines at PasarPolis using Airflow and BigQuery - Use Airflow for data orchestration on BigQuery to maintain a data warehouse.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Official Blog

Migrating Apache Hadoop clusters to Google Cloud - Moving on-premises Hadoop clusters can help your data analysts, data scientists, and more to work faster and more quickly in the cloud.

BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub

How to deploy Dataflow pipelines using SQL - Combining the new Dataflow SQL with the power of Google BigQuery.

BigQuery Billing Data Analytics Official Blog

Effectively using BigQuery Reservations - Cloud data warehouse BigQuery Reservations is a platform for cost and workload management.

BigQuery Billing Data Analytics Official Blog

Optimize BigQuery costs with Flex Slots - Try Flex Slots in cloud data warehouse BigQuery to save costs when running jobs or workloads such as querying large tables.

BigQuery Billing Data Analytics Official Blog

Choosing between BigQuery on-demand and flat rate pricing - Tips on using your BigQuery cloud data warehouse efficiently and saving costs with both on-demand and flat-rate pricing models.

BigQuery Data Science

The Best Way to Generate Indices in BigQuery - Using GENERATE_ARRAY for Histograms and More.

Cloud AutoML GCP Experience Machine Learning Official Blog

How Kaggle solved a spam problem in 8 days using AutoML - With AutoML Natural Language on Google Cloud, Kaggle deployed a spam detection model to production in just eight days.

AI Platform Notebooks Big Data Data Science Machine Learning

Hands-on Big Data Analysis on GCP Using AI Platform Notebooks - Example of working with AI Platform Notebooks.

AI Platform Jupyter Notebook Machine Learning

CatBoost on Google Cloud’s AI Platform w/ CPUs & GPUs - Running Catboos (OSS gradient boosting framework) on AI Platform.

Docker Kubernetes Machine Learning TensorFlow

Scaling Machine Learning models using Tensorflow Serving & Kubernetes - Deploying Tensorflow serving on Kubernetes Engine.


Billing Official Blog

Operate more efficiently and reduce your costs with the cloud - We’re sharing the solutions and best practices we’re finding to be the most helpful for businesses, whether they’re recovering, adjusting, or building for the future.

GCP Certification Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Helping veterans build a career path with the Google Cloud certification challenge - Learn about Google Cloud’s certification training for U.S. veterans.

Official Blog

How Google Cloud partners are supporting customers during COVID-19 - Throughout COVID-19, Google Cloud partners have supported their customers, maintained business continuity, and built a foundation for the future.

GCP Certification Machine Learning

Data Engineering on GCP Specialisation: A Comprehensive Guide for Data Professionals - A thorough overview of preparing for the Data Engineering certificate exam.

GCP Experience Google Cloud Platform

I’m joining Google Cloud for the same reasons you should be a customer - A personal overview of a "few things stood out while assessing Google’s opportunity in the market, and how they could uniquely help do amazing things with technology".

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #222 Security Operations with Elliott Abraham and Jason Bisson.

Kubernetes Podcast - #105 Cloud Foundry, with Chip Childers.



Google Cloud Armor - Error correction: Beta flag removed from feature Google Cloud Armor with Cloud CDN.

Billing - Labels column added to the flat table view of the Cloud Billing Cost Table report. New data property now available for Cloud Billing budget alerts that are configured for programmatic notifications.

CDN - To help you get started quickly, added two new examples for setting up Cloud CDN: Setting up Cloud CDN with a managed instance group Setting up Cloud CDN with a backend bucket.

Cloud Composer - New versions of Cloud Composer images: composer-1.10.4-airflow-1.10.2, composer-1.10.4-airflow-1.10.3 and composer-1.10.4-airflow-1.10.6. Fixed an issue with Airflow 1.10.6 environments where task logs were not visible in the UI when DAG serialization was enabled.

Config Connector - Added support for BigQueryJob resource.

Dataproc - Dataproc now provides beta support for Dataproc Hub.

Dialogflow - The Dialogflow Facebook Messenger integration has been updated to to be compliant with newer Facebook Messenger API versions.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions now supports Go 1.13 at the General Availability release level. Cloud Functions has added support for a new runtime, Java 11, in Beta: The Java Runtime.

Cloud Healthcare API - v1. The Cloud Healthcare API offers single-region support in the asia-east2 (Hong Kong) region. v1. Search results for DICOM studies and series might take several seconds to update after deleting an instance using instances.delete.

KMS - Several fields related to data integrity have been added to the Cloud KMS API, along with guidelines for using them.

Google Kubernetes Engine - Due to a newly discovered issue, the following versions are no longer available: 1.17.5-gke.6. 1.16.8-gke.17. 1.15.11-gke.14.

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - Due to a newly discovered issue, version 1.17.5-gke.6 is no longer available.

Recommender - v1beta1. You can now view, prioritize, and apply recommendations in the Google Cloud Console using Recommendation Hub (Beta).

Cloud TPU - Cloud TPU now supports TensorFlow version 1.15.3.

Virtual Private Cloud - GKE annotations and advanced controls for VPC Flow Logs is now available in Beta.

Dialogflow Enterprise - The Dialogflow Facebook Messenger integration has been updated to to be compliant with newer Facebook Messenger API versions.

Anthos GKE on AWS - A new build of Anthos GKE on AWS has been released.

Apache Beam

Apache Beam 2.21.0 release


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