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Infrastructure Official Blog

A new Google Cloud region is coming to Kuwait - A new Google Cloud region is coming to Kuwait to support our growing customer base.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog

Better together: Looker connector for Looker Studio now generally available - You can now access your Looker modeled data in Looker Studio with the Looker connector, now generally available.

Anthos Official Blog

Manage Kubernetes configuration at scale using the new GitOps observability dashboard - Easily keep track of your GitOps deployments across clusters with Config Management Dashboard.

Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog

Apply policy bundles and monitor policy compliance at scale for Kubernetes clusters - Policy Controller enables the enforcement of programmable policies for Anthos clusters. This blog is for introducing new features launched for ACM - Policy Controller.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Confidential Computing Official Blog

How Confidential Space and multi-party computation can help manage digital assets more securely and efficiently - Google Cloud customers can implement multi-party computation solutions with our new Confidential Space, which can be used to securely manage and instantly transact digital assets. Here’s what you need to know.

Cloud Monitoring DevOps Official Blog Prometheus

How The Home Depot gets a single pane of glass for metrics across 2,200 stores - Learn how The Home Depot used Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus to bring together metrics from their cloud, on-prem, and over 2,200 stores.

Certificate Manager Kubernetes

Gateway API in GKE— HTTPS with Google Managed Certificate - Setting up TLS through Certificate Manager for Google Managed Certificate and applied it to Gateway API.

Networking Security

Firewall 3.0 and secure tags - Learn what’s new with GCP network firewall policies and secure tags. How to leverage them in your designs.

Infrastructure Networking Security

New GCP firewall (3.0) and secure tags tutorial - An example of implementing infrastructure and using firewall secure tags.

Infrastructure Networking VPC

Google Cloud-Shared VPC Network - An overview, setup and using shared VPC.


Cloud-native Netbox On Google Cloud Platform - This post demonstrates how to run a popular open source IP address management (IPAM) tool called Netbox in a cloud-native way on Google Cloud Platform.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

GKE Security: Top 10 Strategies for Securing Your Cluster

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Validating Admission Policies with GKE 1.26 - Leveraging new Validation Admission Policies feature in GKE.

Artifact Registry Cloud KMS Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Security

Sigstore’s cosign and policy-controller with GKE, Artifact Registry and KMS - Using Sigstore to signcontainer images in Cloud KMS and Artifact Registry.

Google Cloud Platform Security

Secure your GCP organization perimeter with Organization Policies - A closer look at Organization policies and a few common use cases.


Working with Repeated Fields in Chronicle SIEM - Exploring Repeated fields, a field type within Chronicle SIEM’s UDM schema that can store multiple values in a single key.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Workstations GCP Experience Official Blog

L’Oreal enables a global developer workforce with secure cloud development environments - L’Oreal empowered its global developer workforce with Cloud Workstations, a managed and secure cloud development environment and IDE solution.

Backup and DR Service

Native Backups on Google Cloud - Is Google Cloud Backup and DR a revolution or an evolution?

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage ~ Use HMAC to authenticate requests to Cloud Storage - HMAC can be one of the mechanisms to authenticate requests to Cloud Storage.

Certificate Manager

Certificate Manager — Upload Self Managed Certificate - Changing from google managed certificate to self-managed certificate through Certificate Manager.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

How to plan your SQL Server migration to Cloud SQL - Migrating SQL Server databases to Cloud SQLDB instance migration to Cloud SQL for SQL Server is an easy and achievable task, learn how with backup import, Snapshot and Transactional Replication, and more.

Cloud Bigtable Cloud Firestore Cloud Spanner Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Transforming customer experiences with modern cloud database capabilities - Learn how Google Cloud customers are transforming customer experiences with modern cloud database capabilities.

Cloud SQL Networking Official Blog

Accessing Cloud SQL using Private Service Connect - Privately connecting to Cloud SQL from a remote network using PSC.

Monitoring Python Serverless

GCP Alerts the Easy Way: Alerting for Cloudfunctions and Cloudrun using Goblet. - Using Goblet framework to deploy monitoring alerts.

Cloud Run DevOps Docker

Deploy Containerised Plotly Dash App with CI/CD (P2: GCP) - Deploying an existing containerized app on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions IAM Serverless

Your Guide to Google Cloud Function Identities - This blog post is a deep dive into Cloud Functions Identities.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

BigQuery Official Blog Public Datasets

How to get started with the Political Ads Transparency Report dataset - Explore the Political Ads Transparency Report dataset, how to access it, and some examples of how it can be used.

Data Catalog Dataplex

Data Governance using Dataplex - The aim of this blog is to let users know how we can implement “Data Governance on GCP using Dataplex”.

Kubernetes PubSub Tutorial

Use Pub/Sub emulator in minikube - Using Pub/Sub emulator for local development and testing in minikube.

BigQuery GCP Experience Looker Terraform

Why we use Terraform for BigQuery - Using Terraform for Looker related BigQuery views.

BigQuery Billing

Understanding BigQuery billing and optimizing it - An in-depth overview of BigQuery billing.

BigQuery Data Science

4 Useful BigQuery SQL Functions You May Not Know - Some not so well known BigQuery functions.


Top 5 BigQuery Information Schema queries for optimizing performance and cost - Getting insights from BigQuery INFORMATION_SCHEMA about executed queries, costs etc.

BigQuery Cloud Functions

Keeping up with Google Cloud releases - With BigQuery, Cloud Functions, and Google Chat Webhooks.

Official Blog Vertex AI

Vertex AI Foundations for secure and compliant ML/AI deployment - Learn how to secure and enable Vertex AI platform as your end to end ML/AI platform for production workloads.

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics Official Blog

Scaling machine learning inference with NVIDIA TensorRT and Google Dataflow - A collaboration between Google Cloud and NVIDIA has enabled Apache Beam users to maximize the performance of ML models within their data processing pipelines, using NVIDIA TensorRT and NVIDIA GPUs, along side the new Apache Beam TensorRTEngineHandler.

AI Machine Learning Vertex AI

Google Vertex AI Batch Predictions - Batch predictions allow you to predict large amounts of data in parallel.

AI Cloud Logging Machine Learning Vertex AI

Add Cloud Logging to your Vertex AI Batch Prediction Jobs - A simple way to circumwent the limited debugging and logging capabilities.

Docker Vertex AI

Deploying Stable Diffusion on Vertex AI - Stable Diffusion deployed in your house, for better safety & personalization.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Security Podcast - #105 Security Architect View: Cloud Migration Successes, Failures and Lessons.

GCP Life Podcast - #32 “Monrail, monorail, monorail!” – In this episode we discuss; Withings, Vegas Loop, Atlas Robot, Mark LohMeyer, VMWARE Loses Three Execs, Google Cloud Programs For Partners, MS Combat Goggles, ChatGPT Competitor, MS Plans To Crush Google, New Kid On The Block.


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