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Official Blog Security

Introducing Threat Ready with Mandiant for safer digital transformations to the cloud - Threat Ready with Mandiant is a new security solution that can help enterprises protect what matters most to their business, and can help them access Mandiant expertise.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Drive operational impact in retail cloud applications using Address Validation - Google Maps Platform offers APIs, such as Place Autocomplete API and Address Validation API that improve accuracy of address validation to drive operational efficiency.

Document AI Official Blog

Processing W2 & Payslips is now even simpler with Document AI - Google Cloud’s latest Document AI updates make processing and extracting insights from W2 and payslips easier and more powerful.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Announcing the GA of BigQuery multi-statement transactions - BigQuery multi-statement transactions are now generally available and offer greater scale and additional functionality to handle the most complex of transactions.

Cloud Pub/Sub Data Analytics Infrastructure Official Blog

Seamlessly export Pub/Sub Lite messages to Pub/Sub - Pub/Sub Lite now offers export subscriptions to Pub/Sub. This new subscription type writes Lite messages directly to Pub/Sub - no code development or Dataflow jobs needed. Great for connecting disparate data pipelines and migration from Lite to Pub/Sub.

BigQuery Official Blog

Sparse Features Support in BigQuery - Learn more about sparse features and how to store them efficiently on Google Cloud BigQuery.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog Security

Security Roundup - stories and launches from the second half of 2022 (Q3 and Q4) - What's new in the Google Cloud Security world, highlighting and summarizing some key stories and new content.

CISO Official Blog Security

CISO Survival Guide: Vital questions to help guide transformation success - Next in our series of CISO survival guide blogs, we discuss which hard questions CISO should be asking business leaders — and themselves.

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Connecting Google Kubernetes Engine to Cloud SQL using the Auth Proxy Operator - The Cloud SQL Auth proxy allows you to securely connect your application on GKE to Cloud SQL. The Kubernetes operator makes that even easier.

Infrastructure Official Blog

Everything you need to know about architecting reliable infrastructure for Google Cloud workloads - Understand the building blocks of reliability in Google Cloud. Learn to architect reliable infrastructure to deploy highly available cloud workloads.

Infrastructure Official Blog Terraform

Hierarchical Firewall Policy Automation with Terraform - Here's how automation on Terraform allows Security admin to easily observe, menage, and enforce traffic control patterns centrally, and very easily.

Networking Official Blog

Two networking patterns for secure intra-cloud access - Networking Architecture - Learn more about PSC consumer and producer design and the NVA in shared VPC design.

Cloud VPN DevOps Networking

Understanding Google Cloud Hybrid Connectivity - An overview of products on Google Cloud providing Hybrid connectivity.

Network Connectivity Center Networking

Dynamic Routing with GCP’s Network Connectivity Center - A solution based on Network Connectivity Center where regional cloud routers in VPC networks can dynamically exchange BGP updates with a virtual network appliance.


Setup GitHub Actions and Terraform for a new GCP project - Easy setup of GitHub Actions & Terraform for new GCP project.

Cloud Identity Aware Proxy Data Analytics Kubernetes Visualization

Deploying Metabase on Google Kubernetes Engine with Identity-Aware Proxy - Deploying Metabase (a data analysis tool) on Google Cloud Platform.

IAM Terraform

A better (best) way to run Terraform in Google Cloud: Service Account Impersonation - Running Terraform locally through service account impersonation.

Billing Google Kubernetes Engine

GKE Cost Optimization: 10 Steps For A Lower Cloud Bill In 2023

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

DevOps Official Blog

Cultural drivers of DevOps success - Learn more about how culture is the true driver of DevOps success.

AWS Cloud Storage Official Blog

Transfer data from AWS to GCP using Storage Transfer Service - A step-by-step process for transferring data from AWS S3 to Google’s Cloud Storage in a secure manner using identity federation.

Cloud Run GCP Experience Official Blog Serverless

Opinary generates recommendations faster on Cloud Run - Berlin-based startup Opinary migrated their machine learning pipeline from Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to Cloud Run, reducing the time to generate a recommendation from 20 s. to 1 s., and a 50% cost reduction.

Apigee Eventarc Official Blog

Responding to changes in cloud resources with Eventarc and Cloud Run - Eventarc - Use Cloud Run to react to events about changes in the provisioned cloud resources.

Compute Engine Infrastructure

3 things to remember before renaming GCP VM. - 3 things to remember when renaming Compute Engine VM using the new Rename functionality.

Cloud SQL Security

Securely Accessing Our Google Cloud SQL Instances - Blocking Bad Actors Without Hamstringing Development.

Cloud Workstations Python

Build Your Castles In The Sky - Set up a powerful remote development environment on Google’s new Cloud Workstations.

Cloud Functions Firebase

Firebase cloud functions - Getting starting with Cloud Functions with Firebase CLI.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog

How a multi-national CPG brand clocked a 90-day time-to-value with Lytics and Google Cloud - Multi-national CPG brand removes data silos between brands, teams, and channels with help from Lytics and Google Cloud.

Contact Center AI Official Blog

Changing the customer experience with Contact Center AI: Look back and look forward - Learn how Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI is helping organizations to keep pace with increasing customer experience expectations.

Official Blog Vertex AI

Reading and storing data for custom model training on Vertex AI - Efficiently reading data is key to faster ML model training. Learn about best practices for reading and storing structured and unstructured data on Vertex AI.

Data Analytics Official Blog

How Kibo Commerce wows their customers with composable analytics using Looker - How Kibo Commerce uses Looker composable analytics for faster development and happy customers.

Cloud Healthcare Official Blog

RAD Lab AlphaFold module for researchers - RAD Lab provides researchers a quick, easy way to spin up Google Cloud environments for AlphaFold.

Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Official Blog

Run faster and more cost-effective Dataproc jobs - Are your Dataproc jobs running too slow? Do you need to optimize the costs of your Dataproc job strategy? This blog explores a step-by-step approach to improving your Dataproc jobs.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Accelerate integrated Salesforce insights with Google Cloud Cortex Framework - Google Cloud Cortex Framework launches new data analytics solution accelerator content for Salesforce insights with BigQuery and Looker.

BigQuery Data Science

Load Data into BigQuery Using Python-File Format Benchmark - In this post, you will be introduced to several methods showing how to load data with the most popular formats into BigQuery and analyze performance.

BigLake Dataplex

Data Mesh Enabler: GCP Dataplex and BigLake Integration - Using Dataplex and BigLake together.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Built with BigQuery: Solving scale and complexity in retail pricing with BigQuery, Looker, Analytics Hub and more - Building a data-driven pricing platform for speed, scale and automation with BigQuery, Looker and more.

Big Data BigQuery

BigQuery WINDOW Functions | Advanced Techniques for Data Professionals - A complete guide for maximizing the potential of BigQuery WINDOW functions to manipulate and transform data.


BigQuery Optimizations (Part 3) - Primer on BigQuery Cost and Performance Optimizations.

BigQuery Looker Terraform

HOW TO: Access GCP Services from Looker’s Extension Framework - This tutorial covers establishing a connection to GCP services like BigQuery from Looker, as well as automating the provisioning of the required resources using Terraform.


BigQuery Optimizations (Query List) - Primer on BigQuery Cost and Performance Optimizations.

Big Data BigQuery Machine Learning

Streamlining Machine Learning with BigQuery ML: A Comprehensive Overview - Unlocking the Power of Big Data with BigQuery ML: A Beginner’s Guide.

BigQuery Machine Learning Tutorial

How to do Forecasting With Google BigQuery - Predict the Future with SQL and Google ML!


DevOps Terraform

Book: Terraform for Google Cloud Essential Guide - Learn how to provision infrastructure in Google Cloud securely and efficiently.

Official Blog Public Sector

Collaborating effectively in government with Google Workspace - It is increasingly important to foster a culture of collaboration that can connect employees regardless of where they are working. Google Workspace empowers employees to feel like they are together, even when separate, through a platform built with collaboration in mind.

Business Official Blog

Putting partners first in 2023 - Google Cloud will expand its open approach with partners, and its partner-led, partner-delivered approach to services in 2023.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Tips to get the most out of Google Cloud Documentation - Here are a few tips to help you discover the various content pieces in Google Cloud Documentation.

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Security Podcast - #103 Security Incident Response and Public Cloud - Exploring with Mandiant.


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