CISO Official Blog Security Jan. 16, 2023

CISO Survival Guide: Vital questions to help guide transformation success - Next in our series of CISO survival guide blogs, we discuss which hard questions CISO should be asking business leaders — and themselves.

CISO Official Blog Security Dec. 26, 2022

Cloud CISO Perspectives: December 2022 - Which security lessons of the past year were the most important? We look back at 2022 with members of GCAT and Google Cloud’s Office of the CISO.

CISO Official Blog Security Nov. 14, 2022

For a successful cloud transformation, change your culture first - Lessons from the computing virtualization era can help ease an organization’s cloud transformation. First, start with your culture. Here’s why.

CISO Google Cloud Platform Official Blog Nov. 7, 2022

From the FBI to Google Cloud, meet CISO Director MK Palmore - Office of the CISO Director MK Palmore on his transition from government to private sector, his next big challenge, and diversifying cybersecurity.

CISO Official Blog Security Nov. 7, 2022

Cloud CISO Perspectives: October 2022 - CISO Phil Venables takes a look back at our recent Google Cloud Next conference, and what it means for cloud security.

CISO Official Blog Security Oct. 3, 2022

Cloud CISO Perspectives: September 2022 - CISO Phil Venables shares his thoughts on Google Cloud’s recently-closed acquisition of Mandiant.

CISO Official Blog Security Oct. 3, 2022

What makes Google Cloud security special: Our reflections 1 year after joining OCISO - Google Cloud OCISO members Taylor Lehmann and David Stone reflect on their first year with the team, and what makes Google Cloud security special.

CISO Official Blog Sept. 5, 2022

Cloud CISO Perspectives: August 2022 - Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables shares his thoughts on bug bounties, along with the latest security updates from the Google Cybersecurity Action Team.

CISO Official Blog Security Aug. 22, 2022

How CISOs need to adapt their mental models for cloud security - CISOs: How well do you speak cloud? Here are 6 tips for adapting your mental models of security.

CISO Official Blog Security Aug. 22, 2022

How autonomic data security can help define cloud’s future - Here’s how Autonomic Data Security can help transform old-world security models to the new world of data in the cloud.


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