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BigLake BigQuery Official Blog June 26, 2023

Accelerate BigLake performance to run large-scale analytics workloads - BigLake accelerates query performance through a combination of its scalable metadata system, efficient query plans and materialized views.

BigLake Official Blog June 26, 2023

Transform your Apache Iceberg lakehouse with BigLake - You can now use Apache Iceberg as the data management layer for building lakehouses with BigLake, and query the data with BigQuery.

BigLake BigQuery April 17, 2023

Data warehouse, data lake, delta lakes, and multicloud data with Google Cloud’s BigLake - An overview of BigLake.

BigLake BigQuery Cloud Storage March 27, 2023

Extend Cloud Storage filtering with BigQuery Object Table - Using BigQuery to query files in Cloud Storage.

BigLake Data Analytics HPC Official Blog Jan. 23, 2023

Run data science workloads without creating more data silos - Build a data lake solution enabling data science teams to run workloads without creating new data silos, no matter how complex your organization is.

BigLake Dataplex Jan. 16, 2023

Data Mesh Enabler: GCP Dataplex and BigLake Integration - Using Dataplex and BigLake together.

BigLake Data Analytics Dataplex Official Blog Dec. 19, 2022

Automate data governance, extend your data fabric with Dataplex-BigLake integration - Learn how to automate data governance and your data fabric with Dataplex & BigLake integration. Allow centralizing policies in data lakes & warehouses.

BigLake BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog Oct. 24, 2022

Announcing Apache Iceberg support for BigLake - BigLake now supports Apache Iceberg, an open source table format, enabling users to take advantage of Iceberg’s capabilities to build an open format data lake.

BigLake Data Analytics Official Blog Aug. 1, 2022

Unify data lakes and warehouses with BigLake, now generally available - BigLake, a storage engine that extends innovations in BigQuery storage to open file formats running on cloud object stores, is generally available.

BigLake Datastream July 18, 2022

What a beautiful stream !! - This article provides step by step tutorial to create a stream in Datastream.

BigLake BigQuery April 18, 2022

GCP BigLake introduction - BigLake is the name given by Google to an underlying data access engine used to provide access to data stored in either BigQuery or in….

BigLake Data Analytics Official Blog April 11, 2022

BigLake: unifying data lakes and data warehouses across clouds - BigLake unifies data warehouses and data lakes into a consistent format for faster data analytics across Google Cloud and open source formats and engines.


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