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Cloud VPN Infrastructure Feb. 5, 2024

Google Cloud HA VPN to Compute Engine VM (NVA) config lab with VyOS - Google Cloud announced the GA of the Cloud HA VPN support of compute Instances with public IPs.

Cloud VPN Networking Feb. 27, 2023

Google Cloud HA VPN with pfSense - Creating a site to site HA VPN.

Cloud VPN DevOps Networking Jan. 16, 2023

Understanding Google Cloud Hybrid Connectivity - An overview of products on Google Cloud providing Hybrid connectivity.

Cloud NAT Cloud VPN Networking Oct. 3, 2022

Connecting Google Cloud VPC Network with an Overlapping Network using Twice NAT - Handling overlapping networks while working with hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Cloud DNS Cloud VPN Networking Feb. 28, 2022

Setting up a simulated on-prem environment for GCP - This guide is meant to setup a basic simulated on-prem environment, which configures IPSec (strongSwan), BGP (frr) and DNS (CoreDNS).


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