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BigQuery Official Blog Vertex AI

Simplify speech analytics with BigQuery, powered by Vertex AI - A preview of Vertex AI transcription models in BigQuery, capability that can make it easy to transcribe speech files and combine them with other structured data to build analytics and AI use cases.

BigQuery Document AI Official Blog

BigQuery integrates with Doc AI to help build document analytics and generative AI use cases - BigQuery customers can now create Document AI Custom Extractors, powered by Google's cutting-edge foundation models, which they can customize based on their own documents and metadata.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Official Blog

FinOps from the Field: Cloud cost forecasting

DevOps Terraform

Simplifying Cloud Infrastructure: Terraform Meets GCP - This GitHub repository is dedicated to providing you with ready-to-use Terraform scripts to set up essential cloud services seamlessly.


Networking in Google Cloud — Things to check out to catch up -’24 edition - Things you should catch up on for networking in Google Cloud.

Networking VPC

Google Cloud Hub & Spoke - Hub and Spoke VPC Networks on GCP.

Cloud SQL Google Kubernetes Engine Python

Streamlining Flask App Deployment on GKE with Cloud SQL and a Secure Sidecar Proxy - Deploying Flask appliaction on GKE.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps


Google Cloud Architecture Framework: System design - This is the second article in my seven-part series on the Google Cloud Architecture Framework.

Cloud Build Docker GitHub

How to easily automate your web deployments: Cloud Run and Cloud Build - Deploying application to Cloud Run via Cloud Build.

Cloud Storage

Uploading large files from React front end to Google cloud bucket using cloud functions — NodeJS & React (Bypass 32 MB upload limit) - Uploading big files through React to Cloud Storage.


Monitoring Your GCP VMs Made Easy: Using Ops Agent and Alerts - Using Ops Agent for monitoring VM.

Cloud Spanner

Time Synchronisation problem and GCP products - Time synchronization and Cloud Spanner.

AlloyDB Cloud SQL

Replication of Data from Oracle database to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL or AlloyDB - Replicating data from Oracle to Cloud SQL or AlloyDB.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler

GCP Cost Efficiency: Scheduled Cloud Functions for Infra Start/Stop - Starting/Stopping services on GCP using Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Functions.

Cloud Storage SAP

Use Google Cloud Storage as an application file directory for SAP - Using Google Cloud Storage as an application file directory and securely access files within a Cloud Storage bucket from SAP using ABAP SDK for Google Cloud.

Colab Python Visualization

From iPhone to Insight: Crafting a Fitness Dashboard with Python, Google Cloud, and Streamlit - Creating the steps tracker dashboard to visualize the step count data stored in the iPhone.

Cloud Run Python Terraform

How to deploy a Django app to Google Cloud Run using Terraform - How to deploy a Django app to Cloud Run.


Why you should use Google Cloud Workflows - A brief overview of Cloud Workflows.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Data Analytics Official Blog Partners

How to deploy data observability with Monte Carlo on Google Cloud

Airflow Cloud Composer

Upgrading Your Airflow 1/Composer 1 Environment to Airflow 2/Composer 2: A Comprehensive Migration Guide - Composer upgrading process from 1st to 2nd generation.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataflow

Of stream processing and lateness (part 1/2) - Explanation of Watermark concept in Apache Beam.

Data Analytics Python

Building an end-to-end ETL pipeline with Spotify and Google Cloud Platform (Part 1) - A data pipeline from Spotify API to GCP.

Big Data BigQuery Data Science

How Google BigQuery becomes an even more powerful Data Lakehouse - Recap 2023: What were the major Updates and what can we expect in 2024?

BigQuery Data Science

Using the Substring Function in BigQuery - Working with Strings and Text Data in BigQuery SQL.

BigQuery Looker

Using _PARTITIONDATE BigQuery pseudo-columns in Looker - Problems you can accounter and their solutions when you use PARTITIONDATE columns in BigQuery.

AI Duet AI

Unleashing data insights with Google’s Duet AI, zero code required - In this blog, we’ll walk through the process of leveraging a few different versions of Duet AI in order to help us gain novel insights from a large dataset without writing any code.


GCP Certification

Gotta collect them all! My thoughts on Google Cloud certifications - Sharing perspectives on Google Cloud certifications.


AutoML Tables - The shutdown date for AutoML Tables has changed from Jan 23, 2024 to Mar 31, 2024.

Batch - The limit for concurrent VMs per job now varies based on the number of zones allowed for a job's VMs: The limit for concurrent VMs per single-zone job remains 2,000.

BeyondCorp Enterprise - BeyondCorp Enterprise and Tanium integration was officially shut down because Tanium has deprecated the APIs on which this integration was built.

BigQuery - Analytics Hub listings can now include data encrypted with customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK).

Chronicle - The following supported default parsers have changed.

Datastore - Support for the europe-west1 (Belgium) and me-central2 (Dammam) locations.

Dialogflow - The Text-to-Speech API used by Dialogflow now supports two new experimental voices for en-us: en-US-Journey-D and en-US-Journey-F.

Cloud Firestore - Support for the europe-west1 (Belgium) and me-central2 (Dammam) locations.

Cloud AutoML Vision - The shutdown date for AutoML Vision has changed from Jan 23, 2024 to Mar 31, 2024.


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