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Analytics Hub Data Analytics Official Blog

Secure data exchanges with Analytics Hub, now generally available - Efficiently and securely exchange valuable data and analytics assets across organizational boundaries with Analytics Hub. Start your free trial today.

Cloud Marketplace Official Blog Terraform

Deploy a Google Cloud Marketplace VM with Terraform - Learn to deploy a Google Cloud Marketplace VM via Terraform.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Break down data silos with the new cross-cloud transfer feature of BigQuery Omni - Cross-cloud analytics are critical to breaking down data silos. Moving data with usability, security, low-latency, and audibility makes it a reality.


Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine GPU Monitoring Official Blog

Monitoring GPU workloads on GKE with NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager (DCGM) - How to setup NVIDIA DCGM in your GKE cluster and how to observe GPU utilization using Cloud Monitoring and Grafana.

Official Blog

Cloud CISO Perspectives: November 2022 - Cloud CISO Phil Venables reviews the first year of the Google Cybersecurity Action Team, and looks ahead to the team’s goals for 2023.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Terraform

Set up Helm on your GKE cluster with Terraform - This article shows how you can use Terraform to set up your Kubernetes cluster on GCP using GKE and apply your Helm chart using Terraform without any manual intervention.

Billing Infrastructure

Introduction to FinOps on Google Cloud - Cloud FinOps is becoming increasingly important: why does it require a new way of thinking and how can you start?

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

Auditing GKE Clusters across the entire organization - GKE is a cloud-native, managed container orchestration platform using Google Cloud to achieve best in class scalability and security.

Official Blog Security

Overcoming objections and unblocking the road to Zero Trust - Tim Knudsen, director of Zero Trust at Google Cloud, chats with Jess Burn, senior analyst at Forrester, on overcoming challenges on the road to Zero Trust.

Network Intelligence Center Networking

GCP Network Topology “Top Talkers” : Your friend for common questions on Network Traffic - Most common questions about use of GCP Network Intelligence center.

Cloud Build GitHub Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorial

Cloud Build for CICD - In this tutorial you’ll walk through the steps needed to set up an end to end pipeline using GitHub and Cloud Build, deploying to GKE.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Functions Official Blog

Fewer cold starts, more features in Cloud Functions - A review of the latest new capabilities for Cloud Functions.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

SIGOPS Hall of Fame goes to Spanner paper — here’s why that matters - For ten years, Spanner has delivered always-on experiences at scale to users across the world without sacrificing consistency.

Cloud Bigtable Official Blog

Low-latency fraud detection with Cloud Bigtable - Explore the end to end flow of detecting fraudulent payments with a low-latency and horizontally scalable system powered by tools like Bigtable.

API Official Blog

6 common mistakes to avoid in RESTful web API Design - Every modern web application we use today leverages APIs as a central nervous system for interactions. A poorly designed API impacts developer productivity and application performance. In this blog, we have compiled 6 common mistakes we have seen in API design.

Cloud Run Official Blog

Load testing I/O Adventure with Cloud Run - To make sure the I/O Adventure GKE servers would handle a heavy load of WebSocket sessions, we used Cloud Run, BigQuery and Grafana.

Apigee Official Blog

Demystifying commonly used Apigee terminology - A go-to guide on common Apigee terms used in API discussions and their meaning.

Cloud SQL Data Analytics Infrastructure Official Blog

Migrating your Oracle and SQL Server databases to Google Cloud - Learn how to migrate your Oracle and SQL Server databases to Google Cloud with these five new videos by Google product experts.

Official Blog Workflows

Workflows patterns and best practices - Part 2 - In this series of blog posts, we summarize Workflows and service orchestrations patterns and point to relevant content.

Eventarc Terraform Workflows

Google Cloud Workflows Terraform Module - This blog gives an high level overview of terraform-google-cloud-workflows module and a use case.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Cloud SQL and Powershell working together on linux - Powershell and dbatools.io can be used to manage your Cloud SQL Server instances. We show you a few examples of how this can be done.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Cloud Healthcare Infrastructure Official Blog

Google Cloud Biotech Acceleration Tooling - Quick start technology tooling and guides to accelerate scientific discovery in within biotechnology.

Data Analytics GCP Experience Looker Official Blog

Seer Interactive gets the best marketing results for their clients using Looker - Seer Interactive turned to Looker as their Business Intelligence platform, helping them design a new, data analytics foundation in tandem with BigQuery.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Built with BigQuery: Zeotap uses Google BigQuery to build highly customized audiences at scale - Zeotap is a next-generation Customer Data Platform hosted in Google Cloud aimed at building customized Audience segments and activating at scale.

Cloud Dataflow Python

Deploy a Reusable Custom Data Pipeline Using Dataflow Flex Template in GCP - This article explains an approach to building and deploying a Dataflow Flex template.

BigQuery Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Built with BigQuery: How Datalaksa provides a unified marketing and customer data warehouse for brands in South East Asia - Learn how Datalaksa rapidly built a customer data warehouse with full Customer Data Platform capabilities by leveraging the Google BigQuery.

BigQuery Official Blog

Detect spoofing exceptions in financial markets with Google Cloud and GTS - Google Cloud and GTS partnered to develop a solution that detects spoofing exceptions using BigQuery Smart Analytics. This solution will help financial institutions reimagine their regulatory reporting systems with modern cloud-based architectures.

Official Blog

Archive Data: Old or historic? - Strategies to move mainframe archive data from on-premises tapes to Google cloud storage and derive cost and business benefits.

BigQuery Data Analytics GIS Official Blog Serverless

BigQuery Geospatial Functions - ST_IsClosed and ST_IsRing - Use new BigQuery geospatial functions ST_IsClosed and ST_IsRing.

Official Blog Vertex AI

Boost medical discoveries with AlphaFold on Vertex AI - Learn 3 ways to run AlphaFold on Google Cloud using no-cost solutions and guides.

Docker Kubeflow Machine Learning Vertex AI

How to use Google Cloud Vertex AI to build a ML pipeline using Kubeflow? - Like many others, our company is embarking on a journey of on-premises-to-cloud migration. Knowing this, Google launched Vertex AI.

AI GCP Experience Machine Learning Official Blog TPU

How InstaDeep used Cloud TPU v4 to help sustainable agriculture - Google Cloud and InstaDeep discuss how Cloud TPU v4 help train a large genomics model. This model will help predict crop characteristics and thereby help sustainable agriculture.

Official Blog Vertex AI

Improving model quality at scale with Vertex AI Model Evaluation - The new Model Evaluation API for Vertex AI will enable customers to accelerate and automate model evaluation in an end-to-end MLOps workflow.

BigQuery Machine Learning NoSQL Official Blog Vertex AI

Movie Score Prediction with BigQuery, Vertex AI and MongoDB Atlas - We're using BigQuery, Vertex AI, and MongoDB Atlas to predict a categorical variable using a Supervised Machine Learning Model created with AutoML.

Vertex AI

Got a Vertex AI question? Ask and I’ll try to help - An interactive FAQ blog series about Vertex AI.


Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Bridging The Gap: Melina López on Expanding Access to Technology in Latin America - Google Cloud Product & Inclusion Marketing Manager Melina López is Empowering Underrepresented Groups in Latin America Through Technology.

Slides, Videos, Audio

Security Podcast - #99 Google Workspace Security: from Threats to Zero Trust.



Agent Assist - The Agent Assist Smart Reply feature now supports French (Canada) in addition to English (United states).

AlloyDB - The AlloyDB Clusters page of the Google Cloud console displays summary cards and a resource table that provide an overview on the overall health of your databases.

Google Cloud Armor - Three new rate limiting keys are now Generally Available: HTTP-PATH SNI REGION-CODE For more information about using rate limiting keys, see the Rate limiting overview.

BigQuery - BigQuery now supports querying Apache Iceberg tables that are created by open source engines. BigQuery now supports the following features when you load data: ASCII control characters for CSV files.

Billing - View granular cost data from Cloud Run instances in Cloud Billing exports to BigQuery You can now view granular Cloud Run cost data in the Google Cloud Billing detailed export. View granular cost data from Cloud Function instances in Cloud Billing exports to BigQuery You can now view granular Cloud Function cost data in the Google Cloud Billing detailed export.

Cloud Build - Users can generate Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) build provenance information for standalone Java and Python packages when they upload artifacts to Artifact Registry using new fields available in the Cloud Build config file.

Chronicle - Some supported default parsers have changed. See link for more details.

Cloud Composer - Cloud Composer 1.20.0 and 2.1.0 release started on December 2, 2022.

Data Fusion - Cloud Data Fusion version 6.4 is no longer supported as of December 1, 2022.

Dataplex - Dataplex Source and Sink plugins are generally available (GA) in Cloud Data Fusion for ingesting and processing data.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - The NEW_ZEALAND_IRD_NUMBER infoType detector is available in all regions. The VAT_NUMBER infoType detector is available in all regions.

Error Reporting - Error Reporting is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) supported service.

Eventarc - Eventarc support for customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) is generally available (GA).

IAM - For some users, the IAM basic and predefined roles reference is crashing or is very slow to load.

Google Kubernetes Engine - Kubernetes control plane logs are now Generally Available. You can now use deprecation insights to identify clusters on versions 1.23 and earlier that use Docker-based node images, which are unsupported on GKE version 1.24 and later.

Cloud PubSub - Exactly once delivery is now GA.

SAP Solutions - Cloud Storage Backint agent for SAP HANA version 1.0.23 Version 1.0.23 of the Cloud Storage Backint agent for SAP HANA is now available.

Cloud Spanner - The number of concurrent database restore operations per instance that Cloud Spanner supports has increased from five to ten.

Cloud SQL Postgres - The changes listed in the October 19th release rotes entry for PostgreSQL minor versions, extension versions, and plugin versions have been postponed.

Cloud Talent Solution - v4. Marking keyword_searchable_job_custom_attributes on the Company as deprecated. Marking company_size histogram facet as deprecated.

Cloud Text-to-Speech - Text-to-Speech now offers additional Neural2 voices across 9 locales with 40+ speakers.

Cloud TPU - Cloud TPU now supports Tensorflow 2.11.0.

Vertex AI - AutoML image model updates AutoML image classification and object detection now support a higher-accuracy model type. Cloud Logging for Vertex AI Pipelines is now generally available (GA).

VMware Engine - Zerto Solution version 9.5u1 is now supported as a disaster recovery solution with VMware Engine. Preview: VMware Engine private clouds support the addition of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 virtual cryptoprocessor to a virtual machine.


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