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Infrastructure Official Blog

The new Google Cloud Region in Israel is now open - The Google Cloud region in Israel gives users low-latency access to services while meeting compliance, privacy, and digital sovereignty needs.

Cloud Security Command Center Official Blog

Introducing Sensitive Actions to help keep accounts secure - Introducing Sensitive Actions, a new way to understand user account behavior. They are changes made in a Google Cloud environment that are security relevant — and therefore important to be aware of and evaluate.

BigLake BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Announcing Apache Iceberg support for BigLake - BigLake now supports Apache Iceberg, an open source table format, enabling users to take advantage of Iceberg’s capabilities to build an open format data lake.

gRPC Monitoring Networking Official Blog

Introducing gRPC observability for microservices - gRPC observability provides a way to seamlessly integrate with GCP Cloud Ops products, including Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Trace to help developers diagnose their microservices.

Cloud CDN Networking Official Blog

When speed is revenue: New Cloud CDN features to improve users’ digital experiences - Cloud CDN launches dynamic compression and custom cache keys, which can help accelerate web performance, optimize networking spend, and improve cache hit ratios.

Active Assist Cloud SQL Official Blog

Proactive Database Wellness with Active Assist: Introducing additional Cloud SQL recommenders - Learn about Cloud SQL’s Proactive Database Wellness, a suite of intelligent recommenders that can help you save money, improve performance, increase reliability, and protect your data.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Build limitless workloads on BigQuery: New features beyond SQL - BigQuery announces preview of Stored Procedures for Spark, letting customers build ML & ETL jobs written in Python directly into BigQuery’s environment.

Cloud Spanner Official Blog

Introducing lock insights and transaction insights for Spanner: troubleshoot lock contentions with pre-built dashboards - Lock insights and transaction insights provide pre-built dashboards to easily diagnose lock contentions and smoothly correlate rows, columns, and transactions to resolve performance issues.


What’s new at Firebase Summit 2022 - All important announcements from Firebase summit.

Infrastructure Official Blog

Announcing open innovations for a new era of systems design - At the OCP Global Summit, we announced contributions for server design, trusted computing, reliable computing, and sustainability.

ChromeOS GCP Certification

Become a Certified ChromeOS Administrator

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Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Billing Infrastructure Machine Learning Networking Official Blog

How ML-fueled recommendations help developers optimize security, price-performance, and carbon reduction - Learn about what’s new in Google Cloud’s ML-powered intelligence service Active Assist from several Next ’22 breakout sessions.

Migration Official Blog

Migrate and modernize intelligently with Google Cloud Migration Center - Announcing a new Google service for enabling customers to accelerate their migration and modernization with Google Cloud.

Billing Compute Engine Infrastructure Official Blog

Rethinking your VM strategy with Spot VMs - Learn more about the availability, key features and usage of the new Spot VMs on Google Cloud.

Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog OpenTelemetry

Easy Telemetry Instrumentation on GKE with the OpenTelemetry Operator - Learn how to set up automatic tracing instrumentation on GKE with the OpenTelemetry Operator and Google Cloud's public samples repository.

Cloud External Key Manager Official Blog Security

Best kept security secrets: How Cloud EKM can help resolve the cloud trust paradox - The evolution of cloud computing has led organizations to want even more control over their data and more transparency from their cloud services. Here’s how Cloud External Key Manager can help you achieve that.

Networking Official Blog

Reliable peering to access Google Cloud - Learn how reliable Google peering interconnection with both ISPs and cloud customers works to provide a great user experience.

Cloud Spanner Kubernetes

Use Google Cloud Spanner with the Online Boutique sample - This tutorial guide you through connecting sample Online Boutique application to Cloud Spanner.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Cloud Firestore Official Blog

Powering up Firestore to COUNT() cost-efficiently - Overview of COUNT feature and associated pricing in Firestore.

Cloud Bigtable Official Blog

Cloud Bigtable schema tips: Key salting - Learn how to optimize your schema with salt prefixes to reduce hotspots on active customers.

Google Maps Platform Official Blog

Explore new map customization demos - We’re excited to introduce two new demos that showcase how Google Maps Platform products and features can come together to help you build unique, interactive geospatial experiences.

Cloud SQL Official Blog

Building a resilient architecture with Cloud SQL - How to build a resilient database architecture with Cloud SQL, a managed Google Cloud service for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL-Server database.

Cloud Firestore Official Blog

Building scalable real time applications with Firestore - Use Firestore Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) capabilities to build scalable real time applications.

Firebase Official Blog

Accelerating app development lifecycle with managed container platforms, Firebase and CI/CD - Accelerate your app development lifecycle with managed platforms, from development to hosting to improvements.

Billing Cloud Logging Official Blog SRE

Cloud Logging pricing for Cloud Admins: How to approach it & save cost - How, where and when pricing is incurred in Cloud Logging, Google’s observability solution to manage Logs. It also covers our recommendations to save and optimize cost.

Cloud Memorystore Official Blog

Using Envoy to create cross-region replicas for Cloud Memorystore - Learn how to create multi-regional Cloud Memorystore for Redis instances in just a few minutes with the Envoy proxy.

Cloud Firestore Official Blog

Manage storage costs by automatically deleting expired data using Firestore Time-To-Live (TTL) - Use time-to-live (TTL) policies to automatically remove expired data from your Firestore databases.

Serverless Workflows

Executing commands (gcloud, kubectl) from Workflows - A demonstration of executing command line tools in Workflows.

Cloud SQL Database Migration Service

Cruising through Database Migration Service on Google Cloud — the REST API way! - Step by step guide (with cURL commands) for an E2E migration of a Database instance (PostgreSQL) to Cloud SQL, using DMS REST API.

Cloud SQL Datastream

Configure Google Cloud Datastream for only certain DML’s on PostgreSQL as source. - A walkthrough on how to configure stream for specific events like insert, update on specific list of PostgreSQL tables.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

AI Cloud Speech API Official Blog

Run Google Cloud Speech AI locally, no internet connection required - Google Cloud Speech On-Device delivers server quality voice experiences even without a network connection.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Unifying data and AI to bring unstructured data analytics to BigQuery - Object tables provide a structured record interface that enables you to directly run analytics and machine learning on unstructured data in BigQuery.

Cloud Dataflow Data Analytics GCP Experience Official Blog

Top recommendations for building real-time intelligence on Google Cloud - How Exabeam built real-time product capabilities on Google Cloud with unified batch and streaming.

Document AI Official Blog Public Sector

Automate document processing with Document AI for government - Document AI helps accelerate the speed of innovation, cuts document and image processing time, and extracts information at scale by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure high accuracy.

Data Analytics Official Blog

Build a modern, distributed Data Mesh with Google Cloud - Data Mesh is an architectural paradigm that decentralizes data ownership into the teams that have the highest business context for a data domain.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Unlocking the value of unstructured data at scale using BigQuery ML and object tables - Object tables provide a structured record interface that enables you to directly run analytics and machine learning on unstructured data in BigQuery.

Apache Beam Cloud Dataproc Data Analytics Jupyter Notebook Official Blog

Run interactive pipelines at scale using Beam Notebooks - Run Apache Beam pipelines for ML inference interactively in Jupyter Notebooks with FlinkRunner at scale using Dataproc on Google Cloud under the hood.

BigQuery Official Blog

Backup & Disaster Recovery strategies for BigQuery - In this document, we will walk you through what is the impact of losing data from an availability zone, or a region on BigQuery. Additionally, you will learn different Disaster Recovery strategies to ensure your data and workloads remain available in case of a disaster.

Airflow CI Cloud Build Cloud Composer

A Centralised Approach to CICD of DAGs on Google Cloud Composer with Google Cloud Build — Part 1 - An overview of implementation of CI/CD DAGs on Google Cloud Composer using Google Cloud Build.

BigQuery dbt DevOps

Adding Near-Complete Autonomy to dbt Continuous Deployment Using “Slim Backfills” - In this blog, we will discuss scenarios where a full refresh is necessary when there has been either a schema or code change for a model and how we can give the CI/CD process near-complete autonomy by implementing capabilities to organically handle backfills.

BigQuery Dataform

How-to: Dataform in Google Cloud — part 1 - An overview of Dataform.

BigQuery Security

Using BigQuery Row Level Security on an Entire Table - An example of setting access for BigQuery table for concrete users.

Cloud Deploy Machine Learning Workflows

Deploy machine learning models to the edge server with Cloud Deploy and Cloud Workflows - Background.


Official Blog Public Sector

Ensuring fair and open competition in the cloud - Innovation in the cloud should be protected. It’s no time to continue the anticompetitive software practices of the 1990s.

GCP Certification Official Blog

Google Cloud Certifications adds new sustainable benefits and donation opportunities - New Google Cloud certified benefits for the certified community. This includes a digital toolkit, and certification merch that honors sustainability.

Data Analytics Google Cloud Platform

My Thoughts on Google Cloud Next 2022 - Some thoughts around the analytics launches at Google Cloud Next 2022.

Google Cloud Platform Security

Google Cloud Next ’22 — Security Summary - A quick recap of personal favorite announcements in the security space.

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #324 Top 5 Data & Analytics Launches from Next 2022 with Bruno Aziza and Maire Newton.

Security Podcast - #92 Special: Sharing The Mic In Cyber with STMIC Hosts Lauren and Christina: Representation, Psychological Safety, Security.



Anthos Config Management - Config Controller Autopilot is now available for preview. Config Controller now uses the following versions of its included products: Config Connector v1.95.0, release notes.

Assured Workloads for Goverment - The Canada Regions and Support compliance regime is now generally available.

Batch - Samples in Go are available for Batch.

BigQuery - Remote functions, which let you invoke functions from Cloud Functions or Cloud Run in your Google Standard SQL queries, are now generally available (GA).

Billing - Dataset configuration requirements have changed for Cloud Billing export to BigQuery When exporting detailed usage cost data to BigQuery, when you select or create a BigQuery dataset to be used for your BigQuery tables, you can now use any supported location when configuring your dataset.

Chronicle - A number of supported default parsers have changed.

Compute Engine - Generally available: You can resize an existing hardware resource commitment and split it into smaller commitments to closely monitor and manage portions of one large commitment in the form of smaller individual commitments. Generally available: Accelerator-optimized (A2 ultraGPU) machine types with their attached A100 80GB GPUs are now available in the following regions and zones: Iowa, North America: us-central1-c Ashburn, Virginia, North America: us-east4-c. The incorrect quota limits displayed in the Cloud console in the me-west1 region have been resolved.

Dataplex - Data exploration workbench (Explore) is generally available (GA).

Datastore - count() queries are now available in Preview.

Deep Learning Containers - M98 Release Upgraded JupyterLab from 3.2 to 3.4.

Deep Learning VM - M98 Release Upgraded JupyterLab from 3.2 to 3.4.

Dialogflow - Dialogflow CX now provides a telephony integration with Twilio.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - The OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET infoType detector is available in all regions.

Document AI - As of October 21, 2022, we have promoted our v1.3 Release Candidate version to a Stable version of the Invoice processor.

Eventarc - Eventarc triggers for Workflows is generally available (GA).

Cloud Firestore - count() queries now available in Preview.

Google Kubernetes Engine - (2022-R25) Version updates GKE cluster versions have been updated.

GKE - (2022-R25) Version updates Version 1.23.8-gke.1900 is now the default version.

Google Kubernetes Engine Rapid - (2022-R25) Version updates Version 1.24.4-gke.800 is now the default version in the Rapid channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Regular - (2022-R25) Version updates Version 1.23.8-gke.1900 is now the default version in the Regular channel.

Google Kubernetes Engine Stable - (2022-R25) Version updates Version 1.22.12-gke.2300 is now the default version in the Stable channel.

Cloud Monitoring - Logs panels now display log entries on rows with separate columns for severity, the timestamp, and a summary of the log entry.

Cloud Natural Language API - Natural Language Content Classification v2 model is now in Public Preview.

Network Intelligence Center - Connectivity Tests now includes a feature that verifies connectivity from a VM or an IP address to a Private Service Connect endpoint.

Security Command Center - Rapid Vulnerability Detection, a built-in service of Security Command Center Premium, is now available in Preview.

Service Mesh - Managed Anthos Service Mesh. VPC-SC for managed Anthos Service Mesh will soon be generally available (GA) in the rapid channel.

Anthos Service Mesh - Managed Anthos Service Mesh. VPC-SC for managed Anthos Service Mesh will soon be generally available (GA) in the rapid channel.

Cloud Spanner - The number of concurrent database restore operations per instance that Cloud Spanner supports has increased from one to five. The following new generally available features help you identify and troubleshoot high latencies in specific databases: The Lock insights dashboard helps you identify latency spikes that are due to lock contentions.

Cloud SQL Postgres - The rollout of the following PostgreSQL minor versions, extension versions, and plugin versions is currently underway: Minor versions 10.21 is upgraded to 10.22.

Cloud Storage - Data for ERA5 are now hosted publicly in Cloud Storage.

Vertex AI - The M98 release of Vertex AI Workbench managed notebooks includes the following: Upgraded Go from 1.16.5 to 1.19.2.

Workflows - Support for Eventarc triggers for Workflows is generally available (GA).


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