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Active Assist Official Blog May 8, 2023

Introducing Active Assist recommendations for service limits (quotas) - Active Assist’s service limit (quota) recommender provides actionable and automatic recommendations to review quotas that have high utilization.

Active Assist Official Blog Dec. 12, 2022

4 new features of Active Assist to help automate idle resource management - 4 new features to help automate your idle resource management through Active Assist’s Unattended Project Recommender.

Active Assist Cloud SQL Official Blog Oct. 24, 2022

Proactive Database Wellness with Active Assist: Introducing additional Cloud SQL recommenders - Learn about Cloud SQL’s Proactive Database Wellness, a suite of intelligent recommenders that can help you save money, improve performance, increase reliability, and protect your data.

Active Assist IAM Recommender Sept. 5, 2022

Personalized recommendations with customized recommender - Recommendations on Google Cloud are super useful and powerful, but sometimes to generic and not aligned with your use cases, up to now!

Active Assist Official Blog Aug. 22, 2022

Make the most of your cloud deployment with Active Assist - Learn how Active Assist recommendations and insights can help you make the most of your cloud deployment.


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