Welcome to issue #199 July 20th, 2020

Cloud Next started with a focus on different industries and companies that are using GCP. This week's main topic is collaboration (G Suite).

Very interesting announcements are BigQuery Omni and Confidential VMs.



Official Blog

Kicking off Google Cloud Next '20: OnAir, a multi-week, digital event series: July 14 - Sept 8 - Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir begins tomorrow, July 14, offering fresh content each week through September 8.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Next OnAir as it happens: All the announcements in one place - We’ll be sharing lots of news, updates, and learning opportunities throughout Next OnAir. Check back here to see a running list of what’s happened—and what’s to come.

Compute Engine Official Blog Security

Introducing Google Cloud Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs - Google Cloud will now offer the ability to encrypt data in use, while it’s being processed in a Google data center.

App Engine Cloud CDN Cloud Functions Cloud Run Networking Official Blog Serverless

Global HTTP(S) Load Balancing and CDN now support serverless compute - App Engine, Cloud Run and Cloud Functions, serverless compute offerings can take advantage of global load balancing and Cloud CDN.

AWS BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog

Bringing multi-cloud analytics to your data with BigQuery Omni - BigQuery Omni, powered by Anthos, lets you analyze data in Google Cloud, as well as AWS and Azure (coming soon). It’s multi-cloud data analytics for the modern age.

BigQuery Data Analytics Official Blog Teradata

Use IAM custom roles to manage access to your BigQuery data warehouse - When you’re migrating your data warehouse from Teradata to BigQuery, pay attention to mapping user permissions using identity and access management tools.

Business Official Blog

Helping ISVs leverage the power of Google Cloud - Google Cloud ISV/SaaS Center of Excellence will help ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) accelerate digital transformation in the cloud for their customers.

Official Blog SAP

Enabling SAP enterprises and mission critical workloads on Google Cloud - Learn how Google Cloud can help SAP customers minimize risk and disruptions in the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Announcing C2C, an independent community to serve, educate and connect Google Cloud customers - C2C is a new, independent community where GCP customers can learn, connect, and share knowledge.

Business Official Blog

Compliance without compromise: Introducing Assured Workloads for Government - Assured Workloads for Government, currently in Private Beta, help serving government workloads without the compromises of traditional “government clouds.”.

Articles, Tutorials

Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes Official Blog

GKE best practices: Designing and building highly available clusters - Best practices for creating highly available GKE clusters from the get-go.

Anthos Google Kubernetes Engine Official Blog

GKE best practices: Exposing GKE applications through Ingress and Services - An overview of exposing services on GKE.

Billing Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

How to reduce the cost of your GKE clusters — and other GCP services… - Cost optimization recommendations regarding GKE.

Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes

Getting Started With HELM on Google Kubernetes Engine - Using Helm to microservices deployment on GKE.


SAP on Google Cloud: HANA HDI containers and CI/CD pipelines - Incorporating SAP HANA HDI containers into a CI/CD pipeline with microservices in Node.js and Golang.

DevOps Google Kubernetes Engine Kubernetes NodeJS

Kubernetes Cluster for Node API with Socket.io and automatic SSL - Full Node API example with all of the config files needed to create an inexpensive Kubernetes cluster with support for socket.io/websockets.

IAM Security

How to End User OAuth for GCP - This article explains how to setup authentication with the end-user credentials and provides an example of how to use those credentials with Python at the end.

App Development, Serverless, Databases, DevOps

Docker Serverless

Can Cloud Run handle these 9 workloads? — Serverless Toolbox - What can you do with Cloud Run? On this edition of Serverless Toolbox, we take a look at 9 different types of applications and see how Cloud Run works (or doesn’t work) with each one.

Cloud Run Docker Go Tutorial

Multi Region Load Balancing with GO and Google Cloud Run — Parts 1-3 - Learn how to deploy a simple GO application to four regions on Google’s Cloud Run platform and improve your service’s availability and latency.

.NET Cloud Functions Serverless

Google Cloud Functions on .NET - An example of .NET application deployed on Google Cloud Functions (Alpha).

Cloud Monitoring Cloud Run Java Python

Google Cloud Trace, Debug, Error reporting - Setting Tracing, Debugging, and Error reporting for Python and Java applications on Cloud Run.

Cloud Functions Firebase NodeJS

Having Fun with Clojurescript on Google Cloud Function - Writing code in Closure and converting to Javascript and deploying as Cloud Function.

Cloud Functions Cloud Scheduler Serverless

Building Firewatch Australia, Part 1 — Data Processing - Description of Firewatch Australia app architecture, the app that helps track bushfires.

Cloud Storage

How to deploy React applications to Google Cloud Storage - Deploying React app to Cloud Storage.

Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner: Read Statistics - Spanner read statistics is a new feature that lets you run SQL queries to retrieve read statistics for your database during one-, 10-, and 60-minute intervals. These read statistics allow you to see the most common and most resource-consuming reads executed on your database.

Cloud Spanner

Zero downtime database migration and replication to and from Cloud Spanner - Cloud Spanner migration overview.

Google Cloud Platform

Safe Scrub: Clean up your Google Cloud projects. - A script to safely delete the resources cluttering your Dev and QA projects.

Cloud Storage Data Studio Tutorial

How is my Cloud Storage Data being used? - This tutorial guides you to create a visualization of your Google Cloud Storage logs in Data Studio.

Dialogflow Tutorial

Writing in a Multilingual Agent in Dialogflow - Step by step tutorial to build an Agent in Dialogflow that can support two languages.

Big Data, Analytics, ML&AI

Apache Beam Big Data Cloud Dataflow Cloud Pub/Sub Java

Performing Deduplication in Real Time streaming pipeline with Apache Beam stateful processing - An example of doing PubSub message content deduplication in Apache Beam running on Dataflow.

Apache Beam TensorFlow

Tensorflow Extended, ML Metadata and Apache Beam on the Cloud - A practical and self-contained example TensorFlow Extended using GCP Dataflow.

Airflow BigQuery

Airflow DAG Performance and Reliability - Set up measures to ensure that data made available to the business users is always reliable when they want it.

BigQuery Data Science Python

BigQuery + Python for Production Data Science - Accessing BigQuery using Pandas, PySpark, and OS/Python.

BigQuery Data Science Public Datasets

Data Science 101 for Startups- Aggregation in SQL - Aggregations concepts on examples from BigQuery.

Data Analytics Looker Official Blog

Getting to know Looker – common use cases - Business intelligence (BI) tool Looker can help your cloud data work better for you with dashboards, visualizations, data modeling, and more.

AI Platform Machine Learning Python

Model Training using Google Cloud AI Platform - This story demonstrates how to use AI Platform to train a simple classification model using scikit-learn framework.

Data Loss Prevention API Python Tutorial

Getting Started with Google’s Data Loss Prevention API in Python - Using the Data Loss Prevention API in Python code.

Cloud Data Fusion Cloud Dataprep

Implementing ETL on GCP - An overview of the "no-code" ETL products on GCP: Data Fusion and Dataprep.

BigQuery Machine Learning

How to build a recommendation system on e-commerce data using BigQuery ML - Creating a recommendation system with BigQuery ML.


Official Blog Security

Google Cloud’s Commitment to EU International Data Transfers and the CJEU Ruling - How G Suite and Google Cloud Platform complies with GDPR’s for transfer of personal data outside of the EU.

Business Google Cloud Platform Official Blog

Week 1 recap of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir - Get a quick overview of all the key news, sessions, demos, and announcements from week one of Google Cloud Next ‘20: OnAir.

Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Next OnAir Cheat Sheet - Simple and Clear overview of Next OnAir content.

Infrastructure Official Blog

What’s shaking? Earthquake detection with submarine cables - Google developed a novel way to detect earthquakes and tsunamis on our global submarine cables.

GCP Certification

How to prepare Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam? - Resources to help for Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

GCP Certification

How I got Certified as Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer - Experience of Data scientist passing Data Engineer exam.

GCP Certification

Important topics to passed Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification

Slides, Videos, Audio

GCP Podcast - #227 Pandium with Cristina Flaschen and Kelly Sarabyn.

Kubernetes Podcast - #112 Open Source and the Open Usage Commons, with Chris DiBona.



AppEngine Standard Java - Updated Java SDK to version 1.9.81.

BigQuery - BigQuery GIS now supports two new functions, ST_CONVEXHULL and ST_DUMP: ST_CONVEXHULL returns the smallest convex GEOGRAPHY that covers the input. The Standard SQL statement ASSERT is now supported.

BigQuery ML - Data split and validation options are now available for AutoML Table model training.

BigTable - The default data points used for CPU utilization charts on the Cloud Bigtable Monitoring page have changed.

CDN - Added a new setup guide for custom (external) origins with Cloud CDN and external HTTP(S) Load Balancing.

Compute Engine - The Organization Policy for restricting protocol forwarding creation has launched into Beta. SSD persistent disks on certain machine types now have a maximum write throughput of 1,200 MB/s. You can now suspend and resume your VM instances.

Config Connector - Add support for allowing fields not specified by the user to be externally-managed (i.e. Operator improvement: add support for cluster-mode set-ups, which allows users to use one Google Service Account for all namespaces in their cluster. Fix ContainerCluster validation issue (Issue #242). Fix OOM issue for the cnrm-resource-stats-recorder pod (Issue #239). Add support for projectViewer prefix for members in IAMPolicy and IAMPolicyMember (Issue #234). Reduce spec.revisionHistoryLimit for the cnrm-stats-recorder and cnrm-webhook-manager Deployments from 10 (the default) to 1.

Data Fusion - Cloud Data Fusion version 6.1.3 is now available.

Dataprep - Introducing Cloud Dataprep Premium by TRIFACTA INC. Relational connectivity: Connect to relational sources to import data and, where supported, write results. Advanced Cloud Dataflow execution options: Specify additional job execution options at the project level or for individual jobs. Introducing plans: A plan is a sequence of tasks on one or more flows that can be scheduled. *Dataflow execution in non-local VPC:* You can now execute your Cloud Dataflow jobs on a non-local or shared virtual private network (VPC). Subnetwork specified by URL: When you are specifying the subnetwork where to execute your Cloud Dataflow jobs, you must now specify the subnetwork using a URL.

Dataproc - Dataproc now uses Shielded VMs for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 clusters by default. The Proxy-Authorization header is accepted in place of Authorization to authenticate to Component Gateway to the backend for programmatic API calls. Added support for Zeppelin Spark and shell interpreters in Kerberized clusters by default. New sub-minor versions of Dataproc images: 1.3.63-debian10, 1.3.63-ubuntu18, 1.4.34-debian10, 1.4.34-ubuntu18, 1.5.9-debian10, 1.5.9-ubuntu18, 2.0.0-RC5-debian10, and 2.0.0-RC5-ubuntu18. Image 2.0 preview: Updated Pig 0.18.0-SNAPHOT to 0b2066a revision to fix Hive 3.1 compatibility (PIG-4764). If a project's regional Dataproc staging bucket is manually deleted, it will be recreated automatically when a cluster is subsequently created in that region.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention - Added infoType detector: ISRAEL_IDENTITY_CARD_NUMBER.

Cloud Functions - Cloud Functions has added support for a new runtime, Node 12, in Beta.

KMS - Cloud HSM resources are available in the us-west4 and asia-southeast2 regions.

Load Balancing - The Organization Policy for restricting load balancer creation has launched into Beta. Internal TCP/UDP load balancers now support regional health checks.

Marketplace - The IAM permissions required for purchasing the following solutions from Google Cloud Marketplace have changed: Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ DataStax Astra for Apache Cassandra Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Redis Enterprise Cloud If you use custom roles to purchase these solutions, you must update the custom roles to include the permissions described in Access Control for Google Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud Run - The Cloud Run user interface now allows you to easily set up Continuous Deployment from Git using Cloud Build.

Cloud Spanner - You can now run SQL queries to retrieve read statistics for your database over recent one-minute, 10-minute, and one-hour time periods.

AutoML Translation - For test data, added support for the .tmx file type when evaluating existing models.

Cloud AutoML Vision - TFLite Edge model update TFLite edge models are now enhanced with metadata.

VPC Service Controls - Beta stage support for the following integration: AI Platform Prediction.

AI Platform Prediction - VPC Service Controls now supports AI Platform Prediction.

Secret Manager - Secret Manager resources can now be stored in the australia-southeast1 region.

AI Platform Training - You can now configure a training job to run using a custom service account.

Artifact Registry - You can now use Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) to protect repository data in Artifact Registry.


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